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Hey there!

Welcome to my Skin Shop where I do brutal and agonizing experiments 'Port' sprites of different characters who may or may not have proper rotations into MM8BDM (Please don't sue me).

And most of them are Pokemon Characters. Yay!

Currently, it's a little... Empty, but I assure you, there's more to come!

Without further ado, let's look at what's in store!

Red (Firered)
Everybody's favorite Pokemon Trainer has arrived, for realsies this time, into the world of MM8BDM! His rotations are a bit curious, since I only had 4 sprites to work with, but I made them work!

Ranger Solana
The Female Protagonist from the first Pokemon Ranger Game... uh... has been deployed into the field! This one was actually my first ported set of sprites, since she already technically had rotations to begin with, and comes in both her classic red uniform and a color-changing variant for use in multiplayer matches.

Redneck Budwiener Red (Classic)
Coming in from the original Pokemon Red, everyone's favorite 8-bit trainer joins the fight! He comes in both a color-changing variant and a monochrome version for cosplaying purposes!
Monochrome Version

Color-change Version

Char Custom Joe
There is an inherent problem with Sniper Joes. They are too slow! This issue has plagued many a Joe for years, the inability to move quickly enough to capture their enemies. It didn't matter how powerful their weapons were if they couldn't hit their opponents.
But then an amazing discovery was made.
By adding a Commander's fin to the top of the Sniper Joe's helmet and painting the body red (Or a specific shade of pink) the mobility of the Sniper Joe increases threefold**! Using this newfound knowledge, a single Joe decided to throw aside his past! No more would he be a mere grunt bot with his soul weighed down by gravity! He would become a new type of Joe, utilizing his speed to confuse his opponents on the battlefields and evade fire! In doing so, he earned the nickname 'The Red Comet', and thus his counterattack against the Blue Bomber begins!
**Disclaimer: Skin won't actually make you 3 times faster. Also it's blue like every other skin.

Maestro Destiny
I could come up with a dramatic backstory here riffing on Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny and adding Megaman references, but to be honest, I'm just not feeling up to it right now. Besides, I have stuff to do.
Here, have a Maestro that has been modified to look like Blue Destiny Unit 1.
EXAM and Regular versions included

Originally created by SSOmega11, these skins were fairly good. However, the Dropbox link for them stopped working.
Which is why I'm repackaging both the Model X and ZX skins with new sound effects and re-releasing them! Credits to SSOmega11 for creating original skins, and Capcom for sound effects.

Mio Honda
Step! into the battlefield and commit all the war crimes necessary to seize victory with a low-quality marketable plushie skin based upon the Tomboi from that outdated meme from several years ago that I can't let go of!


NT-1 Alex
After the deployment of the 'Red Comet Joe', a new 'bot was built potentially capable of not only keeping up with the red blur, but perhaps even surpassing it. Developed from a simple Harbor worker bot, this new type of robot featured specialized magnetic coating on her joints, twin arm gatling guns and an iconic V-fin upon her head to allow her to quickly broadcast information from the battlefield.

Oddly enough, she also had a strange obsession with burgers.

Adopting the name 'Alex', she now deploys into the tournament to seek out and destroy Wily 'bots with impunity and with ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL REPERCUSSIONS.
bernie why did you have to leave us...

Get your Burgers Here:

And that's everything I have!

Sprites from Spriter's Resource:
Credit for Pokemon goes to Nintendo!
Credit for Char Anzable goes to Sunrise.
Also Blue Destiny.

Projects & Creative / PROJECT XOVER [ALPHA 0.6: The Bots Are Integrated!]
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:31:42 AM »
Cue the music:

For over 4 years now, I've been stealing/developing weapon classes, refining this class mod and improving it in my free time as a hobby. Starting from simple edits of the basic Mega Buster and vanilla weapons with some third-party skins and bots to the version I'm releasing today. This mod has, in a sense, become a record and testament to my development as a MM8BDM modder and perhaps even a reason for me wanting to improve myself in the field of programming.

And for that, I want to thank everyone who originally created these bots and sprites, and everyone who has stuck with this simple little mod for all this time.

This is my thank you to you all.

In 2017, I made it my goal to create the ultimate MM8BDM tribute to the Megaman Series as a whole.
Not just X.
Not just Zero.
Not just Legends.
Not just Zx, Battle Network, nor Starforce.

 (Mostly) E V E R Y O N E  I S  H E R E!

With a few extra guests…
The skins and some bots were all created by their previous owners, so without further ado, here's some credits.
Kudos to tsukiyomaru0 for creating the Special Classes Mod, without which this entire darn thing wouldn't be possible to create!
Additional thank you to Binary, who got in touch with me and helped me add Double-Jumping!
Vent, Model X and ZX-

Ashe and Grey, Zero (MMX)-


Megaman EXE, Geo Stelar, Zero (MMZ)-

Mighty No.9-

Megaman X (and his bot too)-


Ran Cossack-




Ashe, Grey, Megaman EXE-

And last and CERTAINLY not least,

Special Classes V3.2-

Biometal Brawl (Dash animations, Altfire Charging)-

Megaman X Singleplayer Classes (Megaman X Sprites)-

Megaman Awesome Network (Battlechip coding, Sounds and sprites)-

Obligatory Thank you to Spriters Resource and Sounds Resource. Also a third special thank you to, which features several HUD sprites I couldn't find anywhere else!

