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Some new Mega wallpapers!

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Btw that one with the robot masters is probably the only time you'll ever see non-chibi oil/time man

I got the second one because it's the only one that isn't cute.

I spent ages looking for Elec Man. He's on top D:

And Oil Man was using his Japenese colour scheme which threw me off a bit.

Thanks, Mike

I like the middle one because of the aforementioned non-chibi style.  I like the one on the right because all of the robots are within the frame.  In the middle one, some of the robots are behind the black border :(

But I got them both anyway :D

*EDIT* Well never mind to that comment.  Both frames contain the robots...I still don't like that border though.

I could probably photoshop that border out

Yesh please


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