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CutStuff Lazer TagA new, Community class making project.
So what is this about?

Cutstuff Community Lazer Tag is a new userclass mod I am developing with a emphasis on class creation and a twist on the approach itself. Set specifically for team last man standing, the mod has players arm themselves with an array of lazer guns and equipment from a shop between rounds. with everyone sporting the same base stats and weapon access, the thing that make classes distinct beyond their visuals is their toolset of abilities and utilities which are also purchased from said shop.

Putting it simply, it's valorant but with user classes.

Wait, what's Valorant?
Valorant is a tactical shooter released by riot games about a year ago, it's based on the gameplay structure of CouterStrike : Global offensive where players buy their arsenal between rounds and engage in a match where one side must get a bomb planted while the other side prevents it. Valorant stands out however in that it brings hero shooter elements into the tactical shooter sphere by having class specific abilities take the role of tactical utilities like smokes, molotoves, and the like while also granting other ways to engage with the core game.

while not entirely, it can be compared to Rainbow six siege or apex legends in some ways, with R6 also being a hero based tactical shooter where each operative bring a unique gadget that offers it's own tactical advantages, and with Apex legends in that both games operate under the bases of working with a pre-existing pool of weapons, while the playable characters themselves possess unique abilities that aid in their goals and gunplay.

What are the key elements to this mod?
(click to show/hide)The Shop

The Shop is the main element of the mod that players will be engaging with between rounds, here players gear up on weapons, armor, and their special pool of abilities using credits earned from the previous round. you'll be visiting this often as you stock up, upgrade your weapons, or restock after a death as dying costs you your weapon.


These are what makes each class distinct from one another, Abilities are finite use tools/techniques/casts/whatever that each player stocks up on between rounds, giving them the means to control the map, navigate it, hunt for players, or create ideal conditions for gunfights amongst other things.

Weapon Drops and pickups

A key part of the game's resource management is the ability to pick up dropped or discarged weapons from enemies and allies alike. This plays a significant economy role as you can pass weapons onto teammates or wipe out an enemy with a stronger weapon than yours to get it for free.

Light Gunplay Elements

In an effort to make the mod pace more like a tactical shooter, weapons posses mild gunplay mechanics reminiscent to those games. given the nature of 8bdm and it's visual style and hitboxes, the game doesn't demand the most absolute precision from players, but gun control and movement are still key to ensuring that you land your shots and maximize your damage.

The element in play include:~Upwards Recoil
~Vertical Recoil
~Headshotting for extra damage
~Spread and bloom
~Move Error (moving and jumping worsens accuracy)
~Firing movement speed
~Weapon Holding speeds
~Equip times

About Class Creation and Participation
(click to show/hide)
How are classes Submitted?
As of now, class submissions are to be sent to me (Ehibika). To help with class prototyping, I will be providing This Classmaker Pk3 which supplies all the framework and info needed to build a class, the Pk3 itself can be used on the base CSLazerTag mod file like an addon, allowing you to prototype your class in the main game.

If you use the Classmaker Pk3, simply send it to me (Ehibika) either in the forums or as a DM on discord.

What do I do if I want to change or update a class?
I'd say make the alterations on the classmaker PK3 if you can and send that over to me. you're able to make changes to your class at any time, and I'll do my best to have them implemented into the latest file.

What am I allowed to change with classes?
Right now, all base stat values are to remain consistent across all classes, this includes movement speeds, damage properties, Health, and melee and weapon damage. and while passive mechanics are allowed on a class, they cannot be used as a way to apply a flat basestat change (I.E: my passive is that I move faster and jump higher because ___)

What if I want to make weapons for the mod?
That can certainly be arranged, Though weapon design may require a bit more coordination between us until I release a template for weapon actors for the mod. Generally though, I want all weapons to be laser weapons of some kind, and I want to avoid anything Quake like (save the rocket launchers for abilities and ultimates)

Will Ultimates be in this game?
Yes! However the infrastructure for ultimate came a bit after some initial classes, so not every class has an ultimate just yet.

I'm not really familiar with tactical shooters though.
That's fine in all honesty, really. this game likely won't be nearly has hardcore as CS:GO or Valorant in terms of it's aiming mechanics, there may still be a bit of a learning curve as gunplay isn't the only thing you need to know, but you don't have to be an absolute pro to be able to participate in this mod.

Ultimately, I'd encourage that you give it a try in the least.

