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MM8BDM Discussion / V6a - Roboenza
« on: November 28, 2020, 02:18:50 AM »
Hey there, I have a question with the MM8BDM Roboenza. In chapter 12 the bots can get and obtain Roboenza while you cure it. The question that I have would be: How could the player get Roboenza?

A couple of friends and I did some tinkering and testing around with Roboenza, and figured out that Roboenza can get active in MM8BDM Multiplayer Servers. The only problem is that whoever ID 0 (as in slot number, viewable with the "playerinfo" command in console) will never get the virus, and if you force it onto ID 0, it gives all the Roboenza effects, and floods the screen with "(playername) has contracted Roboenza type: (roboenzatype)." [Video given by MegaVile: ]

So the question stands from now, How could the player ID 0 gain Roboenza? Feel free to add your own finding and workarounds to this post.

W.I.P Forum / Re: V-Classes Public Beta v1.0
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:15:36 AM »
I am hyped to play this when I get my PC back! It looks super fun already.

W.I.P Forum / Re: The Idea(s) Topic
« on: February 19, 2020, 02:33:15 AM »
Hey, I have a concept for a Classes Mod.

It focuses more on Customization rather than Serious. Think Nemodian but with Megaman charaters.

Three diffrent mainfires for each class.
Three diffrent altfires for each class.
Three diffrent passives/items for each class.

Oh, and a Super Bar, that charges over the duration of the game (on death, you keep your meter, think like Overwatch.) You have a Level 1 Super, and a Level 3 super. [Can't be spammed. has a cooldown if you try spamming lvl 1 supers]

Please send a PM if you'd like to help sprite/code/conceptualize, anything really helps!

Events / Re: Competitive Standard
« on: December 28, 2019, 02:29:37 AM »
It's a done issue and what he did is what he did. It was unsportsmenlike and bad form. Clan or not someone shouldn't be discriminated against and if the host didn't want a player to play then just remove them.

On the contrary: I think tournament host should not be above scrutiny. The host of a tournament can make any rules he likes and it's up to the players to decide whether or not they should participate: This is fair. What isn't fair is making rules up mid tournament when there wasn't any and cripple a whole team because the host was afraid of one team winning.

We, as a community, have to judge and look out for that fraudulent behavior. It doesn't help anything or anyone. All it does is show others who are active what happens when they step foot in the turf of other people: they are going to get fleeced, lied to, and cheated out of a fair experience. What example does this show to others outside of this community who want to participate? That we don't play fair? That's unreal and doesn't represent us.

I think a lot of us players who are in the scene should look out for each other and call out what we see and probably not joining shady venues.

Question, Why do you care? It was in turn support to be a close-group tour. Once an outside or someone of the such joins, what would you do? what if it was someone you disliked, who was better than you joins in? its like a middle school argument

Second. You can judge all you want, but at the same time, people can keep you views, when you disturb them. This is how this all started. It also doesn't help that, you who are banned from TSPG for using a diffrent client is in form, you are quite notorious or infamous for doing so. And everything you speak about, or involve yourself with, always has to do with a said scene from Comp. This was a CLOSED END TOURNAMENT, not a PUBLIC.

You can judge, but everyone will still have their opinions.

Events / Re: Competitive Standard
« on: December 28, 2019, 02:24:12 AM »
So why did you not kick the player out? why did you just nerf him until he lost? what did you gain from this?

Both players forced way into,
and host, wanted it to feel included.

Simply said, this wasn't to cause arguments.

Events / Re: Competitive Standard
« on: December 28, 2019, 02:02:41 AM »
I would like to say that the tournament was more of a close to arms thing, supposed to stay still, alone and jazz. Until one person from the clan decided to invite someone else. I mean, it was also the hosts tournament, not yours. To others perspectives they can vary heavily . Not to cause any sort of argument, however this post was to ridicule the host, even saying at the beginning of the tournament, that it was his first time ever doing something like this.

Note, I was a participant. NOT the host.

To state one final thing, in 2020, Tournaments should be hosted, with the RULESET, and MIND, of the HOST. Not a STANDARD, made by someone who creates some of the most formal tournaments. It would allow most players to play or choose what they'd like to play. Do not ridicule or make fun of the host for doing such a poor job, as he said, this was his first time. Your really not allowed to make final decisions without partaking or joining.

I say we do not have standards, and the rules are made by the host. It is dependent on the player, and hosts relations/backround.

Hope you have a nice rest of your night or day.

W.I.P Forum / Re: The Idea(s) Topic
« on: November 19, 2018, 09:47:16 PM »
Hello, I got an idea from looking at Deathsmash (No longer updated) and I would like to make my idea public, Don't mind that I have a giant text file, I wrote this is as a starter and to find people to help me make my Idea a reality.

