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So I did everything ask except "unticking" (I have no idea what that is, How to do it, etc), but I always end up tih the error "No testing directory specified for skulltag".

I already tried reconfiguring everything in "Options". Help?


See that checkbox for Testing releases? Click that to untick the box

hi, I could go to the server and ply the game, Thx 4 this great Game Cuts

For those who cant play, i click the button next to Testing Release and the option turns Gray.. and i Play 8D

but i dont know how run a server in DoomSeeker.. Can someone help me?

It says that files are missing, so I can't join a game.

samiam10100 click the Testing Releases Buttom, when the directory for testing releases turns gray try connect it again 8D

How i can make a server in Doom Deeker? :F


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