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General Gaming Discussion / Duck Tales Remastered: OUT NOW ON STEAM!
« on: August 13, 2013, 06:43:02 PM »

And the last video they uploaded to celebrate this was also the MOST WAITED

Rejected / [Suggestion] Models for certain Actors
« on: August 04, 2013, 11:00:25 PM »
Namely, decorative or certain interactive actors, such as Mobies, Guts Lift, Item 1 Platforms, corkscrew towers in MM5GYR, Quickbeams (specially after that one I saw in a screenshot), and so on. That would be at least an interesting replacement until Voxels are added to Zandronum, don't you think so?

Along with it, I ask: is it possible to make some graphical modifications to be loaded by the /Skins/ folder?

Mega Man Discussion / Rockman Dash 3 FC?
« on: July 14, 2013, 05:18:21 PM »
Seems the fans are getting tired of waiting and are making their own MML3. According to the Facebook group "100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3", this is just a prologue demo and the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype 8bit, is scheduled for a free release this August.

On note, you will need Applocale to load the game. ... ... NGLISH.txt

DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Instagib Modification: IG Railgun
« on: May 07, 2013, 03:26:55 AM »

For those crazy for some fast-paced almost hitscan one-hit-point-wonder duel...

Allows reloading, but there's a class-based (NESpalm, anyone?) color variation because, sadly, Zandronum has PLAYERINFO for everything BUT Railcolor. At least it's something.



Old Content Below
(click to show/hide)

Projects & Creative / -=Super Contra mod (Version 1.2)=-
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:32:38 PM »

(click to show/hide)

The mod I have cancelled long now is finally back! Unlike the previous version, this one will work with every game mode (LMS, DM, CTF and so on) and will also feature weapon/item placement as well as a permanent Item Capsule portal if the map features a Party Ball spawn point.

What you see in the screenshot above is a rare find: Super Items and Max Rapid. The super items are enhanced versions of the main weapons and the Super Barrier gives you invulnerability for a much longer time.

Also, not shown there, the smart bombs will be added to the game, which will have same rarity as Barrier and I'm still deciding whether or not it should have an absurd range and ignore walls or just have an absurd range and use standard explosion functions. As you can see, the Assault Rifle has been changed to not look like a robot penis (A gag that I have heard so many times before) and not be centered anymore.

The weapons behavior remains the same for most cases, except damage has been reduced, some weapons have an interval between shots, Flame Shot actually lights up oil and Laser Gun no longer chainsaws.

The items now are animated (like in Super C), which will make them easier to spot from across the map and capsules can now crash on walls and drop the item. The items dropped from players and capsules will also disappear over time (To prevent them from filling the map), which means you must be hasty if you see it blinking.

Smart Bombs are now a rare item on the same tier as Barrier, and they have the power to cause great damage to however many are in its huge range (yes, ignores walls too).

Amazingly enough, this seems to work fine with Saxton Hale. Should any problem arise (non-saxton related, I mean), let me know.


Version 1.2
Best.Ever. Servers

Version 1.2 alt
Best.Ever. Servers

Version 1.2 Triggerless
Best.Ever. Servers

Version 1.2 alt Triggerless
Best.Ever. Servers

The alt version uses default Projectile offset, which might confuse players seeing the projectile "sink" a bit in the ground with OpenGL, while the main has a manual correction of this "flaw" which may or may not please users.

Code: [Select]
--Version 1.1 -> 1.2--
* Fixed some missing replacers
* Triggerless Flame Shot is a bit less spammy now.
* Fixed line 59 in Alt-Triggerless.

--Version 1.0 -> 1.1--
* Fixed random Smart Bomb failure (DAMN YOU BARRELS!)
* Smart Bomb now uses A_Explode, which means that walls and some objects will protect you
* Barrier now makes you "blink"
* Super Items now stays on the map for considerably longer
* Barriers, Smart Bombs and Super Items had their rarity level halved (will now drop more often)
* Weapons now have a "trigger" system. Start learning how to mash that button like a mad man
** Exceptions being Super Weapons and Machine Gun
* Flame Shot will burst into a 14 directions if you hold that fire button until the projectile impacts
* Laser isn't a ripper anymore, can one-shoot and the previous beam will disappear if you try to fire another one.
* The Item Capsule Spawner that replaces Eddie Summon won't let the capsules instantly hit the floor anymore

General Gaming Discussion / Rondo of Blood for PC?
« on: March 24, 2013, 11:32:37 PM »
Seems like I found it... Yep... Yep...

From what I have seen, this seems to be either a custom emulation engine for more accuracy in playability or an actual version made for PC.

