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Silent Fall Competition #2 - MM6MRX

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Silent Fall #2
It's been nearly three years since the last one...feels like thirty. The speedrunning competition where you must silently grab every weapon on a map returns.

Welcome back to Silent Fall.

You are competing for these medals:

The map you'll be playing on is a modified MM6MRX. So for those of you new to this, how do you play this mode? Well:
-Every weapon has been replaced by a coin. Your goal is to collect one of each. There are several weapons that have duplicates.
-You must go through the map without making any noise -- specifically, any landing noise. Although it's not quite this simple, it basically means you cannot fall from a height greater than 64 units. However, landing on springs, gyro fans, item-1, and item-2 will not cause you to lose.
-Much like last time, the map is not the same as the MM6MRX found in core. There are several geometric changes to make some tricks easier, and the addition of a new mechanic.
-There are red ladders on the map in certain locations; They make you go down at a safe speed when you're touching them. Green ladders, on the other hand, make you go up as normal.
-You can land on Item-2 and Item-1 without losing your run. Use this to your advantage to create insane routes!
-Like Target Blaster and other Cutstuff Competitions, you must have a Cutstuff account in order to compete for the medals, and it'll have to be on the official servers.
-There will be two servers hosted with the wad, and they are the only servers where your times will count. The server names will be [TSPG] Painkiller: Silent Fall 1 and [TSPG] Painkiller: Silent Fall 2.
-In addition to the best time, the server will also note the second and third best times. As long we have sufficient participation, this event will award a runner-up medal to the 2nd and 3rd place runners!
-Medals will be awarded to the lowest three times in the server log. Tying with an already-established top three time will not beat that time.
-To accommodate for this change, the autosuicide feature has been expanded. Now, you may type set autosuicide_[1, 2, or 3] 1 into the console, to automatically end your run if you go over the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place time, respectively.
-If your name is not obvious, please state it in the chat of the server so I am aware.
-If you want to practice offline, set the game mode to survival (survival 1), then go to the map SFMRX (map SFMRX).
-For those worried about TSPG going down for maintenance, remember that I will have access to the server log nonetheless, so the best times will not be lost!
-If you forget any of these rules, there's a help screen you can view by pressing-by default- F1!

This event will run from the time I put the server up until Friday, April 20th, 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-04:00).


Important note!
This competition does not forbid use of SR50. If you're serious about getting the best time, I highly suggest taking advantage of it.
You can find a tutorial on how to set it up in King Dumb's guide to the console.

Server 1 is already up at Server 2 is also up at

These are always incredibly fun to watch.

Looking forward to watching the runs, and hopefully to clear at some point lol

Sir Anon0mos:
This is some good stuff! I love watching people question their sanity.
I'd love to see some more maps in the future.

Hey guys, I just went ahead and set up another server!
The Silent Fall DOJO is for people who want a more casual environment to their speedrunning! The times there will be reset every night and will not count towards the competition.
You can join its IP at

Sorry for the late announcement, I had some things to attend to first.
I'm happy to announce the winners of Silent Fall 2, MM6MRX!

1st Place: With a time of 0:25:30, King Dumb! Congratulations!
1st Place: With a time of 0:25:30, Michael! ...Congratulations!
3rd Place: With a time of 0:26:09, Venus. Good effort, everyone. The fight over third place was exciting to see develop!

Like before, I'll leave the servers up for a while [although I'll take down the third one, probably] and let y'all keep playing on them.
In case anyone is wondering on the final standings of things, here's the times for everyone. Note there are several aliases that I haven't filtered out so someone may appear on here twice etc.
(click to show/hide)1. king dumb - 0:25:30
2. llama's bird - 0:25:30
3. venus - 0:26:09
4. senor papas fritas - 0:26:54
5. bawby - 0:27:25
6. derek - 0:28:15
7. a real shark - 0:28:40
8. kravoon - 0:28:59
9. sanictrillster - 0:29:27
10. mr. toad - 0:29:46
11. julie hikari - 0:30:32
12. eps - 0:31:28
13. luv sic - 0:31:59
14. ivan - 0:34:02
15. zapper514 - 0:34:10
16. kaze - 0:34:10
17. eight tickles - 0:34:49
18. geekie - 0:35:04
19. zappthecyromancer - 0:35:10
20. quintist - 0:35:48
21. horseby - 0:37:26
22. guy fieri's seaworld - 0:38:08
23. sir an0n - 0:41:12
24. noisyninja - 0:41:21
25. sharp white cheddar - 0:54:41
26. blue - 0:57:13
27. boris - 1:2:26
28. saviorsword - 1:14:15
29. cosmic - 1:14:37
30. dalavrado - 1:22:00
31. booblip - 1:30:23
32. hi korby - 2:28:31

See you guys again in three years.


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