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does this work as a doom mod on psp


hey guys, i saw this posted over at psp-hacks and i gota say this looks amazing i cant wait to try it out. im also wondering if you guys tried the wad in the doom homebrew for a modded psp?

Unfortunately this isn't your average Doom mod. It uses Skulltag which is a modifcation of ZDoom, a much more feature enhanced port which for some reason homebrewers seem to ignore when creating a port for a new bit of hardware. Anyway, there's no chance of this happening because Skulltag is closed source. It can't be made for prboom or whatever port is on the PSP now either, because it uses tons of new features that are only available in skulltag and zdoom.

So, yeah this would be awesome but it won't happen. :(

thanks for answering, thats too bad tho. atleast i have a computer! i cant wait, this game looks awesome!! keep up the good work.


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