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Hey, it's been some time since we had a Mafia. So time to CUT-IN-LINE. Yaaayyyyy!

Quote from: "Copy Robot"
Rules: blatantly taken from another mafia because they were short and to the point and descriptive kind of
(click to show/hide)

The twist is similar to Cut-In-Line Mafia 2, but inspired by Cutstuff Adventures 2.

Everyone who opts in will be PMing me 8 roles, unlike the previous ones, you do not come up with skills, you just describe what you want this character card to do and I will then generate abilities based off the descriptions. What this means is that there should be more balance to the game, where last game flip-flopped between people being too good, or too useless. In theory anyways.

Your character cards can be anything, fictional characters, original characters, abstract concepts, poppo. Also unlike the previous Cut-In-Line Mafia, every persons set of character cards will be randomly assigned to another players, and then one of those eight cards is randomly selected to be generated. So this means no ideas do not get represented.

(click to show/hide)

Start of Phases:
Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7
Day 8
Night 8
End Game

    *Alice (townie)
    Galactan (townie)
    SmashTheEchidna (townie)
    Korby (super townie)
    Rozark Kyouko (super townie)
    Beed28 (townie)
    Omnizoa (mafia)

    Cold Fusion (NPC)
    Cerikeno (townie)
    Super Raveman (townie)
    zero1000 (townie)
    Rui+ (mafia)
    Omnizoa (first body, also mafia)
    BiscuitSlash (super townie)
    SmashBroPlusB (townie)
    LlamaHombre (mafia)
    Shade Guy (mafia)  

    Cutman Mike (NPC)

Townies - 8
Super Townies - 3
Mafia - 4

Win Conditions:
Townies win if all Mafia are dead
Townies win if Super Townies outnumber Mafia
Mafia win if living Mafia members matches or outnumbers living townies/super townies
Everyone is a winner if no one flips cards :ugeek:


Some explanation of the role cards.

Name of Card [Alignment]
"Some flavor text"

[Active Special] Name of Skill

Active skills must be PMed to me in order to be used. They will always tend to begin with "During the day/night/any phase, you may..."

[Passive Special] Name of Skill
Passive skills are either always in effect, or come into effect by specific conditions being true.

[Limited Active/Passive Special] Name of Skill (#)
Limited Specials can only be used the amount of times indicated by the number up above.

[Locked Special]
Locked Specials are only unlocked if specific conditions are met. What those conditions are? You don't know, and you never will know unless that condition comes to pass. Unless the game ends of course, then I will reveal the full role cards~

-# day cooldown-
Indicates that the cooldown only drops by the day.

-# night cooldown-
Ditto, but only drops by the night.

-# phase cooldown-
Goes down by 1 for each day/night phase that passes.

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / And a new global mod takes the stand.
« on: October 13, 2014, 05:48:54 PM »
Introducing King Dumb as the latest member of the global mod squad crew.

King Dumb has a presence on the forums, even if he doesn't always post. He has a good head on his shoulder and tends to be slow to anger. Good traits in treading the water of being a global mod. A new global moderator is going to be necessary as my presence and activity on keeping an eye on these forums is going to be dwindling as time passes by, I hope King Dumb will get settled in quickly and do a fantastic job.

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Departure from MM8BDM/Cutstuff
« on: October 11, 2014, 07:54:01 PM »
Hey all you Mega Man fans, I figured the general absence thread wouldn't be fitting enough for a change this big.

Yes, you are reading the title right, I'm leaving. I wish I could of left the same way Mr. X did, but that isn't really an option for the admin and lead dev, huh? I do have to leave some sort of departure speech to announce to the community; that I'm stepping down from my duties. I know it might sound sudden for some of you, but I'm sure to others, you were well aware of the fact this day was going to happen. Just probably not so sudden and out of the blue.

It's been a blast to have been in the community for as long as I have, and spending the last few years leading MM8BDM's v3 and v4 expansions. There comes time for change, and that time has come. I have a full time job now, I have new interests and in general, I feel like it's time to start a new chapter in my life. I want to work towards new creative projects, job and life and move on from older interests.

