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Unless there is already a topic for this then just disregard this one. But since it's MM related, might as well have it.
Anyway if you love Mega Man enough to draw it then share it here. Whether it's sprite art or fan-based character, it doesn't matter. Share it and show off! Or else...

Here are a couple of mine.
(click to show/hide) (click to show/hide)

There is but I guess there hasn't been one for your OWN art yet. Good work!

colton is a fukkin badass
(click to show/hide)plugman is EVERYWHER
(click to show/hide)frostman ridin'
(click to show/hide)galaxyman (click to show/hide)plugman and elecman = bff
(click to show/hide)thats all i got

Colton needs to START caring!!

(click to show/hide)I'm gonna find that commandoman and make him pay!

Blaze Yeager:
^ I seriously want that Commando Man Face as a Avatar


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