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Hello. This is where I will be putting things that I make.

B-Duel: A Host of Duel Improvements - Download 8BDM_BDuel_v1.pk3 on TSPG!
More coming soon!



The long-awaited updated version of Duel Item Patch is here. Rebranded as B-Duel, this modification offers a host of improvements to Duel. Each change can be toggled via a server CVar, and they each work independently from one another! Each toggle has a default, but these gameplay modifications can be combined to your liking.

At a glance, the following features are offered in B-Duel (listed along with their accompanying CVar and its default):
- Item Removals and Replacements (duel_usereplacements = true). Items that have overcentralizing/degenerate effects in Duel are removed, and a few are replaced with alternative utility items!
- Always-On Energy Balancer (duel_usebalancer = true). Players have the Energy Balancer equipped at all times, benefitting from its ammo efficiency without needing to pick it up!
- Stock Duel (duel_usestocks = true). Players must reduce their opponent's stocks (or lives) to 0 to win! Falling in pits no longer puts victory further from reach, but it does put the opponent closer!
- Mobile Duel (duel_usemobile = false). Mobility items like Item-1 and Rush Coil are automatically given to players, and replenished when either player dies!

Let's get into some details!

Item Removals and Replacements
Default: true

(click to show/hide)

Always-On Energy Balancer
Default: true

(click to show/hide)

Stock Duel
Default: true

(click to show/hide)

Mobile Duel
Default: false

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)


Events / Wily's Iron Gauntlet - A 2v2 CBM Tournament!
« on: June 01, 2018, 08:40:15 AM »
20xx's mightiest robots gather to face a new challenge...!!

The FINALS have begun! Best of 7 matches, double-elimination, and that's it! Four teams remain, one makes it out!

Challonge Link:

Google Sheet containing every class each team is BANNED from using: Click here!

Banner credit to Pegg. See more of his work at his deviantart page here!

Welcome to Wily's Iron Gauntlet, a new kind of 2v2 class-based tournament! Featuring the same CBM TLMS gameplay that we're all used to, this tournament additionally demands that you run the gauntlet by preparing to play as and against a very wide variety of classes. As you fight through the competition, the classes you win with will become unavailable to you in the future! This means you and your partner will have to be able to pilot a full fleet of 'bots (or not-'bots!) to win and keep winning - and you'll have to be able to take on threats of the same diversity! An ambitious crossover of a huge 112 classes, prepare to see all your favorite classes (along with, admittedly, your least favorite ones as well) duke it out like never before!

Before getting into the specific rules (don't worry, it's not really complicated!), I should mention that a small, fun prize is being offered to the winning team and runner-up team of this tournament. Somewhat fittingly to a tournament initialized as WIG, the winning team will have the opportunity to select a single class in CBM to receive an alternate skin featuring a golden crown, included in the mod itself. The second-place team will get to select a different class to receive an alternate skin featuring a silver crown, included in the mod itself. A neat opportunity, yes!

NOTE: This is a 2v2 tournament, but if you don't have a partner, don't fear! You'll be able to sign up and look for others out there seeking a buddy to compete with. See section III for more details!


TL;DR/Summary: 2v2 CBM TLMS shared-lives tournament. When you win a map, the classes you used are unavailable to you for the rest of the tournament. Each player gets 1 class per map, mirrors are allowed but no doubling up. Tournament structure details and set length (# of lives, # of maps, # of wins) are TBD until I know how many entrants we have. See rules 4 and 5 for map- and class-picking procedures. Stage-striking for map 1 instead of stupid hour-long mutual picking during final map. Sign-up form at the bottom. POST MATCH RESULTS IN THIS THREAD, INCLUDING ALL CLASS PICKS, WHICH MAPS THEY WERE ON, AND WHICH TEAMS WON WHICH MAPS.


Table of Contents
I. Rules and Specifics
II. Stage-Striking Details
III. Signing Up


I. Rules and Specifics

Wily's Iron Gauntlet is a 2v2 CBM TLMS tournament, using a shared lives pool, progressing in 3 phases.

Tournament Structure:
NOTE: The following spoiler box carries the weight of all other Rules of the tournament.
(click to show/hide)
Additional Rules:

1. All matches must be played on verified servers: [TSPG] Painkiller: Wily's Iron Gauntlet Tournament Server 1 (IP: and [TSPG] Painkiller: Wily's Iron Gauntlet Tournament Server 2 (IP: Join password will be released to competitors when the bracket/matches are released. Any matches not played on these servers will not count. You may not share the join password with non-competitors without my explicit permission.

