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Skins & Bots etc / Relias' Yet Another Skin Thread! (Crazy Cannon done)
« on: December 06, 2010, 02:19:16 AM »
(Yoshi's Cookie, NES)
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Mag Fly
(Mega Man 3, NES)
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Crazy Cannon
(Mega Man 2, NES)
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Coming up: Rockman no Constancy versions of a couple Robot Masters, with enough unique touches to make them worth downloading beyond the RMnC sprite differences alone;
More NES classic characters;
Normal Rush and Treble skins;
and I'm gonna try my hand at Armored Armadillo, if no one beats me to it.

Help & Editing / roboenza-2.wad?
« on: November 11, 2010, 02:53:07 AM »
I feel kinda dumb making this because I'm sure either I've missed something obvious or the guys in that server specifically don't want everyone knowing, but...

The only popular server tonight seems to be TheBladeRoden's server, and it has a bunch of people.  However, trying to join, it says I need roboenza-2.wad, but I only have roboenza-1.wad; I remember an update to Roboenza like 3 days after its released which I think was called officially "v1b" and not "v2", and I heard Renegade talking last night about a new version coming up, but...

 NOWHERE on the blog or forums am I finding any information at all about this new version, let alone a download link.  And even on the steam group, there's only 1 guy on and he's afk, so I feel I've exhausted all options up to making a thread like this.

tl;dr - i need roboenza 2.0 where is it

MM8BDM Discussion / How should the MM7 weapons work?
« on: November 10, 2010, 04:56:50 PM »
I was gonna make a thread about how future Master's weapons in general should work, but that would have been massive, and just this alone will be tl;dr for a lot of people.  Obviously you don't have to list them all like I did, but just the ones you have a neat idea for, if you're gonna list any.

And I didn't put it in "suggestions" since it's kinda just musing like the "future robots' chats and taunts" thread or whatever.  Not that the ideas in here should go unnoticed, especially since the MM7 expansion's already being worked on so input on the weapons may be a serious topic sometime soon.

Anyway, here's my ideas!

Danger Wrap:  It'll go forward while rising upward in an arc like Air Shooter or Silver Tomahawk, but have a very low velocity (moves slowly) and very slow firing speed between shots, in addition to taking a lot of weapon energy per use.  The payoff for being able to actually nail someone with this?  It picks them up, rendering them incapable of acting for a couple seconds before exploding and dealing heavy damage.  Could also be used to put someone over a pit or other hazard.  May be imbalanced for Roboenza.

Thunder Bolt:  A reasonably slow-firing, medium-velocity weapon--very much like the Thunder Beam--that splits into two smaller, faster, but weaker bolts upon hitting an enemy or wall.  I'd imagine it being about as fat as a fully-charged Atomic Fire and thus easier to hit with--and slightly more damaging per shot than--Thunder Beam, but a bit slower in both firing speed and velocity.

Junk Shield:  Now, it's hard to imagine this working too differently from the Star Crash since it's easily the most offensively viable shield in the Mega Man series, but we can't just have the same weapon.  I'm thinking of a sort of "counterattack" shield that only lowers but doesn't nullify received damage (i.e. having some "armor" in Doom) and whenever someone shoots you while it's activated a small piece of junk (think a piece of Dust Crusher after splitting) shoots off in the direction of the attacker.  It drains constantly while in use and can be shot prematurely to cause three such small junk pieces to fly out in three random but equally spaced apart directions.

Freeze Cracker:  A large, reasonably powerful, decent velocity ice bolt is sent flying forward; upon hitting a wall, it'll split into four smaller icebolts that ricochet in an even pattern fanning outward horizontally.  It should fire fairly slowly between attacks but a bit faster than Crystal Eye, its "sister" weapon of sorts.

Slash Claw:  Now this one will be fun.  It produces a Rolling Cutter-thin "blade" in front of the user, about 2-3 player hitboxes' length, that's very highly damaging, but obviously short-ranged and requiring of precise aim.  The time between attacks should be reasonably steep, like 1.5 seconds between each swing, no rapid clawing so if you miss it matters, but if you hit it's satisfying.

