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(GAVE UP) Help with a mod that I am working on (Mega Man 8-Bit Robo Blast 2)


I'm sure you guys noticed this when I hosted two builds (Pre-Demo 1 Build 1 & Pre-Demo 1 Build 2) of it using Doomseeker, I'm working on a mod called Mega Man 8-Bit Robo Blast 2 (MM8BRB2 for short) which is a port of a mod called "Demo Remaster" from another Doom modification that very few MM8BDM players know about called Sonic Robo Blast 2, in order to make GFZ3 beatable so I can release Demo 1, I need to insert something for a boss in which I can't do since I'm bad at coding, I also wish to add water sectors & enemies but I don't know how, feel free to reply here, message me, or dm me on Discord if you want to help @Flowey98#1122. The picture I posted is a preview of GFZ1. (EDIT: The reason why it's called "Mega Man 8-Bit Robo Blast 2" is to make it share tradition with Sonic Robo Blast 2 since Demo Remaster is basically remastered versions of the official levels made in the Demo 2 Era of SRB2) Here are the states and zones the mod will have:
Demo 1 - Greenflower Zone finished
Demo 2 - Techno Hill Zone finished
Alpha 1 - Deep Sea Zone finished
Alpha 2 - Mine Maze Zone finished
Beta 1 - Rocky Mountain Zone finished
Beta 2 - Red Volcano Zone finished
Post-Beta 1 - Dark City Zone finished
Post-Beta 2 - Grand Wilyship Zone finished
Full Game - Wily Rock Zone (and Secret Levels if I feel like adding any) finished


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