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Dr. Freeman:
With the submission period behind us, it's time once again to go onto phase 2! Thanks to everyone who submitted a piece!

I'm always for giving way too much time than too little time because we all run BUSY LIVES and mapping for hit game megaman 8 bit deathmatch may not be the thing we have the most time for. So as of right now the deadline for map submissions will be Sunday, February 26th at 11:59est. I almost always tend to throw a week or so on as a deadline extension though, BUT DON'T COUNT ON IT
but it'll probably happen

Now for the actual mapping! Before I lay down some groundrules, I have to briefly talk about the words you all threw into the pool. Along with your two map pieces, everyone will receive a total of THREE words completely randomly (well mostly randomly, you couldn't get your own word, well in theory, knowing my luck one slipped through the cracks...). Of these three words, you must choose two of them and they have to be related to your map in some way, shape, or form. I am very loose with definitions here so if you come up with a stupid loophole to make your word viable, the only person you have to convince is me. And if it's something cheeky and fun, I'll almost certainly allow it.
Back in Paper Jam you only got two words and you had to use both, but that led to some very difficult to make combos, so with getting three instead, I think it offers more freedom for the mapper to actually make something work, even if rng frowns upon you with weird word choices. Though if you really wanted, you COULD use all three words in in your map, it's just not required.

Now, for the actual guidelines for the maps! Mostly a copy/paste job as always!

-Each mapper must use both map pieces given to them in their map. The piece must be in the playable space of the map at all times and not off in the background or something. However, the mapper is able to make plenty of changes to the pieces if they so desire. Common ways map pieces are changed include...

-Changing the height of parts.
-Changing jump stairs to walk stairs, the other way around, changing it to a ladder or a fan, changing a slope to not a slope or the other way around, etc. etc.
-Adding little things to fill up blank space.
-Changing curved walls to normal angles (or the other way around).
-Flattening out uneven terrain.
-Any textures, aesthetics, or anything like that in the piece.

There are certainly more options than just these, but these are the common ones I've seen in the past. The general rule of thumb is I should still be able to recognize the map piece when everything is said and done. If you have any question about editing a piece because you're unsure, just ask me and I'll let you know if it's legal or not.

-You must choose two of the three words you receive and have them be relevant to your map in some way, shape, or form. This rule is pretty lax but you can't just outright ignore what you get. Please inform me of the words you chose when you submit the map as well, so I know what to look for.

-You're allowed to use custom assets to your heart's content. As long as it's still 8-bit in nature, though I'm sure that goes without saying. But you're not obliged to stick with what's in the core game, though you can if you want!

-Likewise, the song in your map must be 8-bit in nature. If it's not, I have full authority to change the song. Likewise, try not to use a song that's already in the core game, I will also change it in that case. I'm a picky soul about music as well and I will ask for a song replacement if it actually is unpleasant to listen to. Do not worry about adding boss themes because they will be replaced when the pack is released. And while you don't need to worry about adding a map card, I will need the song information so I can do it myself at the very least.

-Some general mapping courtesies. Include at least 32 spawns, 16 Light Team Spawns, 16 Wily Team Spawns, 8 Cossack Team Spawns, and 8 King Spawns (if there's a big problem I can add the team spawns myself). Make sure to keep the lighting at an even 255 unless there's a really good reason for it to be something else (AKA don't make the whole map the default 192). Also make sure you lighting isn't 256, that's a common error that leads to lighting problems. If you have any sorta instant death such as pits, lava, etc. make sure to block the edges of the platforms with block monster lines.

-I will have to either ask for changes or outright reject a map if something in it causes the game to have difficulty running, either offline or online. Software mode is very unpopular in this world, but the map needs to be functional on it, though it doesn't have to be pretty.

-Remember that this is NOT a competition, nor is it a race to the finish line. Feel free to get input from other people if you're unsure about something, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any! If you're new to mapping or unsure on something, I would definitely recommend not waiting until the last second to make your map so there's time to get feedback/make potential changes if that needs to happen.

-While it's incredibly unlikely to happen, I hold full authority to reject a map for a failure to abide by the main rules or for any other very unlikely reason that might pop up. As such I hold authority to make slight edits to a map myself if for some reason the situation calls for it. Don't worry about this one too much, it's more of the "just in case" rule.

Well that's enough of that. Let's get on to the map piece and word assignments! Everything will be located under the spoiler tag below!
By the by, if anyone wants to be credited under a different name than what I have here, just let me know.

