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Dr. Freeman:
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 5: Paper Jam

Hello everyone, its Dr. Freeman and welcome to the fifth Cutstuff Mapping Jam! Another year has flown by and you know what? Now sounds like a pretty swell time to make some maps! 8BDM itself might be on a hiatus, but this jam keeps on trucking!

But wait! You may be asking! I have no idea what this even is and why are weird robot masters poorly edited over a Mario & Luigi game's artwork?
Well, I can answer the first question! The Cutstuff Mapping Jam is something that's been going on for a few years now, and it's pretty much when the community gets together to make some maps! Both newcomers and veterans are welcome as always! In fact, I definitely encourage anyone who has thought about mapping but hasn't actually tried to give it a shot here!

What are the rules this time around? As usual, we're working in two phases. The classic "make a piece" phase that hasn't really changed at all from the last 2 jams, and a new second phase!

Basically, everyone is going to make a map piece (more details below) and submit it to me. This map piece will pretty much act as your sign up. After two weeks of piece submissions, every mapper will be assigned two pieces belonging to someone else and will have to make a map with those pieces!
However, that is not all! This year, I have gathered a large list of words in a nifty little book (and by book, I mean text document). These words range from things like "Castle" and "Ocean" to more abstract things such as "Jump" or "Beam". Everyone will be assigned two words at random, and those words must be applied to the map in some way, shape, or form! It could be something obvious such as the texture set or the setting, or it could be something else like a stage hazard, a general aesthetic, or just about anything! If you can figure out a way to apply a word to the map that makes sense, I'll buy it!

However, we have plenty of time before we worry about the words. Lets' talk a little more about the pieces, as that is the first phase!

(click to show/hide)-Map Pieces can be no bigger than 1024x1024 units. This doesn't mean it has to be a perfect square. As long as it fits within those units.

-Keep textures simple. You aren't keeping these pieces anyway so don't go to town on aesthetics. Whoever gets your piece can do some of that!

-Pieces will be quality controlled and possibly rejected for the following reasons.

    The map piece is just a big empty square.
    Incredibly convoluted with a ton of 3D floors.
    It's straight up unplayable

If you have ANY concerns about your map piece as you're making it, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you out!

-Please refrain from adding scripts, weapons, and items to your piece. Adding a full fledged gimmick to a map piece is a little crazy, and weapons and items can easily be subject to change in the final map. People are also able to add their own gimmicks and whatnot to the map pieces when creating the final map.

That's all for the map piece side of things!
For the second phase...
(click to show/hide)As said above, everyone will be assigned two words that must apply to their map in some way, shape, or form. This can be something obvious, or a more loose term. If you can give me a good explanation, even one that's cheeky, I'll likely be satisfied!

For an example, let's say I get the word "Breezy". That could mean some wind theme going on such as fans, or something similar to Cloud Man's stage. But, if you desired you could attribute that to a relaxing outdoors area that would be "breezy" to say. I'm going to play it rather loose with definitions so as long as you try something that makes sense, you should be fine. As long as there's SOMETHING there.

As always, if you're unsure when we get to that phase, just run it by me and I'll be sure to help clear things up!

And lastly, while these words can be a lot of things, I've limited to things that should be possible to make with core assets alone. Custom assets are completely and totally allowed, but not mandated. And I don't want anyone who is uncomfortable with working with custom assets to be forced to use them just because of a theme. So don't worry about that!
As said above, the way you sign up is by simply submitting your map piece! As soon as you do, you'll be all ready to dive into phase 2! It's important to note that if you don't make a map piece, you will be unable to participate in the full jam!

All map pieces are to be submitted to me either by PM or over Discord (You can find me at Freems#2222). Giving a healthy two weeks, all piece submissions will close on 11:59 EST on May 31st. At that point, we'll discuss phase 2, give out map pieces and words, and get to work!

That should be everything! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and thank you all so much! Now let's get out there and make a jam!

just what i needed to get motivation to map again!