2. All verified servers will have the following relevant settings, in addition to the standard configurations for online play (like gravity, cheats, that stuff):
(click to show/hide)

3. All verified servers will be hosting the following files:
(click to show/hide)

4. The map-picking for each set shall proceed as follows:
(click to show/hide)

5. Class-picking shall occur after map-picking, and shall proceed as follows. Each player may only use 1 class per map, and teams may not double-up on classes. Opposing teams may play the same class(es).
(click to show/hide)

6. If a new version of classes is released prior to the start date of the tournament, we will switch to that version. If a new version of classes is released after the start date of the tournament, we will only switch to that version if it addresses one or more bugs that significantly and meaningfully affect general gameplay. If no such bugs are addressed (e.g., the only changes present are balance-motivated), we will not switch to that version.

7. Post all match results on this thread, preferably with picture proof. I can check the server if I need to, but it's more convenient for me here and for everyone else, too! Include ALL class picks in your results posts, in addition to which team won which maps. Both teams should do this so we have 100% certainty on accuracy!

8. I will keep an updated list of all classes that each team has won with, and the list of available classes for each match will be viewable as an attachment on that match on Challonge. To see what class you and your opponent may use for any given match, simply check that match on the Challonge site.

9. You are expected to be responsible and diligent when it comes to completing your matches. I will be staying on everyone's tails to get matches done, but I need cooperation from all participants for it to happen! Signing up means you are committing to the tournament; if you're gonna sign up and later decide you don't feel like doing matches for a while, either A) quit taking it so seriously and just play for fun!, or B) don't sign up!

10. Unsportsmanlike and/or inflammatory conduct will not be tolerated. If you enter this tournament you are committing yourself to being a respectful, cooperative, and communicative competitor. I reserve the right to disqualify, remove, or otherwise punish individuals or teams who do not abide by this rule. Examples of behavior that I will not tolerate and which are subject to removal:
- Excessive stalling of a match, either during a pre-game phase or in scheduling a time to play.
- Harassment of other competitors, including aggressive name-calling, trolling, heckling, inflammatory conduct, or unfriendly trash-talking.
- Harassment of spectators in tournament servers.
- Overly negative attitude and rule-skirting. This is meant to be a friendly, chill tournament. I have 0 tolerance for people who want to be difficult or who want to barely skirt the edges of breaking other rules. Questioning rules or rulings is fine, but cross the line of goodwill and you will be removed from this tournament.
- Attempting to lie about match results or class choices. I'm not an idiot.
- Collusion. I'm not an idiot.
- Other unsportsmanlike behavior.

11. Extended periods of a match going unplayed, and instances of disconnects during tournament play, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

12. Cases of stalling will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the option of requiring a new map to be chosen and the current round to be replayed there being on the table in extreme cases.

13. I reserve the right to expand and/or edit these rules as I see fit, with proper notification to all tournament participants if done so after the tournament has begun.


II. Stage-Striking Details

To try something a little different from most past tournaments, sets will no longer be structured by [team A's map]->[team B's map]->[mutual pick if necessary]. Instead, the first map of the set will be one from a selection of 9 predetermined maps, selected by a standard stage-striking procedure; what this means is teams will take turns blocking, or striking, maps from this pool of 9 until only 1 remains, which they will plan on.

How will this pool of maps be determined, you ask? Well, I certainly have my own ideas, but I figured I ought to listen to the participants as well! In the sign-up form there is a field to list 3 suggestions for the pool of 9 beginning maps. I don't guarantee that I will only pick maps from the suggestions, but I'll try to stick with major trends/popular picks if I can!


III. Signing Up

Below you will find the format I'd like you to use to sign-up for the tournament! There are two formats. If you know who your teammate is, use the first format! If you don't have a partner yet, don't worry! Use the second format, and you'll be able to find others looking for a buddy. I'll keep a list of unpartnered players at the bottom of this post, so you can look there!

Sign-ups are currently OPEN until SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH, 2:00 PM EDT (UTC -4). This date may change depending on entry numbers.

For partnered players:

Team Name:
Your Name:
Your Teammate's Name:
General Times Available (specify time zone!):
Ways to Contact (include relevant usernames if necessary!):
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions (three max!):
[Optional] Team Theme Song:

For unpartnered players:

Your Name:
General Times Available (specify time zone!):
Ways to Contact (include relevant usernames if necessary!):
Beginning Map Pool Suggestions (three max!):


Current Teams:
(click to show/hide)

Unpartnered Players:
(click to show/hide)


If you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc., about the tournament, please feel free to ask below or contact me on Discord! I'm in the MM8BDM Discord and the TSPG Discord, username is King Dumb#4247.

MM8BDM Discussion / KD's Challenge Log
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:34:03 PM »
Welcome to KD’s Challenge Log. I've kept a little list of all the silly challenges I've discovered/completed (or Korby/Mickle/Venus have told me about), so I thought I'd format it a little and share it with everyone, in case anyone is ever bored and wants to try some for themselves. (This will be centralized so my old two threads on related matters can be ignored.)

