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A Idea For MM8BDM V7?


Well Guys, Did You Have Any Ideas For MM11 Chapter Bosses in MM8BDM V7?, I Have A Idea!, How About Instead of Facing Only 1 Phase Final Boss in MM11 Chapters on MM8BDM V7, We're (Player of MM8BDM) Will Facing 3 Phases Final Bosses In MM11 Chapters, First Is Zero From Mega Man X Series in MM11 Chapters of MM8BDM V7, Then Dr. Wily As Final Boss Phase 2 & 3 With Wily Machine 11 and Wily Capsule 11, How It Will Sounds Looks Like, Isn't It A Great Idea or Not?

And Here's Zero's Boss Theme (Credits Goes To PublicCrown23 For His X Vs Zero 8-Bit Theme)

NES Boy:
I doubt the MM8BDM dev team would use Zero as a prelude to the battle against Dr. Wily. In fact, I doubt Zero would be used at all.

The whole thing with zero seems like a stretch tbh

My idea is simple
8 RM Stages then both Wily Stages with Double Gear System mechanic.
Also ability to use it after This chapter, and maybe bosses using it as some kind of Post-game/New Game Plus feature.
Plot would be as simple as this: Dr. Light gets signal from many places about Wily actions (maps that aren't possible to access in Singleplayer story mode)
After beating those stages, Maestro (Player, i got this name from wiki) would need to hurry to the lab, Because adaptation of intro cutscene from MM11 would play. then Maestro would be send to MM11 stages as Chapter 15, final chapter as for now (unless MM8BDM will get a Sequel in MMX series, or new MM Classic game be released probably) which Trophy for beating it (and C14 technically) is Double Gear System. Quote for it would be either "Dr. Wily always strikes back" or something connected to DGS. Final boss could go as far to be some fusion of many Wily Machines maybe. but other then that, we could get new story campaign that would go somewhat like that: MM1-PU, MM2-No Constanty etc. but that's more of mods job so new game mode wouldn't be nessesery.

Mysterii Takashi:
Well even with the hint for Ch. 15 being based on MM11 at the end of V6, there's still four more games with Robot Masters of their own: Rockman and Forte: Mirai kara no Chousensha (MM&B: Challenger from the Future), Rockman Strategy, and both DOS titles. The chapter based on CftF would possibly act as a way to tie into the boss fight with Quint between Ch. 13 and 14 with Mega Man's Shadow pulling from the database regarding everything that the player has gone through and attempt to pick up where Wily left off and send his own Robot Masters, the Dimensions (Grey Devil, Bullet Man, Grill Man, AC Man, Komuso Man, the Clock Men, and Compass Man), to overtake the tournament. The chapter boss would be Mega Man's Shadow himself, although not acting as a retread of the Quint fight.

For Strategy, the plot would start in a manner similar to Ch. 8, only with Wily finding the crashed Robots rather than Dr. Light finding Duo. As a result, Wily would find out that these two, Apollo and Luna, have accomplices, all named after the Western Zodiac, and contact them himself. What ensues is a mix of the plots of Ch.8-10, without the Evil Robot and Duo due to the events of V6 and partially with Ch.14 with the Constellation Droids actually working for Wily. Each stage would have their respective Robot Master from the original game's stage while the player is teamed up with Mega Man, Proto Man, and Fan who joins in as a replacement of Bass for this storyline and working on the hero's side. King would also have to replace Duo and bring in his army of Robot Masters to fill in for Duo. The Chapter boss would be a dual boss against both Apollo and Luna, in a manner similar to the Genesis Unit in Ch.10.

The DOS games would be a bit tricky to incorporate seeing as the story is a bit non-existent other than Mega Man needing to defeat Wily. 8BDM would have to figure out how CRORQ (the chapter boss) and its 9 Robot Masters would figure into the plot, although the game can easily split things up by having a cutscene between the first five and the last four, with an initial fight against CRORQ piloted by Wily before he runs off with the super computer mech (using the DOS3 design). The Chapter Boss would be a refight against CRORQ where it is a fully functioning mech acting on Wily's orders (using the original design)

Finally, there would have to be some means to bring things back to the Lanfront Ruins seen as the culmination of V6's sidequest for Ch. 14, since Maestro seems to know Ra-Moon's name without it being conveyed to the player who or what it is. The plot for Super Adventure Rockman would play out which culminates in a rematch with the ancient alien super computer who may have some connection to the Stardroids, Sunstar, and possibly even the Evil Robot.


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