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[MAPS] MM8BDM V6C "Bounty" - Signups open! Deadline 01/Feb/2024

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time to change TITLEMAP

hi llama

Hey all, a quick update since I'm sleepy.

I've closed Survey 1 since it's been nearly three days and the vote rate has slowed down significantly. I received 51 responses, which is a lot! It's enough to make some informed decisions for Bounty, and regardless of the incoming results I think there is at least one map that I am safe locking in. You'll hear more about the results for Survey 1 after I close Survey 2 on Friday.

Thank you all so much! I hope you all are prepared for...

Survey 2:

This polls the most popular write-in votes. Please fill it out, and thanks again!

All of the below data will be reported based on the votes received from the two surveys. All things considered, this went really smoothly!

(click to show/hide)
Mega Water S received an average of 3.62, with a median of 4. This makes it one of the higher rated maps on the list, and certainly worth consideration. As a result, I feel comfortable locking in MMWTMWS as one of the four replacement maps for Bounty.

Aqua Man, similarly, received an average of 3.49, with a median of 3. MWS and AQU ended up with pretty similar distributions, but MWS ultimately ended up with more support for a full replacement than AQU.

Top Man has the lowest average of 2.55 and a median of 2. I think there's enough here to suggest that MM3TOP is likely in need of tweaks if anything, rather than full on replacement. I feel more comfortable dropping this one than any other map on the list.

Spark Man, on the other hand, is by far the most controversial map in the selection with a notably bimodal distribution and averages of 3.31 mean and 4 median. I will forgo talking about StDev for the most part, but its worth noting it has notably the highest StDev and by extension the highest variance between votes. Results suggest that a larger conversation about this map should happen.

Not controversial at all, however, is Wind Man. The chart speaks for itself, with a high average of 3.67 and a median of 4. As a result, I feel comfortable locking in MM6WIN as one of the four replacement maps for Bounty.

Clown Man has an average of 2.73 with a median of 3. There is very little to say about this entry, if I'm being honest.

Skull Man would be expected to follow Spark Man's tracks, but it seems to be a bit more generally favorable among players with an average of 2.84, a median of 3, and considerably reduced stdev.

Charge Man has an average of 2.88, a median of 3, and with a bell curve shows probably the most firm stance towards "change could be cool, but replacement isn't needed" of any map on the list.

Frost Man is an extremely interesting case, being nearly as controversial as Spark Man but in the opposite direction. The third lowest mean of 2.63 and a median of 2 lock in Frost as surprisingly "popular"(?). Perhaps there are conversations to be had later, since there were still a number of 4's and 5's, but it can likely be ignored for Bounty.

Dynamo Man holds a relatively low average of 2.61 and a median of 2, with the implication to be made that changes of its base layout would go over better than a full map replacement. Regardless, I can safely ignore it for Bounty.

The amount of support for a full Crash Man replacement is overwhelming, with the distinctly highest average of 3.86 and a median of 4. I feel comfortable locking in MM2CRA as one of the four replacement maps for Bounty.

The chart for mapper interest looks something like this. I think it's a safe bet to say that any of the maps that are in the running for Bounty will have enough mapper support to find a suitable replacement.

Of the write-ins, the most popular responses by far were MM2FLA with 13 write-ins (25% of the vote), MM4PHA with 7 write-ins (14% of the vote), and MM2DW1 with 5 write-ins (10% of the vote).

Speaking of...

Skull Castle Exterior (MM2DW1) sits with an average of 3.36, a median of 4, and a stdev of 1.37. This makes it higher than every entry on survey 1 that isn't Crash, Wind, or the waters. I don't feel comfortable putting this in Bounty with so many competitors that blow it away, but I think a conversation may be in order about how to better refine maps like MM3SPA and MM2DW1 to make them more appealing without sacrificing their niches.

Pharaoh Man sits with an average of 3.57, a median of 4, and a stdev of 1.23. This is plenty to consider it for the running for Bounty, but... it would be the fifth seat map in a four map event. As stands, Aqua and Pharaoh deserve some intrigue and have the survey support to show change is popular, but there's too many others taking top billing right now. Perhaps something to promise later...?

Flash Man sits with an average of 3.64, a median of 4, and a stdev of 1.45. This makes it second place behind MM2CRA despite its relatively high stdev. As a result, I feel comfortable locking in MM2FLA as one of the four replacement maps for Bounty.

And for anyone curious...

(click to show/hide)That would make the final lineup MM2CRA / MM2FLA / MM6WIN / MMWTMWS!

Here is a (crude) table and chart detailing the results of the survey.

Something to open with right out the gate is that I'm not making another Discord server for this. Put simply, I don't want to moderate it, especially with my role as a judge demanding limited information given to me. Please understand and by all means, discuss the competition and your maps in places that I and the other judges cannot see.

I've updated the original post with the rules. Please read before signing up and working on your maps!
Your deadline is February 1st 2024, 11:59:59 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

MM2FLA will not know what hit it

might add another map depending on how long MM2FLA takes me but tbh I was really hoping MM8FRO would be here since I have ideas for it


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