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Author Topic: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?  (Read 40165 times)

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May 07, 2014, 02:16:14 AM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #90 on: May 07, 2014, 02:16:14 AM »
Well kay

mm1 iceman
What makes him hard?
Well the ice slashers they were so hard to avoid because the slippery floor

mm2 crashman
well everytime if i shoot he jumps and fires a crash bomb

mmV venus
Venus isnt that though but his stage is when i got the checkpoint
i thoughy i was halfway there but it seems it was longer than the way to the checkpoint

dynamo man if he gets low health he frickin regernate

May 18, 2014, 02:55:30 PM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #91 on: May 18, 2014, 02:55:30 PM »
Might as well post mine, all of these are without using RM weapons.

1: Ice man: Very precise jumps and dodges, the only reason he beats Elec Man is because you can cheese Elec pretty easily.

2: None of them, they're all pathetic, however If I had to pick one It would be quick man because he's the only one I can't beat without taking damage.

3: Hard man: Although he's pretty easy, I can sometimes stumble and get cornered to revive a fist in the face.

4: Drill man: Very hectic fight, your timing must be perfect.

5: Charge man: Although he somewhat has a pattern, his coal attack is fast and random.

6: Flame man: His fire blast can be hard to predict, he always gives me some trouble.

7: Slash man: Need I say more?

8: All of them are pretty easy but Grenade Man can catch me off guard sometimes.

9: Plug Man: Random, powerful, hard to avoid attacks? This guy has it all.

10: Chill man: His jumps always catch me off guard.

&B: Tengu Man: Fast, powerful, and always knocks me off the edge  :(

April 06, 2015, 04:42:52 PM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #92 on: April 06, 2015, 04:42:52 PM »
Welp, it's been a while, so i'm going to update my choices a bit (again, not using the weaknesses) :

Mega Man 1: Fire Man (REMATCH ONLY)
Elec Man got pretty easy by now, Ice Man isn't to bad either.
But the Fire Man Rematch is just mean.
Mostly because the timing to get out of the Tele is very tight.
Oh, and there are other robots as well, so you are already weakened, potentially dying later on.

Mega Man 2: Quick Man
Random, hard to avoid projectiles, decent contact damage.
Need i say more?

Mega Man 3: Needle Man

Similar to Quick Man, but not as bad.
MM3's RM-Set is pretty easy overall (Shadow Man has a certain pattern, Hard Man is easy to dodge)
Needle Man is just annoying because of the needle spam. (Also, can i just say that MM3's boss-palette is pretty bland and boring?)

Mega Man 4: Bright Man
Meh, i don't like this guy.
Contace damage hurts and depends mostly on luck if he uses his stopper-move unless you skip it via charge shot.

Mega Man 5: Eh. Is there one?
All are easy, but i would go with Wave Man, mainly because of randomness.

Mega Man 6: Tomahawk Man
Again, not the hardest set of Robot-Masters.
I have some issues with the feathers, but that's it.

Mega Man 7: Freeze Man...not :P
Freeze Man got pretty easy to be honest.
Has a pattern that's not that hard to follow, so:

Mega Man 7: Turbo Man
Avoiding the Scorch Wheel tends to be quite difficult actually.
And the damage is quite high, so, guess that's an okay choice for MM7.

Mega Man 8: Search Man
Still the hardest of MM8's Buster only-RM's.
Again, a little bit of a wildcard as well

Mega Man 9: Plug Man
Still the same.

Mega Man 10: Commando Man
Yes, i am bad at Mega Man.
I have alot of issues with Commando Man, mainly because i don't get past him in time.

Mega Man & Bass: Pirate Man
I am not good at leading the mines, so yeah.

April 13, 2015, 03:18:48 AM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #93 on: April 13, 2015, 03:18:48 AM »
Since I've done my best to defeat everyone buster only and E-Tankless, I'm basing this strictly off of how difficult it is for me to take them down sans weakness weapons.

