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In Game Name: Most of the time, TailsMK4. Sometimes I make an addon, or have some other name.
Favorite game mode: LMS, and practically any team-based games (which includes Roboenza)
Least favorite game mode: Regular DM (I sweat a LOT in a single game of DM)
Favorite weapon: Thunder Beam
Least favorite weapon: Star Crash
Favorite stage: MM6KNI
Least favorite stage: MMCTF06 (Underwater Base)
Preferred skin: (Non-Custom) Sometimes I use Gyro or Gemini. (Custom) Almost ALWAYS using Tails by bluesiscooltoo.
Greatest Rival: Unsure, it kind of changes every now and then. Used to be Celebi, but now it's Tornado as a friendly rival in Duel.
Best Friend: King Yamato
Reputation: Varies a bit. Some people think I'm really fun (King Yamato), others think I'm challenging (Tornado), while others think I'm annoying (Roc's Creation).
anything else?: I'm involved in the Invasion project by Ashley, and I'm also a Youtube "LPer". I do not do classes mode.

In Game Name: Kenkoru or LeKenkoru  Rainbow name binds FTW
Favorite game mode: Classes Deathmatch
Favorite weapon: Rolling Cutter
Favorite stage: Gravity Man
Preferred Skin: Cossack His walking animations are so hilarious
Greatest Rival: Michael (NOT 712)
Reputation: Being a jerk with Item-1's
Anything else?: KLASHO!

In Game Name: SickSadWorld
Favorite game mode: LMS/ Roboenza/ TLMS/ Classes
Favorite weapon: Mega Buster
Favorite stage: CSCM06! Or of the stock maps, Drillman or Darkman
Preferred skin: Flashman
Greatest Rival: Myself
Reputation: Terribad!
anything else?: Yes. Extra pickles hold the mayo

Blaze Yeager:
In Game Name: Blaze
Favorite game mode: Classes,Dm,CTF,Lms,TDM,TLMS
Favorite weapon: Knight Crush
Preferred Skin:A tie between Darkman 4 or Knightman
Favorite stage: Can't Decide  :p
Least Favorite Stage: Gyro Man
Greatest Rival: Korby or CMM
Reputation: Alpha and SGC Demo Veteran
Anything else?: Maestro of the Concerto Of Flames,the Melody of the Wind,The Nocturne of Sorrow,and the Ballade of Swords

Might as well.

In Game Name: (I prefer not being publicly known in the servers)
Favorite game mode: Deathmatch or Team Last Man Standing
Favorite weapon: Ring Boomerang, Crystal Eye & Napalm Bomb.
Favorite stage: Sand Canyon Tomahawk or Snake... I don't really have an exact favorite.
Greatest Rival: No rivals for me!
Reputation: Considering the only time I use Ivory is during dev parties, I have no idea what my playing reputation is.
anything else?: My favorite skins to use are Top, Ring, Crystal, Napalm, Star and Knight and Ballade.
I made the I-Pack, MMCTF08 and 09 and Junk Man's stage.


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