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Orange juice :l:
Whenever somebody comes up with a big public project like this, people all too often forget the number one question they should be asking themselves: "Is this something I need public dedication from, and if so, what do I have to give to them so they choose my project over somebody else's?"

Now, let's take a look at your forum...

Looking through your threads, you seem to have no projects you've put any effort into (aside from the forum itself, but considered it's done through what I assume is a free service, it's not something of significant merit).

Registered users: 3. Your selling feature does not seem to be your pre-existing community.

Promise of future dividends. Usually when a project is just taking off, it needs to be exceptional and you need to be skilled enough to provide a very solid backbone of a project. Considering this forum appears to be aimed for an intra-site roleplay with virtual, forum-based rewards, these dividends are negligible. The possibility of being a "Zeroforums Moderator" just doesn't bear any prestige.

I probably need to register to see the other person, but the two users I've seen so far aren't people I've heard of. Ergo, we can cross celebrity proximity off the list of attractions.

So to summarize, this forum has no attractions. Users will receive nothing here that they can't get elsewhere for easier. You've put the cart before the horse- you need to gather a club before you build the clubhouse.


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