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Resources / A gift to all the map makers.
« on: January 25, 2011, 09:18:24 PM »
I was asked to rip the tilesets for MM9 and 10's endless stages.  Because they are so huge and took a lot of time, I'm posting them for all to use.  So if you need some generic and original tiles, you can use these :lol:



Mega Man Discussion / Best Element Theme Music
« on: August 06, 2010, 05:40:56 PM »
So which Robot Master has the best stage theme for their element in your opinion?

Bubble Man (MM2)
Toad Man (MM4)
Dive Man (MM4)
Wave Man (MM5)
Centaur Man (MM6)
Burst Man (MM7)
Aqua Man (MM8)
Pirate Man (MM&B)
Splash Woman (MM9)
Pump Man (MM10)

Ice Man (MM)
Blizzard Man (MM6)
Freeze Man (MM7)
Frost Man (MM8)
Cold Man (MM&B)
Chill Man (MM10)

Fire Man (MM)
Heat Man (MM2)
Flame Man (MM6)
Magma Man (MM9)
Solar Man (MM10)
No Burner Man - His stage is in a forest

Air Man (MM2)
Gyro Man (MM5)
Wind Man (MM6)
Cloud Man (MM7)
Tengu Man (MM8)
Tengu Man (MM&B)
Tornado Man (MM9)

Guts Man (MM1)
Wood Man (MM2)
Drill Man (MM4)
Stone Man (MM5)
Wood Man (MM8)
Burner Man (MM&B)
Ground Man (MM&B)
Jewel Man (MM9)
Concrete Man (MM9)

Elec Man (MM)
Spark Man (MM3)
Bright Man (MM4)
Dynamo Man (MM&B)
Plug Man (MM9)
Sheep Man (MM10)

Crash Man (MM2)
Gemini Man (MM3)
Ring Man (MM4)
Star Man (MM5)
Astro Man (MM8)
Astro Man (MM&B)
Galaxy Man (MM9)

There you have it!

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