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This Topic is to discuss the extremly underrated series, (Mega Man) Legends.

Personally, I only own Mega Man 64.  Being a Nintendo Fanboy.  but I'm willing to go to such lengths as to buy a Playstion 1-3 to play Legends 2.  It's my favorite Mega Man series, as it's not LOLSOFREAKINHARDTHATIRIPMYHAIROUTLOL.

I can't wait until the day Legends 3 is made.  And it better be on the Wii.  Just.  In.  Case.


--- Quote from: "David5109" ---Personally, I only own Mega Man 64.  Being a Nintendo Fanboy.  but I'm willing to go to such lengths as to buy a Playstion 1-3 to play Legends 2.
--- End quote ---
I have to ask, why haven't you done that already? PS2s are SUPER cheap and so are old PS1 games. I'm sure you could get two of those for $60 total on Amazon or at your local Gamestop.

You should definitely get Legends 2 if you can. We only owned Nintendo consoles for the longest of time so we also got MegaMan 64. Legends 2 is definitely just as fun with some improvements (gameplay, graphics) and a different atmosphere with all the new locations you get to visit.

And if you get a Playstation, you can try and hunt out Misadventures of Tron Bonne too, which is ALSO very fun. It has a few separate game modes that you play though, kind of like extensive minigames, to further the story so it ain't the same type of game. But still, similar with the characters and music and graphics, and still fun to play.

Legends 3 probably seems like a daunting task for Capcom to start on; big expectations and all that. And after all these years, the game's probably going to end up a lot different from 1 and 2 which is sure to disappoint a bunch of fans. I know for sure if it came out, I'd already be sad cause they probably wouldn't bring back any of the old English dub voices (which isn't too big of a deal, as long as the new ones aren't horribleeeeee).

So yea, good games.

I doubt we'll ever see legends 3. It wasn't exactly a financial success. Same reason I doubt we'll ever see a MMPU2 or MMMHX2. As sad as it may be. Then again, I'd love to be proven wrong in this regard.  :cool:

The reason for not already having a PS system, I may not type like it.  but I'm only 13.  Thus, no job.  And I get a 5-dollar "salary" a week for chores.

But, you can still buy PS2s?

Also, Keiji Infaune (however you spell it) hinted at Legends 3 at some interview for Mega Man Universe or something.

My birthday is the Oct. 23rd, so, If PS2s ARE cheap.  I'm getting it.


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