So what does this mean for MM8BDM and Cutstuff? The game will go back to Mike to figure out what to do next for v4b and the future of the game. Figure out how to handle the lead dev leadership. Originally I was planning on at least seeing v4b out the door first, but the ZDR 1.3 pushing my plans further away is something I don't want to wait on anymore. In addition, I will be stepping down as admin in the coming days and my presence on these forums will diminish down until I'm gone.

I'm also sure some of you probably will ask "what happened to your spark? Your interest in MM8BDM?" In short, the game grew way too large for my liking. It's an ambitious project, but after awhile, loads of maps, loads of weapons, loads of gameplay mechanics and loads and loads of everything gets way too overboard. There was just too much of everything, trying to capture everything from every mainstream game and then some. It's became tedious and I don't really enjoy it anymore. My only remaining spark of interest was to see MM8BDM completed, every single game from MM-10, &Bass, WT and V covered... but what does that accomplish really? Outside of the novelty of seeing the game done and the short lived excitement of having seen it through, I realize that no, I don't really want to spend any more years of my life on this project. I've already enjoyed leading two expansions, especially working on my favorite main series title and the under appreciated Wily Tower. Heck, I even had a few things done for v5 so there will be at least a few last contribution from me to the future of MM8BDM.

As for my dev team, don't have much to say. You guys have been a great barrel of fun to work with, and I hope you guys stay together to continue to work on MM8BDM. I've had a blast, but now it's time to say good bye.

Well, that's about it. I'm not really one for long departure speeches. I hope for the best in the future under the leadership of whoever takes over my position.


MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v4a Mapping Feedback
« on: May 27, 2014, 08:21:08 PM »
Hey all you Mega Man fans! We know some of you aren't happy with map changes (or maps not being changed yet), so this topic is going to be for feedback.

The basic idea is, I will bring up a map and then I leave the topic open for discussion. I won't be dealing with new maps of yet, I will be starting with the v4a updated maps.
Just remember, this is for consideration.

Just a few rules/guidelines to follow:
    If you want your opinion to be considered, then have some reasons to back you up. Just saying "Map X sucks, change it" doesn't tell us anything.
    Generally, we'll be looking for a majority preference. The more voices which share a similar opinion is more likely to be considered than just a single voice.
    Suggestions and recommendations are always helpful. Have an idea on how to improve a map? Then share it.

For an example of bad feedback:
Quote from: "Tengu"
Far superior to this one. It was a balanced map and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. The layout wasn't boring and it was simple and enjoyable for just about every game mode. Yes, even possession.
Tengu doesn't actually explain anything in detail. His reasoning is very, very vague.

For an example of good feedback:
Quote from: "Magnet Dood"
Ah, pre V4 MM1FIR. That old map is certainly a classic. Small and compact, it was a veteran of many versions undergoing almost no changes from its introduction, apart from a few weapon changes in V2 and V3. It was host to hectic and fast-paced matches with very strong weapons present- Rolling Cutter was a monster at the top room, Scorch Wheel could rip up opponents in the pit from the ramp, Hyper Bomb could lead to a couple of amusing frags by spamming it from the two towers down on preoccupied victims, and the unpredictable Eddie was also present. One of the problems the map suffered from, however, was its virtual inability to hold any more than roughly 8-10 players in a match. The map quickly gets choked when large amounts of players are present, and the fact that such powerful weapons are on the map leads to quickly ended matches and a lot of frustration. It seems to be the main trend for maps now is to cater to Deathmatch purposes, and the new MM1FIR certainly meets these demands.

...Wait a second, what? Deathmatch isn't played often anymore? You're serious?

This seems to be a constant problem I see with updated maps, and MM1FIR is virtually the poster-child of this. MM8BDM was never known for a strong Deathmatch-oriented player base. The new versions do give vanilla DM a resurgence in popularity for (at most) two weeks before Duel and LMS take over once again, often with mods added on in the case of the latter. Is the old MM1FIR good for Deathmatch? Hell no, the map was small, cramped, and very hard to move around with plenty of people playing in it- but you have to realize that Deathmatch is not a very popular mod anymore. MM1FIR was a perfect place for smaller matches and Duels, which make up a large majority of the populated servers after the new version DM resurgence dies down.