Sent my piece in. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

Dr. Freeman:
I've got a good number of map pieces in already (from both old and new mappers, so that's exciting!) but here's my obligatory reminder that only three days remain to submit map pieces!

Dr. Freeman:
And two weeks have passed! It's time to rock and roll!

So now onto the mapping phase! Everyone will get their two words and their two pieces. I wanna make sure everyone has plenty of time to make maps, so they're not going to be due until Sunday, August 19th at 11:59 EST. That way, even if people are busy, they should still have time to make a map!

Speaking of maps, it's mostly freegame from this point out, but there are still a few guidelines.

-Each map must use both of the pieces it gets assigned and they both must be in playable area. You CAN make changes to the piece as you see fit. Change textures of course, but you can also make other smaller changes. Want the height of something changed a bit? You got it. Wanna get rid of a pesky pillar or add one? Get on it! As long as the piece is still recognizable as the piece, I will accept it!

-Each map must somehow be related to the two words assigned. It could be something minor, it could be something more. Let's say you get FIRE FACTORY. Pretty self explanatory. There should be some factory aspect, there should be some fire aspect. Or you could just set the factory on fire. And there are many ways to do it. As with pieces, if you're unsure if something will slide, ask me and I'll be free to help! Though when it comes to the word phase, if you can convince me, I'll most likely buy it. The definitions can be very loose! As long as something is there!

-Feel free to use custom assets as you see fit! You don't have to use core assets if you don't wish!

-Please make your song 8-bit. If you don't I will change it. You do not and should not add a boss theme. And any map card icon/border will be replaced so don't get too attached to those.

-I can deny maps if they either fail completely to use the pieces or the words, or if they're just really really poor quality. However, me and I'm sure countless others are willing to help you out if you're struggling with your map. This isn't a competition, so I'm sure there are plenty of people who are ready to help you out!

I think that's it. So in the spoilers below, I'll list everyone's names in alphabetical order, what pieces they have to use, and what words they got.
Here we go.

(click to show/hide)Ambrose
Map Pieces- LlamaHombre / Nemu
Words- Power + Colony

Brash Buster
Map Pieces- Mendez / Caprice
Words- Circuit + Doom

Map Pieces- Serperior / Gummywormz
Words- Steel + Desert

Map Pieces- Yairdude / Korby
Words- Space + Train

Map Pieces- Gumballtoid / SmashBroPlusB
Words- Tropical + Evil

Map Pieces- Watzup7856 / Yairdude
Words- Highway +  Ruins

Map Pieces- Spikeboy / LlamaHombre
Words- Death + Boat

Map Pieces- Jatea / Kraven
Words- Treacherous + Bomb

Map Pieces- Freeman / Ambrose
Words- Sky + Garden

Map Pieces- Rui / Gumballtoid
Words- Lonely + Jump

Map Pieces- SmashBroPlusB / Rui
Words- Deep + Animal

Map Pieces- Korby / Mendez
Words- Time + Rage

Map Pieces- Galactan / Serperior
Words- Temple + Sweet

Map Pieces- Lego / Spikeboy
Words- Castle + West

Map Pieces- Gummywormz / Jatea
Words- Station + Lightning

Map Pieces- Caprice / Hilman
Words- Cosmic + Skeleton

Map Pieces- Gospel / Watzup7856
Words- Fast + Mechanical

Map Pieces- Brash Buster / Thunderono
Words- Cool + Volcano

Map Pieces- Nemu / Galactan
Words- Underground + Rain

Map Pieces- Hilman / Rozark
Words- Fighting + Flower

Map Pieces- Thunderono / Brash Buster
Words- Cyber + Spooky

Map Pieces- Ambrose / Freeman
Words- Desolate + Weed

Map Pieces- Rozark / Gospel
Words- Festive + Ice

Map Pieces- Kraven / Lego
Words- Floating + Bunker
You can find all the map pieces right here!

Let's go out there and make some maps! See you later!


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