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W.I.P Forum / Ragestacle Course -The prequel
« on: August 07, 2015, 12:01:48 AM »
How am I not banned yet? I try so harrrddddd.

I apologize if this topic is in the wrong section. I figured well the project is in progress and I have proof of progress uhhh.

Ragestacle Course is the prequel to [L]obstacle Course. Now you might be wondering why does the prequel have a topic dedicated to it and not the original? The original's lore and general gameplay is very confusing and downright cryptic. We are here to remedy that. That's a very distinct way of saying people suck super bad at OC and spew insults for being garbage at it (on even the easy REALLY EASY DEATH PIT ABSENT pushover maps). 2 years and the dark age continues. Hopefully with rage we can make the shoddy platforming texture soup a better and brighter place. That still doesn't answer why OC doesn't have a topic to it does it? Marketing Budget. There's your answer.

We are not entirely softening the gameplay with ragestacle. The first maps will be more challenging compared to OC's early maps.  I reckon by RAGE020 things will get silly, NOT walrus platforms in a swamp jungle thing silly, but RAILS over lava pits with no chexpoints silly.

Here's a few quick answers to some questions.
Q: Will umm,, that cactus sailor girl be in RC?
A: Only in 1 map for a cameo otherwise no.

Q: Will demoneyes and space couches be in RC?
A: No.

Q:Will you be putting in more NSFW content in RC?
A: Sadly no.

Q: Are you adding a timer and leaderboard for who places first/second/third/fourth/fifth?
A: No, we might add in a text blurp that shows who made it to the end first for x amount of seconds other than that no.

Q: Are you accepting maps? I always wanted to make an OC-style map just to make you quiver with rage Lobs-chan!!! ^_^PS. I-I--I-I Less than 3 you!!!
A:......... Yes I/we/the team are looking for maps there are some guidelines. Be warned just because you applied for a map slot does not mean your map will make it in.

Q: Hey Lobs I see you sorta added and then de-added your Original character can I add mine to my RC map application thing bruh?
A: No way bruh.

Q: If my map gets rejected can I resubmit it if I provide alterations to make the map more suitable?
A: Possibly depending on the changes.

Q: What if my map totally gets rejected can I apply again for a different map.
A: Depends on if we'll deem it worthy of our time. It sounds harsh but if you aren't up to the standards and we have no faith in well that's it simply. Sorry I guess?

Q: Can I edit a map from OC and send it to you!?
A: No insta-rejection.

Q: Lobs your english skills are absolutely shit.
A: Thank you for the kind words!

Guidelines: We all know OC has done some seriously silly bullshit. This time around we'll try to even out the quality I admit most of my maps for OC are totally garbage it's not creators remorse they were simply experimental rushed turds.

How not to make a Ragestacle Stage:
-Do not orientate a map around requiring SR50 to complete. SR40 is fine and pretty much expected.
-Invisible spikes in very very dark areas.
-Filled with textures that disturb the eyes. Gyro Man style skybox, Air tiles etc.
-"Creepypasta" style maps. Horror maps sure if done right. Creepypasta no. Oh and by horror I don't mean possessed animatronics or a faceless ghost man thing who shops for suits at the big and tall store.
- Littering a map with 5+ checkpoints. Either it's too hard or it's too long or option C the checkpoints aren't necessary. Teleporting from falling off a pit or whatever is ok.  
- Focusing on aesthetics vs how the actual platforms and map play out. There is a time and place to doll up your map. Focus on how it plays first and address any issues if need be.
-Splitting up objectives/triggers. It's not a total no-no if it's your first RC application map though focus on the simpler stuff.
- Super duper gimmick zone. Wavebikes on rails in high gravity is instant no.  Changing winds and gravity values often x amount of seconds. I'll personally be more hesitant to these type of maps they have to have a good design otherwise it's just waiting until it cycles.
- Keep in mind this is meant to be played on a server so if things break online... hope there's a fix for it otherwise no.
- NO MEMES. DANKRITOS 420 blaze it noscope airhorn guile's theme mixed with space jam the remix IN SPACE FRANKERZ. You get the point.
- Remaking a mm8bdm core stage into an RC stage. Instant NO.
- Remaking a megaman stage into an RC stage. So you want to try and make Sword man's stage huh? Pretty sure there's some project covered in the corpses of abandoned projects somewhere for that.
- NO 1-time only shortcuts. No weird obscure hidden shortcut period.
-Treble Boost, Rush Jet, Item-1, Wire, Beat helping you out of a pit version, Item-2, Rush Coil are pretty much banned. You'd really have to impress me with implementing these in a way that's fun. I'm sure there's other things I'm forgetting that are banned too.  

Just try to be reasonable. DO not try to go essentially make a x20 harder map than the hardest maps of OC. There might be 1 or 2 people who want that and it certainly isn't me.

I'm personally expecting to get a bunch of mock submissions as some twisted revenge based on experiences from Obstacle Course. Map submission person X It's too hard add a checkpoint!!!

Keep this in mind I am trying to make the maps more presentable there might be a few things you may not enjoy aesthetically whatever RC/OC has always been about 1)Rage being mandatory. 2)Jumping around instead of acs nonsense totally changing how the map behaves. 3) Being playable vs looking pretty.

If you didn't enjoy OC period. This is not for you. I'm not trying to make this for everyone. And lastly I do not want any questions about Obstacle Course! This is about Ragestacle Course.

