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Hi everyone!

With the time it's taking for the next update to come out, things can get pretty stale. The current semi-unofficial Discord server is another instance of things becoming stale, with some people disagreeing with the methods of moderation used on that server, I've come up with my own solution and my own server.

1. Discord Terms of Service
Violation of Discord ToS will result in an immediate ban. If you are under 13, leave.

2. Safe for work
Keep the chat clean, we do not tolerate NSFW in any kind. This includes Porn, Graphic NSFW Detailing, Hentai, Gore, etc.

3. Use the right channels.
Make sure to use the right channels. It's not a major offense, but it helps keep the chat look clean and organized.

4. Spoilers
Make sure to correctly mark spoilers, as they can influence others enjoyability of a certain show/movie/game.

5. Drama
External drama does not belong here, and it should be taken to DMs or some other group chat. Nobody cares about your 'he said/she said' bullshit.

6. Scams and Spam
Spam is a BIG issue, please understand that spam is the following:
-Repeated text in quick succession.
-repeated images in quick succession.
-Repeated emotes in quick succession.
No fishy sites, discord links, or anything of the sort.

7. Punishments
Rejoining to evade your punishment will result in a worse punishment. Also alt accounts of banned users are not allowed and if we find you’re an alt of a banned user, you will be banned once more.

First warning: Verbal warning
Second warning: Warned tag
Third warning: Muted for 12 hours
Fourth warning: Muted for 24 hours
Fifth warning: Muted for a week
Sixth warning: Banned from the discord

With that being said, I welcome you to the (even more) Unofficial MM8BDM Discord server! :cool:

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