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Hey all you Mega Man fans! Are you ready for a new mandatory 8 bit rule?

All projects must now either have a Doomseeker workable link, or a mirror such as Wadhost.

Why the change? It's to make everyone's lives easier and ensure that getting into a server with wads is a more painless process. The days of having to dig around on the forums, looking for the correct wads is pointless. Doomseeker already allows for automated downloading, so lets go use that, alright?

So what happens if you don't have Doomseeker friendly links? You get demoted to another section until you do. But I'll give everyone a curiosity period of two weeks before doing that.

Oh and for those of you with projects, you are best off to either post in this thread or PM me that you have Doomseeker workable links.

Edit: If you have an your own source of hosting files and make use of the sv_website so Doomseeker would download from that, that is valid too.

Laggy Blazko:
Even non-packed maps?

I... Don't think it will end well. Rather than doing this, we must first find a free and easy-to-use permanent wadseeker-friendly host.Wadhost isn't much easy, it is troublesome, because the stuff needs to be approved and are rejected easily just because "you didn't add the TXT" I once thought we should have our own mods host, but who will have a super server to do it?

Mappacks, gamemodes, anything like those need doomseeker friendly links. Skins and music packs are fine. This also only applies to main Project Forum itself, along with being a requirement for WIP's to be promoted.

Wadhost really isn't hard to get on, as long as you follow the rules.

A thought occurred:

Should I bump the/my topic to notify you of the Wadhost change? This is gonna take some getting used to -.-

Or will you just.. check to make sure it's done?


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