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The April Fools 2015 Circus Thread: The Big Top

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The day the internet goes insane again FailFish. New joke smilies FrankerZ, Pac Man and the ghosts go on world tour, Minecraft villagers taking over the game SSSsss PunchTrees, and demos of supposedly destructible terrain suddenly turning into technocolor seizure raves MrDestructoid. It's April Fools day once again! ItsBoshyTime

Favourite April Fools joke this year? PraiseIt

Here's some I like. - Shaq Attaq - Ok. -

YouTube videos have the ability to play Darude - Sandstorm.
Also here's what the Brothers Chaps did:

Meanwhile on KnowYourMeme...

Hearthstone got some interesting patch notes. Only players will get half of them though.

The Wisp patch note fucking slayed me.


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