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I am sorry for not posting this on the fan collection topic,but by seeing how it looks,sounds and who works on it,i wanted to say this in such way that anybody can see this.
A couple of people under the name of Deadteam both youtube and tumblr are working on a megaman fan game:Megaman Infamous Intent
On youtube you can find a lot of the great soundtrack and on tumblr you can see their progress,hope you would check them out :)
Also,one of the composers is threxx or something,you might already know him,there are more than a handful of spriters and one of the testers is the same one who tested Megaman Rock Force,so i think it should be good ^_^

Almost forgot to say,i am not involved at all in the project and i do not think they need more people to help,i just wanted to give everyone a reason to be hyped :3

Yeah, I've seen it. It looks good, but I wonder who Dr.NotCossack is, and his role.

Old Famitracker Modules had the antagonist labelled as "Mr. Famous," who likely shares likenesses with his Battle Network counterpart.

I've been following the project for a little bit and it seems neat so far.

Hellooo, everyone.

Now, you might remember me, and you might be wondering where the hell I've been...or, equally likely, you forgot all about me, but that's okay.  I just dropped by real quick to check up on the place and I couldn't help but notice this topic.
It feels so, so great to feel a game I worked on getting advertised here, and I wasn't even the one who had to do it.  Yeah, good old Chaos finally grew up and found a real devteam to take part in.  We've been working on this game for a little under a year, and we've got pretty good progress rolling.  We've even got a little stage demo up.  (Make sure to watch with annotations on)

We really hope to deliver a game that won't disappoint, since we've had a lot of disappointments lately.
Anywho, looks like they weren't linked, so just in case, here's our Tumblr and our YouTube channel.  We also have a Twitter but we rarely use it.  We'll make sure to inform you of what we have in store as soon as it's presentable, and in the meantime, our ask box is always open!

yeah I do the music or something.

I was planning to eventually make a thread for this myself but I'm glad that it happened naturally! ... W460g9wd16

here's a link to said music that i do


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