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Favorite Tips for megaman games

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Top Spin + Monkeys from Hardman's stage = only good use for Top Spin!

Blaze Yeager:
Pharoah Shot Clears out enemies easily in MM4 (At least that was a tip i heard)

megaman 2 infinite lives
in metal mans stage you can keep killing the drill thing's and they all have a low chance to spawn extra lives.
my stage: use flash mans time flash to stop the lazers, unless your really skilled you'll need it.


--- Quote from: "CutmanMike" ---Ice man is easy, although I know a lot of people have trouble with his pattern. I just think jeez, have you even fought Fire man?
--- End quote ---

Fire Man is by far the hardest robot master in MM1.
I'm just saying that destroying me isn't all the select glitch is useful for  :?


Don't get cocky!


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