And you have to look at the other maps you updated. MM6CEN, MM6WIN, MM4DUS, MM4BRI, MM6PLA- all of these maps have been improved upon in varying states of severity. The problem is, with a couple of them, you're erasing maps that were still good for smaller matches (citing MM4DUS and MM6PLA more or less for these), and the new maps that are coming out don't even come close to the size of the older ones- which are more suitable for the smaller matches that are usually on servers. The new MM1FIR and the MM&B expansion maps do not fill the size guidelines for smaller matches or Duel very well, further shaving off the already small number of maps suited for such matches.

If you're going to make maps bigger in future expansions, you can't make all of the small ones fit the system if they're occupying a vital niche in MM8BDM.


So starting off, MM2DW1 - Skull Castle Exterior. Thoughts?

Events / Finish that Map! -Results are in!-
« on: March 14, 2014, 04:21:22 AM »
Hey there all you Mega Man fans! You ready for another shot at the mapping medal (and the new runner ups)?

Download Link: Finish that Map!
Or just download it via wadseeker.


This competitions theme is...
(click to show/hide)

Finish that map! What does this mean? For this mapping competition I provide everyone a wad (in both hexen and udmf formats, your choice) containing the above layout pieces. Your goal is to finish the map while making use of the provided sections. Of course, the sections have to be on the map or your entry is null. It will be interesting to see different takes on the same pieces of level. This level has no default music, no textures whatsoever or anything other than the layout itself. I didn't wish to influence any aesthetics. It does have a simple piece of mapinfo though!

Maps are due April 8th

Enough talk, have rules!
    Game mode is: Deathmatch
    Custom music is allowed, but will not be judged
    Custom textures can be used, but again, it will not be judged
    Custom props can be used, but yeah, you get it by now... don't you?
    No custom weapons or items, vanilla only
    You can use any gimmicks (or none at all) you wish
    Help is allowed, but do try to build the layout on your own

What can I do with the layout?
    You can build onto the layout however you wish
    You can position the three provided sections however you wish
    You can alter the dimensions of the provided elements
    You can detail it however you want
    You can add 3D Floor lower areas, so long as the part above remains the same.

What can I not do with the layout?
    You can't delete the elements of the provided layout
    You can't change the elevations of the provided layout pieces
    You can't exclude them from playable area
    You can't remove those stair barriers
These rules are subject to change.

Cool, so how is this being judged? Simple! We're going to be playing deathmatch on these maps, and the community will spam my inbox with PMs containing their votes afterwards. Voting will be done based on the community opinion and my (and any other judge) votes. There will be three places, one medal winner and two runner ups. I will be deciding on my two additional judges at a later date.

First place is determined by top winner of the judge and community votes
One runner up decided purely by the judge votes
One runner up decided purely by the community votes

Cool? Sign up in this thread! (Green means entry accepted)
(click to show/hide)

Download the files below
Finish that Map! Hexen Format
Finish that Map! UDMF

Best of luck, it will be interesting to see all the different takes on this tiny chunk of layout.

Events / Future of Cutstuff Sponsored Competitions.
« on: February 28, 2014, 04:18:27 AM »
Due to recent events, I will be stepping up my duties as a medal sponsor with a few requirements.

The admin staff will only sponsor a competition if:
    The basic description of the competition. (Tournament, Coding, Mapping, etc)
    The most important part, you must plan out and provide to me all intended rules, methods of judging, anything along those lines. Rethinking the rules /adding new ones is fine, so long as it doesn't radically change the intent of the proposal.
    We also reserve the right to revoke the sponsorship (which means no medal) at any time.

Basic idea, if we don't agree with an element of the proposal, such as Korby allowing his judges to potentially win, then we can deny or even revoke the sponsorship. So let's try to keep things more fair to everyone in the future.

I also prefer PMs for this type of thing, please don't do it by skype or steam or what not.

