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The April Fools 2015 Circus Thread: The Big Top

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(click to show/hide)Honest to god I'd probably play this over regular old PM.

Here goes:
-WP8 can run MS-DOS
-Minecraft released the 1.10 Love and Hugs update
-VenturianTale made the great "A PONG TALE"
-Sphero is getting a TV show
- Keepo TWITCH EMOTES! do the taco bell emotes work? ( tbBaconBiscuit tbSpicy tbSriracha tbQuesarito etc.)
- Google Maps Pacman
-Dominos Pizza Driverless cars
-Petco Selfie stick... FOR PETS!
-Bing "Cute Cloud"
-Uber: Boat edition
-Samsung Knife Phone (Galaxy BLADE Edge)
-CERN says force is real
-BMW rugby guards
-Honda Selfie Cars
-Or, SELFIE SHOES (miz mooz)
-Hippo cafes
-Tesco bouncy isles
-Tower of Pisa Hotel
-BMW "reverse april fools"
-share a reaction on google chrome mobile
 did I win?  panicBasket

MyAnimeList has a pretty good, albeit incomplete one

Beed28: ... h_Notes%29

It's not just Hearthstone that's got hilarious patch notes. This list slayed me.

I know this is from last year,but my favourite(at the same time my least favourite somehow)is the one where sgtmarkiv looked like he was gonna make brutal duke nukem 3d but rick rolled us XD


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