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MM8BDM V4C - Released!

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Updated to Zandronum 2.0!  

Added TeleportFlag item, used by script 973.
TackleFires now have DONTSPLASH.
Can no longer get stuck in a respawning countbomb via Proto Shield / Mirror Buster.
Updated Evil Robot cut scene to use new MM8DW2.
Fixed various typos in the Wily Tower campaign sequence.
Fixed a bug where Genesis Unit would stick to a single attack constantly.  This would lead to a situation where the boss was unbeatable.
Added a console icon for the scoreboard.
Added a more correct ENDOOM screen.

Fixed SBARINFO error where Atomic Fireís charge bar would appear if WeaponCharge was in the playerís inventory without Atomic Fire being active.
Fixed SBARINFO error where Homing Sniperís charge animation played before it reached a full charge.
Time Slow no longer shows a pickup message of Time Stopper.
Time Slow now has a particle effect on slowed players.
Fixed a bug where Screw Crusher could pick up ammo when full.
Updated icons for Crystal Eye, Napalm Bomb, Star Crash, and Charge Kick.  
Fixed a bug where Ice Wall would jump to the wrong state when weakened in the air.

Eddieís RandomWeapon item updated to work on ZDR 2.0.
Beat Call icon updated to use NES colors rather than Mega Man 10ís.

MM&B Bass skin by Geno replaces SGC Bass skin.  

EvenLighting applied to all maps MAPINFO to fix a legacy ZDR 2.0 bug with r_fakeconstrast.
Map files renamed and reordered in PK3 to work with ZDR 2.0ís new ordering scheme in offline skirmish.
MM2DW1 - Patched up hole in the fence  ,  Fixed Boss activation script.
MM2DW2 - Updated layout / weapon placement.
MM2DW3 - Changed music to empty track (2DW4MUS), droplets now use FORCEYBILLBOARD.
MM3MAG - Magflies altered to make it more difficult to become stuck in front of them.
MM5CRY - Fixed a bug where you could get into the background online.
MMBBUR - Geography / Weapon layout updated. Big Telly now has a warning sound  .
MMBMAG - Outer pits now work with Beat Call.
MMCTF05 - Unblocked a line in light base.
MM3DW1, MM4DC1, MM5DAR, MM6MRX, and MM7DW1 - Fixed Boss activation script.
MM3SHA, MM6BLI, MM7SHA and MM2DW1 - Two way teleports now use ACS [See script 973 below].

[Script Changes]
Script 205 - Beat thrusts you upward slightly when activated
Script 253 - Improved Item2 / Ice Wall sticky script for ZDR 2.0.  
Script 972 & 203 - Updated to support changing Boss Music manually or disabling the script. (Usage instructions in GLOBAL.ACS)
Script 973 - New Teleport Script for two way teleports (Argument 1 = Teleport Destination)
    [Examples can be found in MM6BLI, MM3SHA, MM7SHA and MM2DW1]
    This script is required for two-way teleports so they do not crash in Zandronum 2.0.

Download from Cutstuff


YES!! FINALLY! PunchTrees SSSsss

Wait, an April Fools joke!?!?!


Meme Man:


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Haha, Exactly!

Dat Cutmanmike' joke xDDDD

Very nice! :D


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I played both of those videos at the same time.

The amount of yes in this release is not enough


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