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Happy Holidays 2013 from Cutstuff!
« on: December 25, 2013, 05:57:44 AM »
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Years!

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v4 What maps do you feel need work?
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:21:06 PM »
Hey all you Mega Man fans! You ready for the dev team to try something new?

The dev team does try to improve upon older maps, but it's apparent not everyone has the same kind of feelings on a map. Even if the majority of the dev team agree on one thing, the community may have a different opinions. In order to make for a more friendly and agreeable outcome for a better MM8BDM, we'll be trying something new.

We're asking you, the community, to provide feedback on MM8BDM core maps and any sort of changes that you feel should be made. Then we can take it into future consideration. I hope this sounds fair.

Just a few rules/guidelines to follow:
    If you want your opinion to be considered, then have some reasons to back you up. Just saying "Map X sucks, change it" doesn't tell us anything.
    Generally, we'll be looking for a majority preference. The more voices which share a similar opinion is more likely to be considered than just a single voice.
    Suggestions/Recommendations are always helpful. Have an idea on how to improve a map? Then share it.


Now, to kick this off. I will be revealing two changed maps. One of which was had a few pages dedicated to it, the other is an example of where a tiny change led to a larger impact. In both cases, I'm trying to showcase the idea of how to discuss a map and how to go about discussing the faults that you feel should be addressed.

So first off: Cut Man. It's goal was to be the introduction map to MM8BDM's gameplay. A simple, safe map where you can learn the rules of the game and get a grasp of basic concepts. Nonetheless, this map didn't actually do its job too well, it was a bit too small and symmetrical. It also wasn't really that fun to play on ever. So I ended up building onto it and the dev team liked it. Even Mike who was previously against it. We were going to save this for a surprise originally, but I just know that this map is going to be brought up.
(click to show/hide)

So the matter of business was to keep the idea of the level being the world 1-1 of MM8BDM. It's still a safe level, easy to understand layout, but it's more complex now. It's not 4-way symmetry and it makes the sides more distinctive. The weapon set continues to use easier to pick up and understand weapons that teach basic weapon concepts. Freeze Cracker shows off weapons that have some kind of behavior when they hit something. Bubble Lead teaches about ground hugging weapons and concepts like that. It also puts Rolling Cutter into a new location which makes it feel more like "Cut Man's weapon" rather than Atomic Fire feeling like it has more importance than Rolling Cutter itself. In general, while still a small level, it's a more fun level than the aged old original map.

The next map I will show off is Drill Man. There are some mixed opinions on this map, but in my opinion, it's a nice small sized map with a gimmicky power weapon focused gameplay. This map however had one fatal flaw that I wanted to address. Regardless of how many players, whether a duel or 8 players, that teleporter was a liability and risk to use. It was more likely to get you killed, whether it was by a telefragger or someone who happens to be on the other end. And this was actually the very first map change I personally did for v4a. So how did I go about fixing this?

(click to show/hide)

Yeah, not really much to it? Got rid of the teleporter, punched a hole in the wall instead. As far as our v4a testing has concluded, it improved the map flow a great deal and halted all the risk involved in jumping through a teleporter just go past a wall.

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Changes to mod staff
« on: October 14, 2013, 04:27:08 PM »
Just some minor changes: Due to Sora being super dooper busy with his college life, he will be demoted back down to a normal user for the time being.

However someone new will be getting a chance to try out being a mod, The_Broker! This is someone who asked me specifically if he could get the chance to try out being a mod, and as someone who has always shown himself to being a level headed mature individual, the cutstuff staff all agreed to give him a chance.

That is all.

Inb4 Smash hates me shifting around the staff, thus making his mafia that's rather dead anyways no longer accurate!1!11

Hurry hurry hurry to the Cutstuff Dome!
Today's hot product item is: Name Changes! That's right! 3 days to get your user name changed!

Sounds easy? Fun? Exciting??? Well all you have to do is post in this thread to purchase* your new username!
We guarantee the satisfaction on your new user name or we will change it back at no extra cost! Just beware, once the 3 days have gone by, you will be locked in stone until the next name change week!