Megaman Rumble (Smash for Megaman 8-bit deathmatch)
----Whats it all about?-----

Megaman Rumble is a Smash Brothers type mod for the mod Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch, there was a mod called Deathsmash, but it didn't meet my expectations for classes to be useable with this.

With this in mind, Classes as such would help and actually benifit to this mod. I intend to make Idea's since I honestly know jack about coding yet, I do know a bit of creating maps, but not gimmicks.  I would love some people to help me, even though this seems a bit like deathsmash's original purpose, I would love to create a mod that makes it better and seem a bit more fleshed out into the megaman style and smash style.

----What I need----
Coders: I do not mind what level or what WADS you have partaken in, I just want your general help with this. Mind you making a new mod from start is hard, and I understand that. It takes a while! I don't mind any skill level, you could even help with the WAD!

Map Creators: I would love some help creating some Megaman-like Maps for the WAD, The way I wanted this to feel, is like a Megaman Power Battle Game, execpt you can be any character. I like taking the example of the Stages in Power Battle 2's Elec, Quick, And Centarman's stages respectively, Its a great idea for having the map be giant and open, like a flying platform.

Beta Testers: I would love some Beta Testers to test the mod! To find if we have bugs to fix before we release the first Beta to real players! It doesn't matter but we still could have some help with Consepts too!

Anyone in General: to create Consepts that we can all agree on! to make this more like a mod of the people and not just taking things from a game and making it 3d!

----What Class/Map Ideas Need!----
Charaters need
2 Melee moves ( A Jab[Spammable won't move during it] And a Smash[Can't move while charging up but does more damage)
2 Special Moves (Could be whatever so long as it is not broken, most prefiribly moves they have from a bossfight.)
2 Recovery Moves ( A side recovery (Horizontily) and a Upward recovery  (Verticly))
A jump in mid air, a dash(on the ground)
Item that is a Shield or Parry.

Maps need

A flat open area, so then everyone can fight at once.
Some Gimmicks, say for a heatman/lava cavern stage (Megaman: The Power fighters 2) It has two levels and as time goes on lava rises flares up the top platform/engulfs the bottom platform then moves back down to let the fight continue.
----How to Contact!----

If you are interested with this mod and would love to help, either message me on the fourms, or message me by discord!

Discord Name: Zapper514#0280

So come help me out, I would love to send this out and make my Idea a reality.

Skins & Bots etc / Re: Dimpsy's Virtual Junkyard
« on: December 27, 2017, 05:49:07 PM »
Hey, Can you make some Battle Network skins? Roll.exe skin is messed up and some of my friends are hoping for more!

I don't Mind but some request from us. (don't need to do these)
BeastOut Mega (Fazlar/Grengar)


MM8BDM Discussion / Re: [Tryouts] TFP Clan Tryouts.
« on: December 27, 2017, 05:25:54 PM »
You know you guys can comment right? or are you guys not interested.

MM8BDM Discussion / [Tryouts] TFP Clan Tryouts.
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:04:04 AM »
Hi all, I want to bring this to the public because it's just getting started.

A clan made by me.

With this in mind for tryouts, I highly suggest you get a warmup by playing TLMS before the tryout.

    Must have Discord.
    Must be Active in the MM8BDM Community, Just playing the game or just socializing with other clan mates
    No rude or disrespectful sportsmanship.

You can add me for finishing tryouts at Zapper514#0280


    Username, Ingame and Discord with 4 numbers
    What time you are available(SAT/SUN + EST USA Time please!)

Anyways. Have fun trying out!

P.S When your done trying out you can add [TFP] to the begining of your username as an alias.
alias TFP "name \\c(color here)[\\c(color here)TFP\\c(color here)]{Your username/Nickname}

Anything Goes / Re: Mega Man Roleplay, anyone?
« on: December 15, 2017, 03:29:26 AM »
Is this just a meme channel now? I mean, I see this and I'm confused. Why not do it in some Chatzy or something? I feel like that's a better place. Not to joke or meme, but this is kind of bad. Sorry for disturbing...

How do I get my save data back, my pc restarted and now  I lost all my data,
I lost all my data until gutsman. Help?

Help & Editing / Re: About How to make ports to unzip the files.
« on: December 14, 2016, 11:31:32 PM »
Bass, By That I mean. in the README of the MM8BDM-V5a Folder.

Here's what it says.


Installation is simple. Open up the MM8BDM zip file (most likely you already have it open
if you're reading this) and extract its contents into a new directory (e.g C:/MM8BDM).

If you downloaded this with Zandronum already packed, you're done! If not, you'll have to
grab it from

To start the game, run MM8BDM.exe to start the launcher!

If you get stuck, drop me a line (see contact information below) or visit our forums

Help & Editing / About How to make ports to unzip the files.
« on: December 14, 2016, 09:50:40 PM »
Hi All. I found this game and I think I' might need some help to port files. or is that not nessacary?

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