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / I think we need a sweep
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:08:28 PM »
Okay, seems that lately necrombumpers have become too active. So, it's about time we either lock and archive old threads or severely punish necroposters, but of course openning exceptions in case of projects if the necroposter is directly involved with the project. So, what is your say in this, people?

Help & Editing / question about MM8DMV3A: Skulltag Actors
« on: January 14, 2013, 05:12:22 PM »
Are the Skulltag_Actors.PK3 and/or its content added into Megaman.wad or MM8BDMV3A.PK3? Could the lack of such actors affect mods such as Saxton, Classes and Rageroboenza?

Resources / Dead thread
« on: November 10, 2012, 06:15:44 AM »
(Stuff nuked by Photobullshit. Not that it matters)

Well, either that or a thread just for that. The basic idea of this is so people can share sprite sheets, individual sprites, sound packs and tilesets. Of course, this is just an idea that could help cut down the need of a thread in Map only for tilesets, for example.

Help & Editing / Help needed to understand Very Fatal Errors
« on: November 04, 2012, 03:50:11 AM »
Okay, they still haunt me big time, and recently I learned I'm not the only. Without modifications, they do happen more often on certain maps, such as MM6FLA or even MAP01. Until then, I have had several guesses, such as:
    Code calling for a variable with no assigned value.
    OPEN script with some sort of "failure" being executed by those maps.
    A common ST CVAR has a "Null" value.
    Something related to text.
    Failure to transfer a value.

Well, for each of those guesses I had something that led me to it.
The first one was back in older versions of Classes if I recall, which had some Variables with values assigned after a script is run.
Second one happened when I noticed the crashes happens more often during LMS rounds, where I suppose (not 100% sure) an OPEN script has more chances to run.
This third is because of... Well, a really wild guess at this one. I cannot discard the possibility of something being "left behind" in the default configuration.
Fourth comes from how often I hear a D_Radio, or open up the scoreboard, less than one second before the crash happens.
And, lastly, the fifth comes from a recent massive failure I had in the connection, which caused the crash to happen within seconds after joinning a server. ANY server.

Did a small search for what it meant and found out that said kind of error was because of two programs trying to access the same block of Memory. Not sure if this is it, but the error is a "Access Violation - tried to read address". With our migration to Zandronum right around the corner, I suppose we won't see this kind of thing happen much. But... I'd like to know how many so far has been interrupted by this Very Fatal Error. Just to keep track of "until now".

Also, if you have more useful information that helps in understanding and disposing of this problem, please, do share.

W.I.P Forum / Mega Discs of Tron 1.2
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:34:05 AM »

Mediafire Download

A project delayed for over a year, done through two weeks. Mega Discs of Tron brings the "Discs of Tron" battle style into our favorite Skulltag/Zandronum mod, and also replaces items with those that would fit the Tron experience.
In this version (1.2) we have:

    4 Disc Mods: Tracer (Follows the nearby target, can miss), Crash ("Explodes" within a small area), Ping (Bounces off walls and actors, usefull for strategic shots) and, lastly, Frag (Instantly frags the enemy).
    A "Disc Memory" system that requires you to earn points before you can unlock an ability or disc mod.
    Works on LMS, DM and team modes for both, as well as pretty much on every map.
    Custom colors for teams, changing disc, weapon hud view, and disc trail.
    Custom graphics and weapon coding made from the ground up.


This game features several items replacing existing items.
    Data Disc: Your main weapon. Throw with main fire button, block attacks with the secondary fire button. Once thrown you can call it back to you using either main or secondary fire. Word of advice: The damage may be much higher for the returning disc, so use it wisely.
    Tracer Disc: Modifies your disc to cause 25% less damage, but adds seeking properties. Not very reliable, though.
    Crash Disc: Modifies your disc to cause an AOE damage within a small area upon impact or calling back. Kind of makes this disc pointless to block against, but rather needs to be AVOIDED.
    Ping Disc: Modifies the disc to bounce up to three times and bounces on players too. A good use to this is to easily hit someone who keeps hiding.
    Frag Disc: Modifies your disc to move 33.33% faster when thrown and to instantly tear anyone in the way appart. It's the only modification you can use in Instagib.
    Power Block: If you block an incoming disc, your disc will fire a burst of energy that is pretty much hitscan and creates the "explosion" of Crash Disc.
    Protection: Decreases incoming damage by 25%. Doesn't decrease Power Block Burst damage, however.
    Signal Boost: Doubles speed and gives a boost in jump height.
    Sacramble Signal: Gives you partial invisibility and makes it impossible for Tracers to chase you.
    Data Transfer: You gain 2 HP everytime you block an attack.
    System Recovery: Gain 1 HP every 1/2 second.