What a deal! It's almost as tasty as a meal! You would be crazy not to squeal at this 3 day offer to get your user name changed!

So come on down to the Cutstuff Dome for the 3 day name change madness sale!!!

====Order Form====
Old Name:
New Name:

    One request per user customer.
    One revert back for those who got changed.
    I reserve the right to deny a change if I deem it unsuitable I reserve the right to refuse a sale.
    You must post order your request here.
    All names must be 3-16 characters long.

List of changed names:
Hilman170499  -> <*Hilman170499*>
Red Eyes -> DaftPunkGetCrunk
Galactan -> Waruigi
Rozark -> Rozark Kyouko
Player 1 -> Caprice
FTX -> FTX6004 *sighs*
Flashman -> Dr. Crasger
Swiss -> WheelieCarbonate
Bacon -> Bacon
Obelisk -> Awbawlisk (first option was too long)
xxkirbysonicxx1 -> <({[KS1]})>
TheClayman6 -> Clayton
Tengu and Tango -> Tengu
Korby -> Korrby
LlamaHombre -> Llama
Stylin' -> EazyDI
Daveris -> Davregis
Beed28 -> Beed28!
Zerokk -> Ceridran
Nacho -> The Killer Nacho
Eon_and_Rush -> Jakeinator
Gizmo The Cat -> SmashTheEchidna
ThatGuy74 -> Captain Barlowe
Stonefunk -> Emmanuelf06
tko112 -> n30n
geno -> Geno

*there is no actual cost to getting your name changed.
Also only 3 days because I'm moving in a week and will be too busy packing up to change names.

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v4 Public Thread - TRAILER!
« on: August 18, 2013, 04:49:16 PM »
Hey all you Mega Man fans! It's time for the new Public Thread for the new expansion!
I think by now mostly everyone knows that the upcoming expansion is: Mega Man & Bass
Release Date: May 17th 2014

Trailer now available:

What does this expansion hope to achieve?
    11 new stages: Intro, 8 Robot Masters, 2 Castle Stages.
     At least 8 new weapons based on the Robot Master copy weapons and some new assist items.
     At least 7 new skins. (The 6 new Robot Masters + King. No, Tengu and Astro do not get new skins.)
     At least 1 new boss.
     New MM8BDM opening for those past the MM8 chapter. (This is the same thing as the teaser trailer)
     A new campaign style: Team Deathmatch. The player is joined by Mega Man and Bass to fight against King's Rebellion.
     Various improvements to older content (maps, weapons)

Hypothetical Q&A
Q: How are Tengu and Astro being treated in MM&B?
A: They featured entirely new stages, unique tilesets and music in MM&B. They have entirely new weapons as well, therefore, Tengu and Astro will be getting two stages and two weapons. The only thing they don't get is new skins.

Q: Oh two weapons? Can other Robot Masters get new weap-
A: Hold up, no. No other Robot Master gives a unique weapon in a non-spinoff game (i.e., Power Battles/Fighters)

Q: What about Korby's Expansion?
A: Korby's expansion IS this one. Korby gave me control over his expansion after MM8BDMv3a was released and Mike later allowed it to be the next official expansion. Korby is fine with this, he just wants to see MM&B get completed.

Q: So what exactly has been completed as of now (Aug,18,2013)? How much was done prior to being announced?
A: All the skins, 1/4 of the maps, a few of the weapons. v4 is farther along than v3 was when it was announced.

Q: Great! Can I help?
A: Chances are, no. MM&B has been technically in the works for years, as such a lot of the content has already been done/started. While there is more than enough for the dev team to finish up, there isn't much room for inviting too many new people to the Dev Team. If you want to apply anyways, then ask me, not Mike. I'm the lead manager of MM8BDM and the one who handles all the managing of the team and game. Mike will just redirect you to ask me anyways. Just keep in mind, the more you ask, the more likely you'll be getting a "no".

Q: Will there be an intro stage?
A: Yes, that is one of the planned stages.

