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[Program] ZDoom Resource Randomizer (v1.2)

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ZDoomResourceRandomizer is a program that allows you to randomize resources in MM8BDM / ZDoom mods. It scrambles up given TEXTURES, SNDINFO, ANIMDEFS, LANGUAGE files, and sprites and outputs them as a pk3 file.

You need Java 7 or later to run this program. You can use it as a command line utility or just launch it to get to the UI.

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Instant soup, just add command. :O

Looks like running a NES rom through a corrupter and then watching the fun happen.

Updated to version 1.1. You can now randomize sprites within pk3s.

This is very cool! It's like those guys who speedrun NES games and enter into hex values that are out of bounds! What great fun. Thanks for sharing


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