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I know this is a weird thing to make but, for some reason, I feel it is necessary. As someone who enjoys psychology, and studying humanistic behavior, I realized something which is probably the reason why we, as a community, are so close, we all wish for something more in our life. Admit it, you have at least some one thing going on which you know has or will leave a huge scar in your life. This new topic is for anyone brave enough to just come out and say it. Just remember, we are all a community, there are the good people and there are the bad people, but there are always those who care. And, probably the most important rule to state, what happens in Cutstuff, stays in Cutstuff. Let's learn to respect each other's privacy.


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ok..... here i go......

(click to show/hide)look at this furby it made me cry so much im so sorry

Is this supposed to be like one of those reddit confessional subforums?

I don't know if I'm supposed to freely come out and speak my mind about the community, or just confess a deep and dark secret of mine to the community.

I like eggplants. They taste good with pasta and lots of cheese.


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