Known issues

    Tracer is STILL unblockable and I can't fix it unless I make the player immune to it while trying to block.
    It's possible to drain 100% of someone's lifebar with a single returning disc. This is going to be kind of intentional... FOR NOW.
    Projectiles still doesn't disappear after the player leaves. Too lazy to fix, but not much of a big deal.
    Not very good replacements for existing items. I need a help to figure what should replace what.

Future Plans

    Make the bot able to use the disc normally.
    Addition of demo maps for DM, TDM and CTF.
    Spectators' lounge
    Classes for it, because everybody LOVES classes. Hahah, no.

I'm abandoning this project, but leaving this here for anyone to take and move it ahead on their own. No credit required.

Skins & Bots etc / Crosshair Sharing Thread
« on: October 25, 2012, 01:43:51 AM »
After seeing a recent thread about crosshairs, I decided it was time I'd make a thread for this single purpose. So, got a crosshair to share? Post it here. If possible, make a "chart" showing all the crosshairs available in the pack, that way people can judge whether they want or not, or what they want from said pack.

There's only one thing I ask you: don't post about a crosshair you are not willing to give away. All crosshairs in this thread are for PUBLIC USE AND SHARE.

So, here I offer mine for your joy and amusement:

Open the spoilers to see them.
(click to show/hide)

Their names are:
"Custom 1" - First I ever sprited. Never really cared much about it.
"Arcane" - Second I made, as I was tired of the poorly drawn first.
"Mark Canon" - Ripped sprite from Megaman Battle Network. I thought it would look interesting as a crosshair.
"MMX2 Secret Radar" - Same as above but ripped from MMX2
"MMX4 Cyber Laser" - Same as above, but from MMX4
"Camera Frame" - Something I thought of using to make screenshots. Lame but... Heh, it was worth a shot. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LOW RESOLUTIONS
"StarForce Lock-On" - Starforce Crosshair. At some point, I tried to make it animate and failed.
"Starforce (Big)" - A bigger one, but only of the reticle.
"Gun Del Sol" - Boktai-themed crosshair
"Gun Del Sol (Another)" - Same as above but with very minor divverence
"Piledriver" - This one was a PAIN to rip. Be glad I did before you.
"MoH Infiltrator" - Simple crosshair from the GBA game.

*Don't use Crosshairscale. Trust me, you don't want to.

Making Crosshair is actually easy. Check this article in Zdoom Wiki: Custom crosshairs
Except, well, you put the resulting PK3/WAD in the Skins folder.

Projects & Creative / Special Classes Add-on (Version 3.2)
« on: October 24, 2012, 02:15:18 AM »

Also listedn on Best. Ever.


This special mod adds 16 classes to MM8BDM, each one with a minor buff or debuff in movement and with its unique buster type. There is no backstory, In-Character wise. But, Out-of-Character, there is a rather amusing one. Back in the days that Yellow Devil's Classes were being made, I had the brilliant idea of making a TF2 Classes for MM8BDM. So, for that, I had made the projectile sprites, but had no team to help me make skins or to code the Medigun (Mind you I still don't have patience to figure how to do a Medigun).

After a long while after this concept of TF2 classes were scrapped, I found the sprites there, in a folder, still waiting to be sliced. So, the first thing that came to my mind was "Would be a shame to trash it, right?". And then, the first version was made, with only the first five buster mods. The list grew as I came to have more ideas on weapons and had plenty of time to spare. And coding this and even spriting was my way of having fun! Now, it is as you see below. A long list of classes that, due to being mostly decorate, works with virtually anything.

Current Classes
    Neutral: Just like the typical Megaman, except it features a redesigned projectile and that the speed and damage values were rounded.
    Spread: Pretty much gives a "shotgun buster". True Doom fans knows that a shotgun is the player's best friend.
    Rapid: Is much like Bass Buster, except it has a narrower horizontal spread and a wider vertical spread.
    Pierce: This one rips right through multiple enemies. However don't expect easy frags with this.
    Power: This thing packs quite a punch! At SV_Fastweapons 2, you can pretty much FLY with it!
    Melee: As name implies, a short ranged class. Roc threw the idea.
    Stealth: This one features a rare way to become invisible and later visible again. But you can only shoot while invisible. The projectiles are 50% faster than the Neutral Buster
    Seeker: Fires a slow, seeking beam. It's better suited to detect enemies around the corner or to attack people in that hard to reach spot.
    Beam: creates a beam out of small shots. If the enemy dies before all the projectiles hit, the remaining ones will continue onward!
    Sonic: Fires a buster that bounces against the wall only once. Usefull for surprising someone from behind.
    Fusion: NUCLEAR FUSION! MWAHAHAH! Well... This one has a shot that gets weaker as it hits, being able to hit three times (or one time if the enemy is at full health).
    Grenade: Lob grenades over obstacles and pray it hits them on the head! The explosion method prevents damage fall off.
    Illusion: Udonge, anyone? The projectile "stops" and "phases" out of reality for a while, before splitting into two. the explosion created by it can hit you four times. Watch out. Same explosion method as above.
    Flame: Flamethrower lovers may use this a lot. The bigger the fire, the higher the damage.
    Sniper: BOOM! HEADSHOT! It may leave you open for attack a bit, but you can always charge (Which will also zoom in) for some extra power and speed. Upon full charge, it can hit its target as fast as a railgun.
    Phoenix: I'd say this is OP to some extent. The particles it leaves behind causes damage, its flame causes damage and guess what? Should someone get hurt by this, the owner of the Phoenix will get a lil of health back!

