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god zapper just shut up

Pr. Gibberoni:
To quote a neckbeard-bearing reddit admin, "Yikes."

I was actually one of the two fellas who was given the short end of the stick during the tourney today, and I gotta agree with what Mobius here is saying. Tournaments, regardless of skill gaps or whatnot, should always stay true to whatever rules you're setting out to accomplish. Even if it isnt even a serious tournament, you should still never change up rules or anything for no reason than other to handicape better players, end of question. That being said, I'm not entirely opposed to silly rules as long as it is in:
A. a casual setting.
B. within agreement from EVERYONE involved.
If you want a CBM Maestro-only tournament? By all means, I'm not gonna stop you. However, if you're making someone go Maestro because you want it to be "fun" for you, then its downright discriminatory to do such a thing.

tl;dr everything that Mobius said but I get to play the victim card


--- Quote from: falco on December 28, 2019, 02:59:46 AM ---god zapper just shut up

--- End quote ---

Don't post here if this is all you're gonna add to the discussion, thanks.


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