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ScrewAttack: Top 10 worst Robot Masters(?)



I guess recently today I decided to go back and look through the loooong list of RMs created, stolen, or modified by our favorite senior villain who has nothing better to do but create robots of mass destruction (physically and verbally *hint Hint*). Poking through Plant Man's page at the wiki, I noticed a trivia fact that mentions him being voted the "worst" RM created and including a link from the ScrewAttack website.

Watching the entire thing, I have to say I agree with a few of the choices they made, though most of them seemed more for trivial reasons...

Well discuss mortals :p

Haha i facepalmed over the centaur man part!
And yeah hard man makes me laugh from time to time aswell...
A good top 10 in that i agree. Heres a few things i lol'ed about aswell.

Also flash man sounds like a naked man wearing just a robe or something. Now that would be odd...
And napalm man is supposed to have napalm... wich is burning fire'ish stuff, but it just gives a "boom" and thats all.
I kinda laughed about plug man also when i saw that... i mean its a friggin plug!
Then we have pump man... its a robot pulling its own head to drain water from the floor! come on! he could have vacuuming feet or something but instead he pulls his head backwards!
And the final "lolz" of my comment is chill man... come on, chill man? they ran out of good ice'ish names i guess...

But whatever capcom makes up for the next games i will love them and laugh some more :p


--- Quote from: "KillerChair" ---And the final "lolz" of my comment is chill man... come on, chill man? they ran out of good ice'ish names i guess...

--- End quote ---
:O I like Chillman's name! I was going to use it for my custom RM, but then Capcom stole it...

I disagree with SplashWoman though.

Oh, and I lol'd at the list of people who could defeat Plantman. Oprah? XD

I disagree with Clown Man being on the list. Far as I know he seems to be the most unique boss I've encountered with his circus preforming attacks (cept Thunder Claw). I got the whole pedo joke with that attack, but that was the only reason WHY he was considered one of the worst? Come on...


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