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Projects & Creative / Cody's Crappy Customizations!
« Last post by BoingityBoing on September 16, 2021, 12:20:00 AM »
This is my first post, so I'm gonna try and make it a good post!
I've created a relatively silly custom weapon for starters!

Introducing: Crash Man!

Have you ever gotten tired of shooting Crash Bombs and yeeting boulders?
Well, why not do both?
With the Crash Man weapon, you can pick up The Destroyer himself and yeet him at foes!
Primary Fire throws a "Normal" Crash Man. When this Crash Man hits a player or surface, he will begin rapidly spinning around while basically vomiting out a flurry of Crash Bombs in random directions. After a set amount of time, Crash Man will harmlessly explode into a shower of gibs.

Alt Fire throws a "Sike" Crash Man. Instead of spinning and shooting out Crash Bombs, Crash Man will just awkwardly stay in place for a few moments before eventually deciding to explode into a more spectacular shower of gibs. Unlike with Primary Fire, however, this explosion is NOT harmless and will damage anybody nearby!

There are three main "quirks" that help nerf this weapon.
    1. First, there's a cooldown period between yeets to prevent spamming.
    2. Second, the first Crash Bomb launched by "Normal" Crash Man will be directly aimed at you. This is to prevent squatting and turtling.
    3. Third, "Sike" Crash Man's explosion will indiscriminately damage players, including the person who threw it.

If you want to give the weapon a try, here's the link for it again!

Any feedback would be absolutely appreciated!
Hey that's a nice looking skin! I'm glad we're going to be able to replace the old crappy Roll edit from years gone by.
I wanted to show you the Super Robots way earlier but I've been meeting with difficulty. Almost there though, I can't wait!

Wait what's this? The temperature is falling!

Extra note: Oh and I tidied up my campsite even further with spoilers. You'll find Cirno's file in Touhou 6's spoiler.
Graphic Alterations/Submissions / The Last MM1 Skins of MM8BDM has Updated!
« Last post by hansungkee on September 09, 2021, 04:24:50 AM »

Ice Man and Elec Man From Mega Man

Base on PowerBF Damage Reaction by MegaRed225
Skins & Bots etc / Re: Cartoon Network Characters as MM8BDM Skins.
« Last post by hansungkee on September 08, 2021, 01:26:56 AM »
Ice King From Adventure time (2010~2018) (By Pendleton Ward))

Sprites by Hansungkee (Hurt Pose by Pegg)
Pk.3/Download Link by Forst Blue
W.I.P Forum / Re: [EXPANSION] Rokko Chan - Expansion Pack Limbo...
« Last post by ElecDroid91 on September 01, 2021, 08:46:47 PM »
Is This Expansion Still On, Or Is It Dead :/
so Your Real Name is Ivan?

*Totsusa Woman has recieved an enhanced look and new taunts.

*Despacito Spider no longer has missing frames due to CBM's update.

*Added Embelli!
Projects & Creative / Re: Oops! All Marios (v1.2) (+ Dr. Mario)
« Last post by Emilianomario on August 29, 2021, 10:04:46 PM »
Update bump, two more Marios.

Where can I get that stage in the first screenshot? Seeing it sent me way back, isn't that from SM64DS?

It is from 64DS, and it comes from a stanky map pack of mine.
The file is emilianos-dumb-pack-v2.2a.pk3 and I never uploaded it to the forums, only TSPG.
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / BiscuitSlash Secret Shed
« Last post by BiscuitSlash on August 28, 2021, 06:46:02 PM »
Been a while, eh?

Welcome to BiscuitSlash Secret Shed. Despite it being somewhat hidden, you've found it. I decided to abandon the secret bunker I was using as it had much dust piled over it. I hate dust.

All my new and/or improved mods go here. Feel free to take a look!  ;)


BiscuitSlash Weapons Pack V2

A collection of custom special weapon's I've made for Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch. As of V2, there are 25 new weapons to play with! Most of these are taken from Megaman ROM hacks, or are original ideas I thought up at some point.

Current selection available:
(click to show/hide)

Full Readme.txt file:

(click to show/hide)

BiscuitSlash Weapon Pack V2 - Download by clicking here:

BiscuitSlash Weapon Pack V2, mweps compatibility mode - Download by clicking here:
Thanks Trillster!  ;)


Rockman No Constancy's Hard Mode - V6a update

Adds a new class to the game, which simulates the Hard Mode from the popular Rockman 2 hack named Rockman No Constancy. Your new form holds the following setbacks:
(click to show/hide)
Your Mega Buster is also dark green! Isn't that nice?  ;) :mrgreen:
How far can you get?

RNC Hard Mode - Download coming soon! Needs further testing and features.
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