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Mappacks require at least 15(DM) or 5(CTF and alike gamemodes) maps to be long here.
Expansion qualifies as maps, skins and weapons. Weapons and skins can be exempted given specific circumstances.
Large scale game modification. (unless just an expansion or mappack)
All projects must have Doom Seeker workable download link, or a wadhost mirror for Doomseeker automated downloading.

So why did the Project forum change?
It was to make it more fluent and easier to locate projects with actual download releases from work in progresses. The result was far less clutter in the main project forum. After all, the main page should be for the projects that have gotten far enough to be released, not for the ideas that have yet to get to that stage.
Ultimately, the goal is to make it more navigable for newcomers and members who are not frequent users of the forums, but are looking for a specific project.

Where does my work go then?
As always skins go in the skin forum, Maps go in the map forum, new actors go into weapons and actors. Now then, what about big multilayer projects? Where does the M&B expansion go? the Work In Progress(WIP) sub forum.

I want to make a project, what do I need to start up?
Proof of Concept. No one will care about your ideas unless you put in some backbone and show some sign of progress. Threads that don't show any sign of the author putting work into it will be locked.

How do I get into the main project forum?
So far, the only thing that is required is that your project has something to download. Like how you can go to classes and get the latest version of classes. If you can't download anything, then it's still in progress. Keep in mind, betas do not count. It has to be a full release version.

I've made a release, how do I get in the main project forum?
Just PM myself, and I'll move it for you.

Guidelines & Rules
1) New threads MUST have some form of work already placed into it. In other words, if you start a topic that's just an idea and has no work placed into it, your thread will be locked.

All topics must have bracket tags to specify what they are. This is to allow users who may not frequent the forums to know exactly what is what.
some examples of what they could be. [mappack] [gamemode] [expansion]
for now there is only the one guideline, this is subject to change depending on how the forum gets used.

Yeah, I was wondering where my music pack topic went, until I found it here. Now I know why it was moved.

Hoo boy,the topics will be bumped by newbies.

That tends to happen whenever movements like this happen.

Twas wondering why my unread topics went up to 6 pages in one day


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