Does this mod have a discord channel?
Not yet, I want to wait until the project get's enough traction before creating one. until then, I intend to operate mainly within the ModTalk channel in the unofficial MM8BDM server.

in case you missed it, the link to the Classmaker Wad is located Here : CSLT_ClassMaker_Alpha03.pk3

Crash Prevention
(click to show/hide)
Combat Slide

do a quick slide, Charge Recovers after 2 kills in a round

Rush Call

Call rush at a select area, he will launch the first player that makes contact with him.

Hyper Bomb

Throw a hyper bomb that will detonate shortly after hitting the ground, deals intense damage.

By Ehibika

Specialty:Vision/Area Denial
(click to show/hide)IceBolt

Cast a freezing projectile that deals area damage and leaves behind a chilling field that slows anyone who passes it.

Ice Fog

Remotely conjure up dense, icy fogs at select areas, anyone who steps through will be chilled and slowed

Aurora Veil

Form a wall of light that blocks vision, anyone who passes through will be blinded by it.

*Base Class*

(click to show/hide)Flash Wisp

Launch a guided wisp that can be detonate remotely, blinding anyone in sight

Fire Spirit

Launch a fire spirit that pings the area it lands on, revealing enemies there for a period of time.

Fire Field

lob a projectile that leaves a burning area.

*Base Class*

Specialty:Area Denial
(click to show/hide)

Prep a heal that can be cast on an ally or on yourself, allies heal faster than you heal yourself

Create a solid wall made of cubes with individual HP.

Psyche Bomb

Remotely place psychic mines that detonate and reveal enemies that trip them.

By Théophile

Vision/Area Denial
Trap Setting

(click to show/hide)CardBoard Box

A semi-conspicuous cardboard box that conceals all players within it's area

Smoke Grenade

Deploy grenades that release a noxious cloud of smoke, damaging and slowing anyone that tries to step through it.

Stun Mine

Deploys mines that upon detecting an enemy, pops up and stuns them briefly.

By Théophile

Vertical Mobility
(click to show/hide)Weaken Shuriken

Toss a trio of shurikens that temporarily reduce the victim's weapon damage by half.

Ninja Rope

Propel yourself using a grappling hook

Killing Dash

Lunge forward and slash with altfire to perform a strong melee attack that can also backstab, landing a kill instantly recovers the move's charge.

By Théophile

(click to show/hide)

Launch a projectile that can deal increadible headshot damage, kills from this ability grant a necromancy charge.

Decompose Beam

Channel a short ranged beam that saps the enemy's health and disrupts their aim, kills from this ability grant a necromancy charge.


Charged only by kills on your first two abilities, this lets you conjure a vague effigy of previously slain foes. these monsters will stand guard until they spot an enemy, where they will advance on them and fire at them.

By Théophile

(click to show/hide)
Grand Bomb

Launch a bouncing grenade with an active fuse, recharges after gaining 2 kills in a round.

Battery Depleter

Launch a grenade that create an energy draining field that deals damage and saps weapon energy

Bullet Grenade

Launch a grenade that unleashes beams in all directions.

By PRBlaster

Trap Setting
(click to show/hide)
Bomb Dash

Perform a quick, forward dash.

Bomb Lay

Deploy bombs that upon detecting an enemy player, pursues them and explodes.


Momentarily Vanish from view.

By Trillster
Vision Denial
(click to show/hide)
Camera Drone

Toss a camera that latches onto parts of the map, when it lands you can adjust it's aim by keeping the fire key held. once set, you can see what the camera does in a smaller screen. cast the ability again to have the camera flash and blind anyone in it's line of sight.

Holographic Bush

Deploy lifelike holographic bushes that rustle and make noise when anyone passes through them.


Deploy a flash tripod on the ground, press altfire to flip it's angle during placement. if it catches a player in it's field of view, it emits a flash to blind them.

Good job, those are nice improvements over what I've sent, and I didn't even know PRBlaster made one too.

Got the next update for CS Lazer tag and the classmaker mod, now with established support for Ultimates and a chat system created by Trillster.


Main features of this update include some significant improvements to the gunplay, as well as class adjustments to improve their viability.

Another update for the mod is live along with an updated version of the classmaker, this adds some improvements to the newly introduced ACS menu as well as the ability to now hold a main arm and a sidearm instead of being dedicated to one specific gun, both guns also have their own ammo bars.


There is also now a Github repository for those who are interested:

CSLazerTag-pk3 Repository


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