Wild Coil:  Now, I can't decide; should it throw two springs in a V-pattern like a split Gyro Attack or should it shoot one spring directly in front of you and one directly behind?  The second option would make it easier to use but the one going behind would be weird, since you can't see behind yourself in an FPS... I'm sure it'd still be useful though, such as with chasing infected in Roboenza.  Either way, it should, of course, be chargeable to make it more powerful and "fatter"/easier to hit with.

Noise Crush:  A small, fast, reasonably rapid-firing purple wave of sound, but nothing too special--until you hit a wall with it.  It'll reflect directly back toward you despite what angle you hit the wall at, and if you catch it, you'll enter a charged-up state that will produce a bigger, stronger blast, but one which doesn't ricochet.

Scorch Wheel:  Summons a ring of fireballs that act as a shield (a highly damaging but non-defensive one, like Star Crash) for about a second before automatically flying off in whatever direction you're facing, falling downward with gravity if it rolls off a ledge or is released from the air.  Very slow between shots and without the highest velocity despite being a wheel, but very damaging.

Super Adapter:  A special item found rarely on maps like the Proto and Bass busters.  Using it will grant you a white and red color scheme and you'll be able to double-jump and charge your buster to release a fist projectile that has good velocity and a Magnet/Dive Missle-style "homing" ability, but not a great range.  Normal shots should be slow a la Proto Buster methinks for balance.

Soo any tweaks to these ideas that should be made, or your own unique ideas?  I think Junk Shield in particular may be a really fun one to toss around ideas about, and I wonder if we could figure out a way to implement Rush Search without it being the same thing as Flip-Top?

Help & Editing / Various newbie questions~
« on: November 02, 2010, 11:41:56 PM »
Well, a lot of this stuff would probably be better suited to a general skulltag/doom help topic but since this is the major reason I'm actually finally playing skulltag for the first time I might as well post it here.

1) Is there a way to get the chat messages to stay up for more than about two seconds?  I've found that going into console helps with chatting but it seems a little messy, what with displaying everything that's going on in addition to the chat messages.  I can deal if that's the only way, though, I just thought I'd ask.

2) I've not been seeing any custom skins in multiplayer games yet though I know a lot of people have made and shared a lot of skins for this.  I mean, the game by itself has a plethora of awesome skins and all but I'm kinda wondering if it'll automatically download skins with doomseeker like how it automatically applies patches you have sitting in the folder or will players using custom skins appear as Mega Man or something (and likewise to other people if I'm using one) until I personally download and place their skins in my skins folder?

3) This may be weird to ask, but what's with auto-aim?  By default it's set to 'always' be on in multiplayer options.  I find it pretty useful in doom-engine games as far as shooting something parallel to you vertically since Doom has always been kind of weird with vertically aligned targets, being such a dated FPS engine, but I wonder if I should turn it off for this game, or set it to a lower setting.  What's even the difference between "always" and "very high", and what's different about "low"?  It's hard for me to wrap my head around how it could ever be anything but an on/off switch.
I have noticed when fighting
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that my Quick Boomerangs kinda just go up in the air in front of its face, and it seems like a weird aspect of autoaim, or is it just kinda supposed to be like that until I use Item-1 to jump up on its front?

4) I notice a lot of people requesting certain console commands be entered by server hosts.  Are there any I should know or learn as a player or do I not need to worry about anything like that?

5) How do you alter your name colors like so many people online do? :3c  I could search that in 5 seconds but I might as well ask while I'm making this thread...

6) Anything else I should know along these lines of technical things involving skulltag/doom online in general that newbies should know?  It seems simple enough, but you never know...

Thanks in advance, anyone who takes the time to read this.

Help & Editing / Crash upon entering Auto's training center
« on: November 02, 2010, 03:47:19 PM »
So I'm up to chapter 3 in singleplayer and have played probably close to 2 hours online, and have had no problems.  But this one thing's been happening since I first grabbed the game...  Stepping into the teleporter in front of Auto will very briefly bring up an empty menu saying something like "select weapon" and then immediately the game crashes.

Here are the contents of the three options in the "Details" tab of the "Skulltag Very Fatal Error" prompt that comes up after it crashes;

(click to show/hide)

minidump.mdmp (this one's quite massive and just a bunch of cryptic values, it far overloads the character limit)

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