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Maps / YairPack Public Beta V1c (Now with Map Vote previews!)
« on: March 18, 2022, 01:00:29 AM »
Does anyone still remember YDMP? If you do im so sorry you had to play it.

 Introducing, playable publicly for the first time,
The YairPack!

What are YDMP and the YairPack?
YDMP was my first attempt at proper map pack back in 2017-2018, which wasn't very good for many reasons. Now, years later, I have decided to revisit my old maps and remake them all from scratch to make a newer, better pack, now rebranded as YairPack. At the time of posting this, the pack is still in an unfinished state, but there is enough playable content (4 new maps) to warrant a beta release. The last few maps in this pack, labelled "YDLP", are very slightly updated old YDMP maps that are planned to be completely replaced by different ones, so I added them in as some fun legacy content.

YairPack Screenshots
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YDLP Screenshots
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Some Upcoming Maps (WIP Screenshots)
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Some Thanks and Credits
Special thanks to Pegg for helping with a lot of texture stuff and general feedback for my maps the entire time I've been working on this, as well as the consistent private testers for the pack, Zappoola, ZipZap, and Doremy. Also shoutouts to all the better mappers than me in the community, for being an inspiration to me over the years. Full music credits are included in the README for the pack.

basically what the topic name says, me and a few other people are gonna start up a new and ambitious project, however we are in need of more coders, mappers would be appreciated but not needed at the moment. Anyone who is interested please send me a message in Discord, my id is Yair2#1386. Another thing is that we're planning on including stuff from as much mods as possible.

So far only the introductory map has been started, as most things are barely in the "being thought up" stage. 
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Projects & Creative / Ragestacle Course! (again) (Version 1.6.2)
« on: August 06, 2017, 02:08:38 AM »
Welcome to Ragestacle Course, the sequel to Lobstacle Course, featuring at least 50 new maps! Do you like platforming? Do you like unique and creative maps? Do you like raging at a game and then quitting? If you said yes to at least one of those things, then Ragestacle Course is (probably) for you.
Remember: Rage is Mandatory!!!

Download Link for current version(s):

Our Discord Server:

What's new this version?
    *a few new maps
    *new secrets to be found
    *MORE RAGE!!!(except not really)

Map list:
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Secret Maps! :OOO
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Map Credits: Lobsters, YairDude, Geekie, Claus, Badz, Espeon, Rumia, Strange Robot

Current Devs: YairDude, Badz, Espeon, Possibly Lobs

If you would like to become a mapper for Ragestacle Course, contact any of the Devs in the Discord server!

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