Desperation Mode

Once their health is reduced to 25% or less, they enter the desperation state. During that state, the secondary fire activates the Desperation Mode, that lasts for ten seconds and allows stronger attacks. However, this is getting implemented yet, so all the desperations below are prone to change. A common trait is that all the Desperation Mode projectiles are red and that the presence of particles around the afflicted user announces their condition.

    Neutral: Stronger and faster buster shots.
    Spread: The dispersion cone is reduced, the projectiles cause more damage, being able to two-shot at point blank, and the projectile speed is increased.
    Rapid: All the dispersion is removed, fire rate and damage are increased.
    Pierce: At close range, it can one-shot an enemy. Out of that, the projectile travels much faster with damage increase.
    Power: Can one shot, doesn't have recoil and gets increased fire rate.
    Melee: Unleashes three wind blades in a narrow spread. Can one-shot at point blank.
    Stealth: Disappears completly and gains a slightly invisible projectile that causes more damage.
    Seeker: Unleashes three seeking daggers that can ricochet off the walls at least once.
    Beam: Fires a longer, broader and stronger beam.
    Sonic: A burst of three projectiles that can bounce twice and can bounce off actors.
    Fusion: Fires a slow but lethal ripping projectile that bursts into eight small but strong projectiles upon hitting a wall.
    Grenade: The grenade now burst into small clusters that too explodes.
    Illusion: It lost its exploding capabilities... But still can blow the mind of the opponents. Before becoming solid again, it locks into a target. And know what else? Now it can come from BEHIND the enemy too!
    Flame: These dark flames lingers on surfaces for a while, causing ripping damage to anyone who tries to cross it.
    Sniper: Think of it as a 10-seconds IG Railgun, but without the spiral. Sweet, ain't it?
    Phoenix: Fire projectiles at a higher rate and spawns a flame where you stand.


    Classes mod (Works, confirmed in Tornado's server)
    Rage Roboenza
    Default Game Mode (Works perfectly)

In short, might work with anything, as long as no actor or sprite have the same name as those within it and as long as it is the last PK3/WAD loaded, because it only adds classes without removing any existing one.

Changes Possibility
    The next release (which I will start working on after MM8 Expansion is officially released) will be split into two non-crossover (Won't work with each other, but will work with anything else) versions. 3.3 for the current scheme (Overdrive/Desperation in the altfire) and 4.0 for the new one.
    4.0 and above will ditch the overdrive and desperation completely, and will use ammo regeneration system for the main busters with a different alt fire for each. Eg: Sniper's altfire will become a "scope", rather than forcing scope by charging. In addition to that, some huds will be changed
    Desperations will be renamed into Overdrive, and will be charged by frags. -OR- Desperations will require your health is Less or equal to 50%, and will give you a defense boost for the duration of the Desperation
    Since I learned an amusing new trick, I might make it so the weapons uses ammo regeneration system and the bar doesn't use SBARINFO. How is this possible? Ask Doomero...  :D

W.I.P Forum / TRONject: Light Cycle Race
« on: June 13, 2011, 06:36:10 AM »
Well, to make a long story short, I have decided it's about time I start making this true. Until now, I had it only in my sketchbook, and even so it had little to no hope of succeeding. However I found a decent way to make it work, and I need the help of as many as possible. The main problems I need to resolve are as follow. If you are willing to help, go ahead. I expect some great sprites from you people.
Sprites needed:
Light Cycle Generation 1:

Super Light Cycle:

(Thanks ram64 from Tron Sector for providing these images from Tron 2.0.)

I'm accepting custom light cycles as well, if these are too hard or too boring to do. Any sprite submission should come in a sheet, containing only 8 angles of one frame (stationary and movement are always the same, FYI)

Sounds are on second plans, so worry not. The trail will be made by me. Custom maps are acceptable as well, but let's focus on this main issue at hand, OK?

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