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This isn't a game, is it?
I remember an old topic about it and I thought it'd be fun to see what icons, backgrounds etc. you guys have.

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Here's mine. A LOT of the stuff on there I never ever use. most of the stuff that i do use are not desktop icons
(click to show/hide)The actual BG is a snapshot from one of my youtube videos. Bit egotistical when I think about it....

Sure, why not. My Desktop!

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That's it. I don't like desktop icons. I like being able to see my images unobstructed. Simple, clean. The most interesting detail is that I have backgrounds that change every half hour. Currently it's my giant Zekrom and Reshiram picture.

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Background image was a birthday present from my bestest best friend.

Here's my desktop, it is full of useless icons:
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