Q: What about MM9?
A: MM9 is about 99% likely to be the next expansion after MM&B. We want to go through all the main series games first, and MM&B is a main series game that fell between MM8 and MM9.

Q: What about my fan expansion?
A: Chances are no. Korby's was also accepted because he was doing a main series game. MMV is something we would love to have in the future, everything else is unlikely. Especially DOS.

Q: What is the point of this thread?
A: This is where we will be posting any development screenshots and other things. You can also speculate, ask questions, etc.

Official Screenshots of v4
New Stages!
(click to show/hide)
Updated DM Stages!
(click to show/hide)
Updated CTF Stages!
(click to show/hide)
Everything Else!
(click to show/hide)

v4 Announcements
UDMF Format is now the new MM8BDM Standard
New Plant Barrier Mechanics

All content, screenshots, announcements, etc are works in progress (WIPs) and are not set in stone and subject to change.

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v4 Trailer
« on: August 17, 2013, 08:38:29 PM »
Hey all you Mega Man fans! You ready for more MM8BDM?

Anything Goes / General Media Discussion
« on: August 11, 2013, 06:58:38 PM »
This a thread for talking about what you are watching right now. Whether it be anime, movies, cartoons, etc feel free to mention it here!

If this thread consistently booms with activity, then I'll place in a forum for it, otherwise this is just a test run.

So I'll begin. I really hate most TV shows nowadays and I'm not big into movies, but I do watch anime. I've recently been watching:

1) Rozen Maiden, Träumend, Ouvertüre and Rozen Maiden 2013 (the latter is airing right now). I absolutely love the first 3, truly is a classic anime series. the 2013 reboot has been pretty bad so far  (Ep 6 of 13). Granted it did abandon everything the anime did and followed the manga instead. But jeez, if the manga is as bad as the 2013 anime that adapts from it, then I infinitely prefer the direction the original Rozen Maiden and sequels went. Really wish the anime got a third season for a proper conclusion. In any case, the 2013 reboot aside, this has been my most favorite watch since Madoka.

2) Kiniro Mosaic. A cute slice of life anime about a British girl who transfers to japan to go to school with a girl who stayed with her in England during a homestay. Very cute and adorable and a good watch for when I need something calm and adorable. Also Japan apparently has hair colors in every color of the rainbow except yellow. In any case, as someone who gets easily bored with slice of life anime, this one is pretty great and makes me want to rewatch every episode.

3) I also recently watched Accel World. A very good anime, I enjoyed it greatly.

MM8BDM Discussion / SBWT Mapping Competition: Spring Man
« on: July 21, 2013, 09:05:35 PM »
Alright, how this works is that you may vote in the poll here / discuss the entries IN THIS CATEGORY ONLY
I cannot stress this enough, don't mix anything up. The polls will be open for 7 days max, or until opinions and such dry up.

Your options will be for each entry (sans funbox maps), or to keep the original version of the map. However this option can only be posted in the thread because I want to hear a good reason to why. Failure to do so will result in your vote being discounted.

Sound fair enough? Keep in mind should this explode, judging will fall purely to Mike and myself.


Entry 1 - Kapus
What a treat! This map is an improvement over your previous Spring X, and even if this map doesn't get accepted, I hope to see this one get used in place of the old map. The layout is a nice size and bouncing off the walls is fun (but will apply to Shade and Mess as well).

I really don't have much to say, the level flows nicely, but there is one complaint I have. The area behind ballade cracker feels like it's just there. This isn't much to do in that super bouncy room other than get Ballade Cracker and a large weapon energy.

I also like the clever use of springs with the Etank

Entry 2 - Linnie
Ah Linnie, this may be a little longer than the others, but don't feel bad about it. You're new to mapping so I have more to point out.

First off, this map is amazing. I am completely amazed to know that this is your first map. It's a very solid map for a first product and I'm simply impressed. I'm even more impressed that you used one of the ideas that Sick Sad World and I have discussed about future Spring Man maps. Having pits with springs in them to replace the standard deathpit.