Gundam belongs to Sunrise
Pokemon Belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak. Please support their official releases.

Thank you to everyone who made this collection possible, and... sorry, if it's considered plagarism. I'm just a guy who wanted to make a collection of some of the best bots, skins and weapons I could find, and... I really just wanted to show off what I could do.


Anyway, here's what it's got.


Standard 3 level charge shot, but the altfire allows you to dash forwards a short distance! Not much, compared to everything else, but I guess we’ve all gotta start somewhere, right? In the latest version, the dash has a rare chance of doing something else completely! What is it? Let's just say that X's english voice actor was well known for another role in a certain mecha anime...

Mah boi, this class is what all true warriors are FIGHTING FOOOOR! He has a double jump, his sword has a three-strike attack, with a dash attack for an altfire. The first and third swings of his sword can deflect most shots, allowing you to recreate that scene from Deadpool 2... For like, a few seconds before your opponent gets fed up and kills you!
 In addition, he now has access to his buster! The Z-Buster can now shoot lemons, or charge up to snipe opponents!

Buster-Shot Skill MAX! With the altfire, you can alternate between four modes; Regular, Ice, Fire, Electric. Each elemental mode has its own specialized third-level charged attack, based on the EX-Skills found in the Megaman Zero games (Namely the Blizzard Arrow, Burst Shot and V-Shot from Megaman Zero 3). Of course, he wouldn’t be Zero without his signature slashy stick, so you get a dual-slashing attack, where both slashes will deflect shots!
What’s that I hear? ‘It’s not as good as Zero’s triple slash’? Well, that’s because Zero’s Altfire (Dash attack) can’t be charged up to perform the Tenshouzan (when fired on the ground) or the Spinning Slash (In the air)! Again, based off EX-Skills. He, too, can double jump.

…And I was like, ‘Get ye other gun’, and I told myself, ‘You don’t have ye other gun’, and I just sat there, imagining WHY on EARTH I can’t get ye other gun!
So I made one.
Dual Wielding is now available in the Hunter mode in place of the Giga Crush! Primary fire will fire your right gun, Secondary will fire the left, and holding down either will allow you to rapid-fire with ease!
Uh… But there may be a slight problem. Turns out dual-wielding decreases your accuracy.
In addition, the single gun has gotten an upgrade as well! The three-level charge shot will allow you to fire either Ashe’s reflective laser (Level 2) or Grey’s regular charge shot (Level 3). But pressing the Altfire will allow you to switch modes, switching the Level 3 charge shot with a series of homing shots. Getting Booty has never been easier!
That sounded better in my head.
LEGENDS NEVER DIE! Bleh, kicking. Who even kicks anymore? Not me, that’s who! ESPECIALLY now that I’ve learnt how to make separate weapons!
You get not one, but THREE magical tools of death-dispensing! YEAH! Based on the first 3D Megaman game, this Class allows you to make use of the rapid-fire Megaman Buster and shower your foes with plasma! Your altfire in this mode will allow you to use the extremely dangerous but very cool Jet Skates and rocket around the arena! At speeds like that, it is advisable to avoid collisions with any opponents… And by that, I of course mean you must take it upon yourself to become the guided missile you were always meant to be!
You also get two other weapons; the Almighty Shining Laser and the Homing Active Buster! The former has been greatly nerfed from its canon counterpart, in that it may actually overheat upon over-use. Keep an eye on the handy temperature gauge now installed! Furthermore, both will actually stop you moving before firing. Literally. As in, they’ll freeze you in the air if fired while mid-air! Their Altfires are the trusty Megaman Buster again which, unfortunately, is not as impressive as the weapons it is supplementing.

UPGRADE CHIP! SLOT-IN! The Netnavi class has been upgraded to be more similar to the version featured in [/b]Megaman Awesome Network[/b]! Once the custom gauge on the top of the screen fills up, it will give a 'full gauge' item. When used, the Full Gauge will provide a random battlechip. This will happen twice, giving you two different options to choose from in battle. Basically, if you played Awesome Network, it’s the exact same thing.