1 - Elec Man by miles, for obvious reasons. He's quick, moves around very unpredictably, and does mountains of damage with a single poke. I daresay he's the most challenging of all, even. Ice Man is up there as well since his Ice Slashers barely give you enough room to dodge and do as much as Elec Man's Thunder Beams.

2 - Wood Man. There's simply too much going on to focus on and his attacks do an overwhelming amount of damage really quickly.

3 - Tough choice between Needle, Shadow, and Spark Man of all people, but I choose Shadow Man. Whereas Spark Man is predictable and Needle Man, while fast, is lenient in giving you enough time to react to his attacks, Shadow Man is quick and completely unpredictable. If you preemptively jump high to dodge a slide and he tosses his Shadow Blades instead, or vice versa, you're almost guaranteed to take damage. And since he doesn't telegraph his attacks at all... yeah. He also does craploads of damage with each hit.

4 - Ring Man. For a guy with such a simple pattern, I flub him up a lot and get wrecked as a result.

5 - Crystal Man, because I can't dodge bouncing objects to save my life.

6 - Tomahawk Man. He's basically a bit of a downgraded Shadow Man.

7 - Slash Man because yeah.

8 - Search Man because woah.

K - I only played this game for the first time over this week, but Burner Man is definitely the toughest. I learned his movements pretty quickly, and I can dodge each of his attacks with ease... except for the bear trap/Wave Burner combo. He also does tons of damage.

9 - Plug Man is unpredictable and does a lot of damage.

10 - Commando Man because I am inept.

February 17, 2018, 06:28:40 AM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #94 on: February 17, 2018, 06:28:40 AM »
MM1: Elec Man by far. Even if you try the stun lock method, miss a shot or hit him while he's still invincible and you get a free Thunder Beam to the face. He also starts with a cheap shot if you were facing left when you climb up the ladder.
MM2: Quick Man. While he isn't exactly tough, the fight is fairly hectic, and even then he can just jump in front of you at the start of the fight and throw boomerangs on the second jump with no possible way around it.
MM3: Needle Man. While he is probably the closest thing to Metal Man in terms of AI, they made it so he can jump and/or fire at any time, making it much more difficult. No doubt this character was Inafking's revenge against the original Metal Man AI being too easy. Shadow Man is nowhere near as difficult, with Shadow it's all about positioning him in the middle of the room so you have time to see whether he will slide or throw a Shadow Blade (both of which are random events, his AI is literally jump, jump, blade/slide, jump).
MM4: Drill Man. Even his weakness does 3 damage (the same as a charged Mega Buster) instead of 4, not to mention the Dive Missiles bounce off his Drill Bombs, and they do not even home in on him when he is underground or otherwise invincible while digging. A close second would be Pharaoh Man as he is quite tricky when he is jumping around the place throwing the small Pharaoh Shots.
MM5: Crystal Man, but only at the start where he fires the four Crystal Eye shots.
MM6: Centaur Man. I have no idea how to predict when and where he is going to use the Centaur Flash, and he is a pain to jump over too. Not energy-tank-draining hard, just annoying.

Wily Wars:
MM1: Elec Man, again. Yes, they somehow managed to make Elec Man even more ridiculous by giving him Quick Man's original speed and letting him spam the Thunder Beam (while he can still only have one shot on screen and it's a slow projectile in this game, it's still too fast between shots that take off 10HP). Ironically, Quick Man's running speed in the Wily Wars isn't much faster than your own walking pace. While Elec Man's boss room has Guts Blocks to stand on which can provide some relief from being zapped, good luck trying to not die on the flat ground in the rematch in Wily 2.

MM2: Flash Man. No, I'm serious. It is practically impossible to do a buster-only perfect run as he spams the Time Stopper. Yes, he can stop time and shoot you, and them stop time immediately after and shoot you again! While you can get him to jump over and over by spamming buster shots (he jumps when you fire in this game, unlike the NES where he jumps when taking damage), he will eventually land on the ground and freeze you, and he will also happily turn around if you manage to jump over him, rather than going from one side of the room to the other as he used to. And just like Cut Man and Quick Man in this game, he only takes 1 damage from the buster too. Strangely, Doc Flash in Wily Wars follows the original around the room walking pattern of the original NES Flash Man. Maybe Capcom swapped the AI for MM2 Flash and Doc Flash...

