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Skulltag is asking me for my doom directory...but I dont have doom...I simply want to test with the MM8BDM game.

How can I solve this?


I can load the map when placing it in the skins folder....but I get a "unknown texture sky1" bug...but my room only has about 10 walls and I never even used such a texture :/


--- Quote from: "BlaXun" ---Skulltag is asking me for my doom directory...
--- End quote ---

Does it do this when you hit the test button?

About the sky thing, that's to do with the MAPINFO lump that goes along with the wad file. I'll have to explain about that another time, but if you have SLumpEd you can peer into the PK3 and look at the regular wad files to get an idea of how they work.

I'll give it a try.
And, yes, skulltag does this once I use the test button in Doom Builder2
I very much appreaciate your help.

Make sure you have the games resources bits set up exactly as I have. I haven't seen this error yet.

I have it setup the same way you did it...even when I try to start the skulltag.exe without build2 it asks me for my doom path

Edit: Starting the skulltag.exe from within doomseeker works fine :/


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