So let's begin, shall we? The layout it self holds a lot of potential, a bit on the small size, but it could be something interesting. I'd also like to see that 3D Floor bass buster location worked upon. As it stands now, it's just sorta there to hide in.  It's also confusing that the springs in that area are only in the left hand corner, but you bounce up in the sector regardless of where you are.

Speaking of bouncing, the springs bounce you way too high in this stage. All the elevations are fairly low, so you tend to be more of a sitting duck for a good second.

You should also keep your eye on weapon placement. For example you have one Napalm Bomb which involves using sprites to get to, but another one is just in a corner on ground elevation. If you have multiple instances of the same weapon, the instances should be treated the same as far reaching the weapon goes.

Another thing to note is you should strive to keep detail the same. As seen here:
(click to show/hide)
It would of looked nicer if you either used a different texture in the middle, or continued the pattern the whole way across. Same can be said in every other area of the map where you use those  patters as the step without using the floor texture above it.

I think that covers up the main points, if you want more feedback, just poke me on skype.

Entry 3 - Shade Guy
Of course, Shade. What to expect other than a great map? This map has a better use of springs in my opinion, there are more areas you can reach by bouncing around and nothing in this map feels like it's just there for the sake of being there. It's really easy to get around too. The flow is very nice and fun. Which to be expected, this is Spring Man's stage, he should have a fun stage.

Nonetheless, it still would of been nice to have the punching glove shoot out every once in a while to create a sense of having to time your jumps to grave a tank.

Entry 4 - Mess
Ah Mess, this map. The layout is a neat idea, multi-floored spring designs, but some of the 3D Floors felt needless to me. In that large room with freeze cracker for instance, the sides are 3D Floors which allow you to go under them, but there isn't anything of interest there, just blank walls and a few health/energy. Another area of weakness is the gravity hold area. The area itself just kinda sits there, out of the way, and getting G-Hold itself is annoying and often deathprone. I can see it being worse when server lag is accounted for. I'm also confused to why you need Wire to get Hyper Bombs when Hyper Bombs aren't that useful on such a large level featuring lots of bouncing.

Otherwise, it's a fairly good map. good job.

Entry 5 - Korby
...Do I have to review this? ; - ;

MM8BDM Discussion / SBWT Mapping Competition: Burst Man
« on: July 21, 2013, 09:05:32 PM »
Alright, how this works is that you may vote in the poll here / discuss the entries IN THIS CATEGORY ONLY
I cannot stress this enough, don't mix anything up. The polls will be open for 7 days max, or until opinions and such dry up.

Your options will be for each entry (sans funbox maps), or to keep the original version of the map. However this option can only be posted in the thread because I want to hear a good reason to why. Failure to do so will result in your vote being discounted.

Sound fair enough? Keep in mind should this explode, judging will fall purely to Mike and myself.


Entry 1 - Mendez
The first entry and perhaps the best of them. Compare to Smashbro's map which I will get to later, you both do the raising/lowering purple water gimmick. However, this is a much stronger use of the water. It doesn't take up a bulk of the stage, yet still offers some neat items. It works out well. You also fit in normal yellow water as well, though I do feel as though the power stone area is too unconnected to the rest of the level, but this is very minor, it still works out nicely.

I don't have much else to say, I am impressed with the map.

Entry 2 - Fyone
In terms of the burst map that comes the closest to being an improved version of the original core map, this one is the one. It has an air of the original while being entirely better. Lots of fighting space without falling hazards everywhere. Though like the original map, the purple water gimmick is used exactly the same and it was never used well to begin with. Also getting Time Stopper tends to be very annoying.

Overall, this is one of the best maps I've seen from you, good job. I do have to question all the Top Man textures and props that were in the file though. :ugeek:

Entry 3 - Smashbro
Oh my. Where to start. The pink water gimmick is overused, there is more pink water than area to fight. And being stuck in the pink water is annoying. Then you have the upper elevation which is entirely running around out of reach from the bottom half of the level. Super Adaptor is stupidly hidden on a pillar that needs Tornado Hold from the top part of the level and in general, the level design here stinks and needs drastic improvements. Not enough land, too much pink water.

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