And even without the Battlechips, the Netnavi is still no sitting duck; it’s got a chargeable Mega Buster! His Buster shots are invisible to most other classes... Except for the EM-Being Class... So there has to be some tactical use for that!
It’s altfire is the AreaSteal Chip, allowing the user to warp short distances around the battlefield! Just don't jump around for too long, or you might start buffering... :mrgreen:
With these new weapons, it is now easier than ever to slay your opponents… ON THE BLOGOSPHERE! [/b]

UPGRADED! Now, this class has an auto-charging, machine-gun buster, just like the original (Original Code featured in Megaman Awesome Network)! In addition, he also has a shield (Item) that will reflect weapons for a brief period of time. To use it, simply wait for the charge shot to charge to level 3 and use the altfire button (The shield replaces the dash that is usually there, so be careful when trying to escape from dangerous situations at full charge.)
However, being made out of EM, he can see things other classes can't; namely, his and the MMBN buster shots, and the various targeting reticles that I sprinkled in the other classes! Use this to  serve as an early warning to avoid those specific attacks!
The flight ability got an overhaul, too! Instead of just floating aimlessly, you can now press and hold the jump button again while in the air to start ascending slowly, trailing EM After-images in your wake. This method of flying is now more controlled, and allows one to quickly drop to the ground to surprise opponents after hovering above them.

Truly, this class is a masterpiece... It's a rapid fire buster shot, with a dash attack as a altfire. All around, I figure it's a well-rounded class, certainly not because I just so happen to have him as my profile pic. No, sir! Just look out for potential cancellations and you should be fine, 'kay?
Wait, he has more?
Indeed! Thanks to the power of lazy re-spriting because I can't draw and experimentation, he now features additional weapons based on his OVER-2, OVER-3 and OVER-5 forms! OVER-2 gives you claws, allowing you to slash your enemies if they get too close for comfort, or alternatively close the distance with a dash-attack! OVER-3's Shield, activated via Alt-fire, allows you to block most attacks. And OVER-5 is a double threat, featuring twin buster cannons that fire rapid, low damage homing shots, or can alternatively charge up to release a powerful beam at the cost of your mobility. Be careful, though; OVER-5 is known to overheat often!

Wait, let me get into character here...
Wait, you, looking at the screen! Do you liek AWESOME things that are AWESOME?! Then you GOTTA play this awesome class! It's freaking cool and CRAZY addictive, like, popping bubble wrap addictive! You see this Altfire? It's a dash attack! You got a long dash, you got an airdash, heck, there's probably a dash to make you BECKFAST!

Great idea!... Wait, WHAT?!

POINT IS, you're dashing around like a freaking MOONMAN and I LOVE IT!
Oh, but that's not all! You use your MIGHTY BUSTER (Standard Fire) and YOU TOO CAN MAKE THE BAD GUYS CRY LIKE AN ANIME FAN ON PROM NIGHT! So, what d'ya think?! Are you ready to PLAY?

...Well, certainly not. But the Dash now features a small addition harkening to the Xel Absorption from the original game: When you dash into an opponent, HP and ammo pickups will fall out, ripe to be picked up. Over time, I might upgrade this to more reflect the Xel absorption, but then again, it is the Mighty No.9 weapon class, so we'll have to see!

For the Motherland! Everyone's favorite communist Science Fair Project from Bob & George joins the battle! The best way to describe the philosophy behind using this class is from the original comics themselves;

Source: Bob and George

With the almighty Cossack Buster, you can lay waste to your enemies and bring the capitalistic pig-dogs to their knees in the name of MOTHER RUSSIA! In addition, your altfire, inspired by this comic;

Source: Bob and George

Will allow you to deploy hundreds of (Nuclear?) homing missiles and wipe your foes off the face of this great Earth! However, this ungodly power comes with a cost;

Source-Oh, you get the idea.

Yeah. I had to construct this class out of REALLY cheap parts. You'll start with 1 Health and WILL die easily, regardless of how many energy capsules you pick up; that health bar of yours is surprisingly literal. Everything WILL kill you in a single shot. Also, your Buster, in spite of it's sheer power, can overload your systems, causing you to run into a fatal error. Heck, I bet breathing on you would kill you. Don't worry, Comrade. Keep at it!

Yes... Keep at it...

Finally, our Non-Megaman classes... Yep, I said Classes!

(click to show/hide)

Well, that's all. With these classes, and these bots, the ultimate MM8BDM experience (citation required) is just a click away!

Thank you, and once more, sorry if I plagarized anybody!

Right, that should about wrap things up.

Or at least, it should have.

It has recently come to my attention that the Bots previously packaged with the Xover Classes may not be compatible with the new weapons; back then, I just strapped them onto the simple weapon classes and hoped they worked.

But over time, as the weapons grew more complex, the bots were no longer able to use them to their full potential.

As such, I have re-designed the weapons to have botfires now, and improved the bots slightly! Now, all the bots previously included with the Xover pack folder are now within the main Xover Pk3.

Featuring Some New Botchats, Slightly better Bot Stats, and ridiculously formidable weapons, these bots are sure to provide a challenge to whoever faces them!

Latest Version:
Xover Classes Alpha 0.6 :

Old Versions:

(click to show/hide)

Other notes:
-I'd love to see this being used online, even if it is as a joke!
-I'd also like to see some feedback on this, so I know what could be improved.
-Again, I'm sorry for plagarizing.

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