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[TUTORIAL] Finding MM8BDM servers (for now)

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Currently we have one actively played server hosted by Nam-Ereh-Won. Simply type the IP or hostname into the IP box. Alternatively you can browse for other active MM8BDM using a skulltag server browser such as http://Skulltag Server Browser (heh) or Doomseeker.

Known permanent servers - As of now, this is using the Skulltag version packed with the demo

Finding servers in SSB

1) First download SSB here ...
2) You should also have MM8BDM's launcher ready too (MM8BDM.exe)
3) Extract it into a directory and run it. You'll get a big window with an empty list.
4) Press the big blue button with the down arrow on it to get a list of all the servers.
5) Look for any servers with megagame.wad as the IWAD.
6) Type the IP Address (under the Address Column) into the MM8BDM launcher's connect box and hit connect.
7) Enjoy!

In the future I plan to have my own launcher bundled with MM8BDM for maximum ease. For now though, you'll have to use this slightly awkward method to find MM8BDM demo games. Hope it helps.

I just open up Doomseeker, copy the address and paste it into the MM8BDM launcher.

Says I'm banned from the master server, but I've never used this before.


--- Quote from: "Legend Hoamaru" ---Says I'm banned from the master server, but I've never used this before.
--- End quote ---

Your ip was probably caught in a Skulltag ban list. You need to go here to get this sorted

I downloaded the newest version but I still can't connect to the 24-hour server (It still says I don't have the newest version)


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