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I'm sorry to anyone who was looking forward to Mega Man 8-Bit Robo Blast 2. I couldn't find a coder to implement enemies and bosses, and as a result, I lost all my motivation to work on this. However, I'll keep this preview of Greenflower Zone 1 as an idea of what it could be like in case anyone wants to revive it (Latest progress before cancellation was that all of GFZ was finished except for it's enemies and it's boss (Woodman), I also put water sectors in all 3 acts).

This applies to EVRY. MM8BDM. VERSION. TO. DATE. Except for the Alpha and SGC Demo versions, when it comes to defeating Gamma, the final blow to him requires you to use the Top Spin on him, I've known that it is actually a reference to his fight in the original Mega Man 3 because using the Top Spin on him will straight up one-shot him. I am probably the first person to point this out within the Cutstuff Forums. Anyways, I honestly like it that it has been implemented in MM8BDM.

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