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Best places to grind forms in Kingdom Hearts 2?


I'm at the Cavern of Remembrance in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix, and I see that a bunch of the place requires me to level up my forms. I have valor form maxed out, but not wisdom, master, and final form. Any ways to quickly level them up?

I'm assuming you know that you can refill your Drive Gauge by leaving to the World Map and reentering while you still have gauge ticking down.

For Wisdom, you wanna go into Timeless River and just nuke everything in Mickey's House. Depending on your drive levels after doing that, either leave and re-enter through the palace door to refill your gauge OR restore your mana at the save point and do another room. Rinse and repeat.

Master you can grind in the Mysterious Tower at Twilight Town. You need to use Drive Converter abilities, like on the Pooh keyblade, and head up to the Moon Chamber in the tower. A bunch of Gamblers are in there, and you can just play their game repeatedly to get an absolutely ridiculous amount of orbs for level ups.

Lastly, Final can be grinded naturally at The World That Never Was. There's a savepoint in Proof of Existence, so start there and head to Naught's Skyway. There's a landing after going down two slopes from the top, and a BUNCH of Nobodies spawn there. You can just farm those until your bar gets low.

It'll save you a bit of time but I wouldn't really describe them as "quickly" lol it's still gonna take a few hours to max 'em all out.

Aw sweet, thanks! And yeah I used the world map trick to get valor form maxed.


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