MM3: It's a close one, but I'm thinking either Shadow Man or Hard Man. In the Wily Wars, you cannot slide under the Shadow Blades, nor can you stand at the edge of the screen to scroll off the Hard Knuckles. Every boss in the entire game also has the same invincibility period as the later games (e.g. MM5), while your shots are a lot slower and you cannot rapid fire. On the up side, Top Spin no longer drains random amounts of energy upon hitting something, and you don't get pushed back when hitting an enemy with it. Shadow Man's AI is now random, he can jump as many times as he wants in this game (Needle Man and Quick Man are the same), and he pauses before throwing Shadow Blades, which can put off your timing.

I don't find the Wily Tower Robot Masters (Genesis Unit) difficult at all. Buster Rod G dies to buster spam (the second battle is even easier), Mega Water S is incredibly easy, and Hyper Storm H is virtually a giant Dust Man with no invincibility during the air attacks, and while he shakes the ground upon landing, it doesn't have the Guts Man/Metall Daddy effect of freezing you in place.

Of course, with weaknesses, all of the bosses are much easier, probably with the exception of Fire Man, Drill Man, Dive Man and Tomahawk Man. No, I have no idea how to stop Fire Man from spamming the Fire Storm if I use the Ice Slasher instead of the buster, the wait and jump trick does not seem to work with Ice Slashers (on Wily Wars however, Fire Man is a piece of cake regardless of how you fight him).

Most annoying non-Robot Master boss? Metall Daddy. That hitbox!!!! I will take the Boobeam Trap, Wily Machine 2, Wily Machine 4, Doc Wood, Doc Quick, Power Piston, and Guts Man G's habit of smacking you into the ceiling any day over that thing.

February 17, 2018, 06:56:10 AM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #95 on: February 17, 2018, 06:56:10 AM »
Oh hey someone resurrected this.

1: FireMan. He gives you a false sense of security just standing there shooting, so you think you can just shoot straight at him without needing to jump often.
2: Even though this is the easiest one in the series (even on hard mode) I'm still going with WoodMan because those leaves have huge hit boxes.
3: ShadowMan easily, Top Spin will only hit him if it feels like it.
4: D r i l l M a n.
5: ChargeMan maybe? I haven't played it in a long time but I do remember wasting a few E-cans on him the first time I played it.
6: YamatoMan, no questions asked.
7: BurstMan, you have a 40% chance of escaping the bubble you're trapped in if you don't use the Junk Shield.
8: I haven't played all the way through 8 but I died like 6 times before I managed to beat TenguMan.
&Bass: I don't remember much of it.
9: Again I haven't played all the way through this but I would say Concrete is the toughest soley based on the fact that his damage is huge.
10: CommandoMan iirc, it's been awhile since I played this game.

February 18, 2018, 12:19:40 PM
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Re: Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« Reply #96 on: February 18, 2018, 12:19:40 PM »
These boss were based on buster only
Megaman 1-Elecman: He pattern can be countered but he has tendency of changing
Megaman 2-Quickman:His pattern messes up very easily and it's nearly a reaction battle
Megaman 3-Needleman:No need for a answer
Megaman 4-Ringman: Tbh I seem to have a easier time against Drillman, he doesn't keep me on my toes like Ringman does
Megaman 5-Chargeman: Loves to charge randomly
Megaman 6-Tomahawk man: Only difficult one in megaman 6 due to reaction based
Megaman 7-Slashman: Reaction based battle like tomahawk
Megaman 8-Aquaman: No Reason
MM and Bass-Burnerman: No Questions about it
Megaman 9 -Hornetman: Hornet Chaser
Megaman 10 Chillman on Normal - Loves to freeze after jumping over him
Strikeman on Hard - Balls are fast, and his special is almost impossible to avoid