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There's an MM8BDM Discord server that exists. It's a great place to be if you wanna be social with other people who also like Mega Mans and 8-Bits and Deathmatches.


--- Quote from: our Rules Channel ---Rule 1: No harassment. Arguments can get heated, this is fine. Insulting people, bringing unrelated issues up with them during an argument, or any sort of harassment or mud-slinging is not allowed due to not contributing to discussion in the slightest. Don't go around being mean to someone just for the sake of being mean.  Your messages may be removed if they are too inflammatory. This includes any kind of slurs or other words meant just to put others down. Failure to comply will result in a temporary mute, and repeat offenses can result in a permanent mute or a ban at extreme scenarios.

Rule 2: Label what you're posting and keep it legal- No malicious or illegal activity. Don't just send malicious/shock/random files, links, or discords. No doxxing people or impersonating them. No sending content that would get you arrested or get the Discord in legal trouble (warez, piracy, etc.)

Rule 3: Political/Community Drama discussions are not forbidden as long as they do not devolve into mudslinging/insults or interfere with normal discussion in public channels.

Rule 4: Avoid bringing other servers' drama in here, and avoid bringing this servers' drama elsewhere.

Rule 5: If you're gonna complain about a @here / @everyone ping, just turn them off if they bother you. The only way you're getting pinged is if a trusted member with a role has used it. If you wish to receive this role, you can DM/ping a moderator about it. Failure to comply may result in a mute.

Rule 6: If you have echo/loud background noise in VC you may be muted, let a staff member know once you've got it worked out and you'll be unmuted quickly.

Rule 7: Obviously, don’t post NSFW content here.

If you feel any of these rules have been broken or a situation is getting out of hand, DM/ping a moderator.

Just to keep organized, we've also got a large set of channels, each with varied purposes.

- Most discussions can go in #general.
- #intros_and_q-a Is for introducing yourself to the community! It can also be used to ask questions that relate to this discord server.
- #matchmaking is for organizing games and hosting servers for MM8BDM.
- #games_room is for organization and discussion of other games than MM8BDM.
- #creative is for art/music productions.
- #modtalk is for MM8BDM modifications.
- #mm8bdm_discussion is for discussing the core MM8BDM game.
- #anything_goes is for miscellaneous nonsense (rules above still apply!)
--- End quote ---

After you've (hopefully) gotten acquainted with the rules, you should...

Join the Discord!

We hope to see you there!

The invite has expired and I somehow got booted out.

Certainly not sure how you would've gotten booted out since our member prune was weeks ago, but here's a new invite.

Edit : Apparently we had a 24 hour prune for some reason, we're gonna look to not do that in the future. Sorry about that

Thanks, Sonicfam. It had confused me for a moment when that happened.

Mind if i use or modify the "8bdm discord server" image?


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