Ok so here's the dev team thus far. I'm not on cutstuff that often but if these guys bug me on skype to update the topic I'll get right on it. Also feel free to pm them. I asked them in advance and they're ok with it.
(click to show/hide)

So you want to make an RC map here's some tips.
- The highest you can jump is roughly I don't know the exact 72 units in normal gravity. We use maximum jump heights of 64 to keep things smooth and consistent.
- The furthest you can jump without it being super tight is approx 128-192 unit range.
- Playtest the crap out of your map. Make sure you can perform your jumps easily and quickly.
-Map codes will be RAGE###. We're not sure for "Secret maps" yet. RAGEX##?

- RAGE000- Taken by Badz [10%]
- RAGE001 -Taken by Lobsters [Complete]
- RAGE002 -Taken by Lobsters [80%]
- RAGE003 -Taken by Lobsters [10%]
  RAGE004+ onwards are open as well.

I'm sorry for the formatting that is going to implode.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Well this is going to be a bit weird. This isn't an official release it's a demo of a rage002. Yes the skybox has weird streaks intentional ARTSY FLAIR. I hope this sets up a guideline of what I expect.

Events / "Original Burstman's" Funeral/Lobsters has gone crazy.
« on: August 12, 2013, 11:44:39 PM »
So basically come on down to the oh so misleading "OLD BURSTMAN DM" server. To pay your respects to the original Burstman Map.

Time from 6:40 EST to Midnight EST. (Or unless best ever nukes the servers before then)
[It already started after I posted this]

Please don't come in here to say it was such a bad map. This is for paying respect to the deceased. I know most of you hated it, but I loved it, it was my favorite. Sure you can say I have bad taste. I don't care this is about remembering all the fun times we had on Good Ol' Burstman. Here is some kind words a gentle soul said at his funeral  (Name removed because I don't want people hounding this person for saying such sweet words to Burstman)

(click to show/hide)

They say Burstman's "Death" was an accident but I know it was MURDER! *gets taken away to an asylum* Please join and pay your respects that is all I ask, even if you hate me. Think I suck. Think I'm mean/crazy/a major asshole. This isn't about me it's about Burstman  V2a-V3a Burstman. 2011-2013. You are in a better place now. We'll [probably just me honestly/I'll] Miss you.

- A Grieving Lobster

W.I.P Forum / Project R.A.W.R. [Mappack]
« on: August 06, 2011, 10:59:18 AM »
Okay this is a project I hope will take off. I will be in charge of it, unless some usurper comes along. What you may ask is Project R.A.W.R? Well, I simply made an acronym out of rawr. It totally makes no sense. Righteous Assualt Walrus Recon. Yeah it is quite random.

The Modes that are the focus of R.A.W.R  


-Capture the Flag (Keep One-Flag in mind as well)



Power Weapons should be harder to get.
 Now don't necessarily make it bait for a death trap. If you do make it a trap awesome. And I mean a challenge. Like say you have to get rush coil to get to a platform that you need to use item 1 to get to the next. Then use beat over a pit to reach the darn thing. With teleporter or exit unit nearby so they can get out. Wouldn't that be cruel all that work just to get stuck. This is type of crazyness is for weapons like Time Stopper and Gravity Hold and Possibly Junk Shield if it gets changed again if an update happens soon.

I will also keep a certain number of slots for maps for each mode. I haven't decided how many for each yet. Don't make a map with classes in mind. Hell, I don't think that is possible to make a map with classes in mind. What are you going to do? Make anti-drill man digging floors? Well with the right amount scripting it might be possible, but I wouldn't waste my time on that for R.A.W.R

Okay the fun part my restrictions.

(click to show/hide)

And That is all I can think of at the moment. And pardon my possible spelling mistakes and  grammar. Gah, that was long.

Got a map PM it to me with a dl link. And I will be putting maps I make into this too. I might have to consult you guys to see if it gets in just to be fair. Haha

Skins & Bots etc / Lobster's Skins
« on: July 01, 2011, 06:33:20 AM »
This is where you can find my two custom skins. The rest of my skin plans have hit been cancelled.[/color]


Download Here!
Okay the reason why I am keeping this is because this was my first skin. And well I need a reference on how not to make characters that are not big into huge skins.

Space Couch

Download Here!

Maps / Lobster's Horribad Maps
« on: June 20, 2011, 06:59:50 PM »
Hi, I hope you enjoy these awesome maps. Now Action (52) Pack will be done by 5/01/12 SO Yeah Baby wooooooooottttttttt.

Action (52) Plans

Action 01 - Space Lava Castle
Action 02 - Not a techbase taken over by demons. (Old RAWR Map never public)
Action 03 -  Tango Lovers Unite!!!! (Slightly redesigned MMLOB1)
Action 04 - Not a Contra Stage 3 Homage (Less Cramped MMLOB2)
Action 05 - Ragecano (Overhauled MMLOB5 with more noticible death pits   because grass at the corners isn't enough)
Action 14 - Simon Says Stay off the Grass (MMLOB3 Slightly redesigned to look less shitty and please play it in LMS)
Action 15 - Visiting Hours Are Over (Controversial Map made Less Crampy and less one way passages aka teleporters of justice LMS Orientated)
Action 27 - Boxster's Arctic Base (MMLOB4 Plz play in small DMS/Duel/2 Man DM
Action 28 - Collapsed Ruins (renamed and slightly edited MMLOB6 Please play in Smaller games)

Current version Download Link Here  V1C

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