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Rockman No Constancy
Rockman No Constancy is a Mega Man 2 ROM Hack created by IKA originally in 2007 (as you can see above)! It features 8 new weapons and new tilesets for all the robot masters and Wily. This is an expansion for the hack, using its tilesets to create new maps and recreating the weaponry as separate packs that can be loaded together for a full experience.
Experience the stages of Rockman No Constancy in everyone's favorite FPS format! Includes map previews for Trillster's Map Voting addon.
(click to show/hide)Tileset rips by Jack Corvus
Air Man No Constancy by Myroc
(click to show/hide)
Heat Man No Constancy by Shade Guy
(click to show/hide)
Flash Man No Constancy by Shade Guy
(click to show/hide)
Clash Man No Constancy by Shade Guy, Jack Corvus, & Myroc
(click to show/hide)
Bubble Man No Constancy by Myroc
(click to show/hide)
Metal Man No Constancy by Shade Guy
(click to show/hide)
Quick Man No Constancy by Mendez
(click to show/hide)
Wood Man No Constancy by Beed28
(click to show/hide)
Dr. Wily 1 No Constancy by Beed28
(click to show/hide)
Dr. Wily 2 No Constancy by Muzaru & Shade Guy
(click to show/hide)
Dr. Wily 3 No Constancy by Mendez & Myroc
(click to show/hide)
Dr. Wily 4 No Constancy by CutmanMike
(click to show/hide)
Download Map Pack!
(click to show/hide)*Compatibility update with MM8BDM V6B!
*Reorganized file to save memory usage.
*Refactored map card ACS to be more concise and compact.
*Updated scripts to use V6B scripts where applicable.
*Cleaned up various missing pits and changed current pits to use
 updated methods.

*No longer will change time of day during the match

*Cleaned up monster block lines

*Will now randomize snow level at beginning of match
--Will no longer change during the match

*Adjusted sections around spike pits to reduce blindspot deaths.
*Fixed texture alignment error on ceiling area.

*Bubbles changed to bounce pads
Fight as the visually changed Rockman No Constancy robot masters with this skin pack that can be put into your "skins" folder for use on any server!
Download Skin Pack!
The classic RNC weapons, now compatible with Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch V6B! They can appear when using randomized weapons, when playing with LMS loadouts, and even in the Training Mode! Additionally, you can use these weapons alongside the RNC map pack without randomized pickups for the true weapon and item layouts, including all the RNC styled pickups.
(click to show/hide)Weapons initially completed by Maxine, then maintained by others for future versions.
Wind Slicer
An arcing, slow firing but powerful weapon with a random spread. If you can land all your shots this is rewarding, but each shot leaves you open.
Za Warudo
A shorter, rapid burst of Time-Stopping, designed as an escape.
Rumbling Bang
Drops a small explosive that creates a wave of low powered, fast traveling shockwaves in a star formation.
Spin Wheel
A weapon that arcs upwards, and shoots forward at high speed when it touches the ground.
Rising Sun
A faster traveling, slower firing take on Metal Blade.
Delay Flame
As the name implies, a weapon that fires forwards quickly after a short delay.
Ice Circle
A shield that makes you slip and pinball around while holding it up. Use it to confuse your foes!
Proto Charge
A MM5-styled Mega Buster! Weaker than Atomic Fire, but faster charging!
Download Weapon Pack!
Disclaimer: These files and this thread have been updated with care by outside maintainers to keep the spirit of the expansion alive.

OZX: looking forward to this.....wish u luck..


I would of took up delay flame've made that....

I might try making the Bubbleman skin.

Yes I ripped the tilesets. If anyone would like to map, all maps expect for Quickman, Woodman and Flashman have their tilesets ripped, and I even have the music done.

FINALLY maybe i may do a map... but it would be for either heat or flash because the mmz 8 bit music

Edit: flash it is


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