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Item-2 Asylum (item asylum x MM8BDM)


Item-2 Asylum
Weapons from the Roblox game item asylum cross over to MM8BDM! Currently implements 3 weapons, with more coming in the future. Remember to enable random pickups so these can appear!

Weapons implemented
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Holy Shock summons a bolt of lightning at the clicked location.
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Auto Rebar machine-gun fires a barrage of solid rebar pillars. These can be stood upon to climb up walls.
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Spinning Fish creates a damage zone that spins around you, plus a small boost in speed. Watch out for your draining weapon energy, though!

This is my first weapons mod, so please let me know if there are any issues, such as glitches or bad balancing.

(click to show/hide)CLR slots used: 5400 to 5402
Class base slot used: 10

(click to show/hide)v1.0 - October 15th, 2023 - Initial release.


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