(click to show/hide)Ambrose
Map Pieces- Pegg / Blaze
Words- Magic, Hotel, Meat

Map Pieces- CutmanMike / Lord Damager
Words- Storm, Tunnel, Sports

Map Pieces- Serperior / Pegg
Words- Harbor, Psycho, Odd

Map Pieces- Christmas Cultist / Zaku
Words- Forge, Forest, Gravity

Map Pieces- Korby / CutmanMike
Words- Natural, Techno, Frog

Christmas Cultist
Map Pieces- Lord Damager / Yair
Words- Western, Mushroom, Bridge

Map Pieces- LlamaHombre / Serperior
Words- Shine, Rich, Ancient

Map Pieces- Zaku / Beed28
Words- Rugged, Battleground, Seared

Map Pieces- Gumballtoid / Korby
Words- Mystic, Factory, Ghost

Map Pieces- Watzup / Jake
Words- Sky, Water, Galactic

Map Pieces- Brendan87 / Galactan
Words- Star, Snow, Electric

Map Pieces- Ambrose / Stardust
Words- Library, Lava, Coil

Map Pieces- CSketch / Watzup7856
Words- Fashion, Sand, Shelter

Map Pieces- Blaze / Reemu
Words- Grassy, Evil, Fair

Map Pieces- Freeman / CSketch
Words- Funky, Poisonous, Noir

Map Pieces- VGStar / Thunderono
Words- Racing, Catastrophe, Spacious

Lord Damager
Map Pieces- Scott / Mendez
Words- Heights, Dream, Horse

Map Pieces- FTX / Christmas Cultist
Words- Cloudy, Secret, Railway

Map Pieces- Beed28 / Freeman
Words- Beneficial, Dead, Dirt

Map Pieces- Russel / Duora
Words- Mixed, Zero, Hidden

Map Pieces- Mendez / Caprice
Words- Live, Towering, Clowns

Map Pieces- Caprice / FTX
Words- Pipeline, Waterway, Nightmare

Map Pieces- Stardust / Gumballtoid
Words- Neo, Dome, Hell

Map Pieces- Jake / Scott
Words- Boundless, Magnets, Dark

Map Pieces- Duora / LlamaHombre
Words- Cyber, Industrial, Fire

Map Pieces- Yair / Russel
Words- Breeze, Green, Closed

Map Pieces- Reemu / Brendan87
Words- Subterranean, Windy, Twisted

Map Pieces- Thunderono / Yoshiatom
Words- Abstract, Vehicle, Winter

Map Pieces- Galactan / VGStar
Words- Speed, Colosseum, Down

Map Pieces- Yoshiatom / Ambrose
Words- Turtle, Polarity, Casino

Lastly, here is the dropbox link with all the map pieces!

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask, and let's get to jamming!

I get the feeling my words were premeditated since I can only think of one theme given what I got :')

Dr. Freeman:
Popping my head in here super quickly. This is something I've casually talked about here and there but I'm confirming the deadline is going to be pushed back. I don't have a definitive date as of right now because it's getting pushed back to account for work being done on V6b which is eating up a good chunk of time for several people.

Plus it means the jam packs and maps can have changes made in the version accounted for them. I'll have the new date once we have a read on the new version, but for now consider this extra free time. Or chill time if you wanna chill.

Dr. Freeman:
With V6B in our sights, I can now say the final deadline for absolute real this time is going to be Sunday, April 9th at 11:59pm est. This gives a month or so of time for people to get used to the new version and get stuff done!
See you all then!

Dr. Freeman:
It's been a hot minute. There was a lot of work to bring the (large amount of) older maps to v6b stuff and to just make things nicer while we're at it. But we're here!

Now the school season really kicked people's asses this go around, so I'm hoping to have an update to Burger after the summer is over if people who weren't able to finish a map are still interested in making one. I'll try to update it around that time.

Anyway, as for files...



There are a few updates besides the new maps, namely a completely remade PBJ10 and EGG32 plus a brand new MOM25 and MOM26 (with the old MOM25 being pushed to MOM27 cause I'm a loser who likes certain maps closing the pack)

As for the map list of Burger maps...

(click to show/hide)BUR01- "Wet n' Dry, Up in the Sky" by Dr. Freeman
BUR02- "Elden Dong: Ragnarok" by FTX6004
BUR03- "Frog Bop" by Caprice
BUR04- "What a Time to be Alive" by Pr. Gibus
BUR05- "Someone's Missing" by Mendez
BUR06- "Imaginaerum's Silent Regard" by Russel
BUR07- "There's a Cool Mushroom In This One" by Christmas Cultist
BUR08- "River Styx Industires" by Duora Super Gyro
BUR09- "Warehouse Passage" by Beed28
BUR10- "Asteroid Coaster" by LlamaHombre
BUR11- "Razor's Edge" by Galactan
BUR12- "Glistening Discoveries" by Derek / Watzup7856
BUR13- "Planetoid 24: Forging a Finale!" by Brendan87
BUR14- "Big Bog Boogie" by Korby & Pegg
BUR15- "Breach" by Thunderono
BUR16- "Another Life" by Yair
Anyway, thank you all for waiting and hope you all enjoy! Should hopefully see another post here in a few months assuming new maps come on in!
or sooner if some hidden bug is still lurking under the radar


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