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So I found this as I was browsing for some MML renders and screenshots. It's a pretty interesting column this guy (Niklas Jansson) wrote for Megaman Legends talking about the history, timeline, and what the possible idea for the next game could be. It's worth reading through fully if you're a big fan of MML like me. But if you're not into that kind of stuff, at least check out the sketches and doodles this guy drew as they're pretty impressive.

You know I hoped he sent this idea to capcom because I have to say this was time well spent. Fully detailed with examples and concept art, theories which sound possible to create in game. This has Perfection all over it...

I'd love to see a Megaman Legends 3  :(

Blaze Yeager:

--- Quote from: "Ivory" ---I'd love to see a Megaman Legends 3  :(
--- End quote ---
Everyone would Ivory,but Capcom won't let us have fun at all...will they

I don't! If they had a choice between making Mega Man 11 and Legends 3 I'd vote MM11!


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