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Hallan Parva:
Hey there all you Mega Man fans! Do you want to know the only thing better than a collaborative mapper's jam? TWO collaborative mapper's jams!

GET 8bdm_jampack-v2a HERE
Includes maps from the original Jam, the new PBJ: Jam 3, and a bonus map.

- 28 maps and a fuckton of music
- created for the community, by the community

Check the readme for more information. Thanks for playing, everyone!

old first post here
(click to show/hide)You are competing TOTALLY JAMMIN' OUT for this medal:

This competition's mapping jam's theme is teamwork. After a short sign-up period, every mapper who has entered will be randomly paired up with up to two other mappers, in order to combine ideas and create a collaborative map with their two unique viewpoints. You're free to talk with your partners however you like; keep in mind that, because this is not a competitive event, you are free to talk about your maps with other entrants, including discussing things in this thread. We will also be setting up a special folder on Dropbox (a free cloud-based file sharing service) for mappers to share and submit their work.

You can sign up at any time before the team shuffle occurs, but in order to fully enter the compo mapping jam, you need to bring in a small piece of a map. This map piece is to be built in Hexen map format, must not exceed 1280x1280 units of playable area, and as a rule of thumb should be reasonably within a single tileset. I'm not saying it needs to strictly be limited to a single core stage's textures, but don't go overboard with the tileset blending or it won't be accepted. You can submit your map piece through Cutmail or place it in the Dropbox folder.

No two entrants can share primary tilesets, but can overlap in tiles once teams are formed. For example, Korby makes a map piece using Guts Man's tileset, Ivory has one with Toad Man tiles, and LlamaHombre shows up using Flame Man. Kapus can sign up, but cannot select Guts Man, Toad Man, or Flame Man to use in the map piece. However, after signing up Kapus is paired with Ivory; the two can use Guts Man or Flame Man tiles in their map despite those tiles being chosen in the first stage of the compo mapping jam.

Once you form your teams, you will be required to somehow incorporate both your map piece and your partner's map piece within your map. You will also need to keep your original tileset choice intact, but after forming a team everything else is fair game (other tilesets, custom tiles, etc). Remember, the goal here is to have fun!

Sign up by posting in this thread using the following template. Submit your map pieces through Cutmail or the mapping jam Dropbox.

--- Code: ---Name: (Hey! You already know what this means!)
Mapping Style: (If you can, describe your crafting preference. Large or small? Outdoors? Start from the center?)
Primary Tileset: (The tileset used in your map fragment. Remember to pick something unique; first-come first-serve!)
Skype/Dropbox? (Optional; designate if you wish to be added to a Skype group for 8BDM mapping, added to the jam's Dropbox folder, or both.)
Contact through (Cutstuff? Skype? Some other third thing?)
--- End code ---
Participants (+ indicates a finished map fragment):

--- Code: ---+ SmashBroPlusB / Small Maps / Magnet Man / Cutmail, Skype / Dropbox
+ Magnet Dood / Inside-Out Mechanical / Charge Man / Cutmail, Skype
+ LlamaHombre / Exterior Crocodile Alligator / Wood Man / Cutmail, Skype / Dropbox
+ Jc494 / Anything Goes / MM3 Wily / Cutmail, Skype, Steam
+ Dr. Freeman / Prefers Indoors / Sword Man / Cutmail, Skype / Dropbox
+ Lego / Anything Goes / Ground Man / Cutmail, Skype / Dropbox
+ Ivory / Anything Goes / Plant Man / Cutmail, Skype / Dropbox
+ Rozark Kyouko / Non-Fortress Outdoors / Bubble Man / Cutmail, Skype
+ Knux / Anything Goes / Tomahawk Man / Cutmail
+ Stardust / Extra-Large Indoors / Cut Man / Cutmail, Skype
+ Myroc / Evil Genius Scientist / Dr. Cossack / Cutmail, Skype, Steam
+ Maxine / It's a secret to everyone. / Hard Man / Cutmail, Skype
+ Caprice / Starting Off Small / &Bass Wily / Skype
+ Hilman170499 / Data Unknown / Cold Man / Cutmail, Skype
+ Blaze McP / Anything Goes / Hyper Storm H. / Skype / Dropbox
+ Gumballtoid / Prefers Indoors / Drill Man / Cutmail, Skype
+ Galactan / Prefers Indoors / Tengu &Bass / Cutmail, Skype / Dropbox
+ Korby / Maximum Donglord Overdrive / Shade Man / Skype / Dropbox
--- End code ---

The deadline for the first phase (signups and map pieces) is July 4th (the day after Knux's collab shuts down), so get to it!
Llama here, just making a few edits to the front post to help account for the new merge.

Magnet Dood:
Hey, I always sign up for things and never finish them, so why not!

Name: Magnet Dood
Mapping Style: I'm more of a fan of mapping indoor and mechanical stuff, but I can do outside naturey stuff if the situation calls for it. I'm a guy who goes inside out- start me off with a good centerpiece, and I'll be good to go.
Textures: I choo-choo-choose Charge Man
Contact: Cutmail, Skype (stardoodmm5)

I'm assuming the mapping chat you're speaking of is UMAID unless there's another secret one.

Hallan Parva:
in case any of you showed up just to say "Smash is bad lel"

[3:32:53 PM] Ivory: Just to point out, due to my tighter control on events and the fact he's offering a medal.
[3:32:53 PM] Ivory: I can poke Smash to keep it going.
[3:32:53 PM] Ivory: Hopefully
You forgot one ;D -Korby

so yeah it'd be pretty neat to have people show up for this
also Dood's been added to the roster

I'll join but the project juggling is super real right now

Name: Michael Jordan
Mapping Style: Exterior Crocodile Alligator
Primary Tileset: Wood Man
Skype/Dropbox? Sure whatever
Contact through Cutstuff, Skype (llama.hombre)

(click to show/hide)[21:37:32] Jc494: smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash
[21:37:36] Smasho Grubba: hi
[21:37:42] Jc494: [21:36] Jc494:

<<< if I join can I replace a core texture patch
[21:37:48] Smasho Grubba: what do you mean
[21:38:12] Jc494: a texture from Wily 3 uses one of those textures which is 32x63
[21:38:15] Smasho Grubba: like if you end up screwing up anybody else's textures I'm kicking you in the face

but I don't care if you redefine textures already there
[21:38:26] Stardust / I.E: I'll enter maybe
[21:38:28] Jc494: which means if I make a 3d floor of it there will be transperency
[21:38:36] Smasho Grubba: yeah you can fix it to 32x64 with a bar of black
[21:38:45] Smasho Grubba: or color or something
[21:38:49] Jc494: it's a bar of black
[21:38:51] Jc494: and thank youSweet I can enter

Name: Jc494
Mapping Style: Anything, really flexible with any and everything
Primary Tileset: MM3 Wily
Contact: Cutstuff, Skype (jack_corvus494), Steam (Jc494)


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