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Bugs/Suggestions / Re: Bars and Numbers: a New Default UI?
« on: August 17, 2022, 11:26:53 PM »
All of us on the development team generally agree that introducing these as options is not a viable route to take. Modders already struggle to support both horizontal and vertical modes properly, given the amount of graphics and offsetting work it requires. It's definitely not gonna become any easier when that work becomes quadruple what it is now. The more difficult it becomes for modders, the more likely modders just won't support the other options or will remove the options, nullifying the entire point of them being options to begin with.
Personally i prefer "Double Take", as i first saw them like a year ago, when A-Chan suggested them as replacement for current ones.

But having, at least, some of them as separate options actually way more better.
I see no trouble with supporting multiple options in mod as well, and i doubt vanilla existence purpose is only to be modified in future.
People still play vanilla 8bdm and enjoy it.

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