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Who has Mega Man 9 and 10?

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I have both on the Xbox 360 and the Mega man collection for the Xbox it works on the 360 though :P

Both on Wii. All DLC.

Bass is so much fun. I managed to beat Enker, but I'm still working on Punk. His stage isn't hard (unlike Enker), but he's pretty tough.

Now that I think about it, its kind of shocking. I could barely beat Enker in MM10 (I had one health), but when I was little I beat the first five games. Weird. I must've been better when I was little XD

EDIT: Did I say both? I meant MM10. Oops.

Got 9 on the Wii, 10 on PS/XBOX/Wii.

Only DLC I've bought is ENKER though  :(  :(  :(  :(


I have both MM9 and MM10 for the Wii.

All right I think this is enough to start an official speed run competition. Quick Man medals on the way!  :)


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