Difficulties are just my opinion, and they are relative, meaning EASY challenges may not be easy by your everyday-gameplay standards, but are easy by the standards set by the rest of the challenges. Though many of the EASY challenges are actually pretty easy.
EASY (E) challenges are straight-forward and don’t require very precise or technical execution. Expect to spend just a few minutes on these, succeeding within a few attempts.
MEDIUM (M) challenges are usually straight-forward, but may require prolonged focus and/or more difficult execution. Expect to spend just a little more time on these, needing a few more attempts.
HARD (H) challenges may not be straight-forward, requiring some problem solving or experimentation before you start attempting to complete them. The execution may require endurance, prolonged focus, and precise inputs. Expect to have to grind these out pretty hard.
VERY HARD (VH) challenges may require significant planning and strategizing. They may also require very precise execution. Expect to spend a long time on these.
INSANELY HARD (IH) challenges may demand creative thinking, requiring you to discover new mechanics or hiding the solution behind non-obvious executional barriers. They may also require the strictest of precision in execution. Expect to spend lots of time on these.

No * = I have completed the challenge myself.
* = I have not completed the challenge myself, but I have confirmed it is possible. (For example, maybe I just haven't put everything together in one attempt.)
** = The challenge may or may not be possible.

1. Challenges must be completed under normal server settings. This means, in particular:
sv_cheats 0
sv_infiniteammo 0
sv_infiniteinventory 0
sv_gravity 800
sv_aircontrol 0.5
2. Only vanilla MM8BDM may be loaded, except in the case of the classes challenges, in which case only vanilla MM8BDM and classes-v8d.pk3 may be loaded.
3. Some of the platforming-based challenges may require SR50. You can see read about what SR50 is and how to use it here, in section VII.B.

These challenges all have to do with the MM8BDM single player mode.
(click to show/hide)
These challenges involve classes-v8d.pk3.
(click to show/hide)
I’ll add to this list periodically. This is by no means an exhaustive list of every jump I’ve found, it’s just a small, interesting sample.
(click to show/hide)
The premise of Silent Fall is to collect every weapon on the map (if there is more than one token of a weapon, you only need one) without making a landing noise (commonly referred to as a 'bloop').
Silent Fall Rules:
1. Collect every weapon on the map, excluding buster upgrades.
2. You cannot make a landing noise for any reason. (This means you CANNOT do the tricks from the Silent Fall competition that blooped but didn't make you lose.)
3. You must begin the challenge at the specified weapon token, with nothing acquired from the map.
4. You may use any items you acquire on the map, with the below exceptions. You may not use any weapons you acquire.
5. The following items are banned from usage – Rush Jet, Rush Marine, Eddie, Party Ball, Exit Unit.

NOTE: This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just a selection of the doable and interesting maps.
(click to show/hide)
Think of Zero Jump Silent Fall (ZJSF) as a sort of hard-mode Silent Fall. The rules are slightly altered, but overall the challenge is in the same spirit. The goal is still to collect every weapon on the map (excluding buster upgrades), and you're even allowed to use the weapons you acquire to help you out. There are some additional new catches though, most notably that you may not jump at all!
Zero Jump Silent Fall Rules:
1. Collect every weapon on the map, excluding buster upgrades.
2. You cannot use +jump or -jump in any way.
3. You cannot make a landing noise for any reason.
4. You must begin AND end the challenge at the specified weapon/item token. You may not have anything acquired from the map when you begin. You must be standing totally still to begin and end the challenge, and you may not fail upon ending it (meaning, you can't land on the ending with a landing noise).
5. You may use any weapons and/or items you acquire on the map, with the below exceptions.
6. The following items/weapons are banned from usage (though you must still collect them, in the case of normal weapons) – Treble Boost, Super Arm, Astro Crush, Time Slow, Ice Wall, Lightning Bolt, Exit Unit, Eddie, Party Ball, Rush Jet, Rush Marine.

NOTE: This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just the ones I currently know of that are interesting. (On the other hand, pretty much any map with Tornado Hold is doable but isn’t very interesting.)
(click to show/hide)


Use this thread for discussion/questions about any of the above! Or, if you have any of your own challenges, feel free to share them here! I look forward to seeing some other people complete some of the really hard challenges.

W.I.P Forum / MOVED: Megaman 9 possession v1
« on: August 06, 2016, 11:52:23 PM »
This topic has been moved to DECORATE and ACS Modifications, as it is the appropriate forum for a mod such as this.

MM8BDM Discussion / The Zero Jump, Silent Fall Challenge
« on: April 16, 2016, 07:45:27 PM »
Some silly, difficult challenges for y'all to try.

1. Begin at Thunder Beam.
2. Collect every weapon on the map, then return to Thunder Beam. (Not counting buster upgrades, but it doesn't matter.)
3. You cannot press the jump button.
4. You cannot make a landing sound.
5. You must be standing totally still to end the challenge.
6. You cannot use Exit Unit.
7. Server settings at default. (No stupid gravity settings, air control, unlimited ammo/inventory, etc.)
8. Only vanilla MM8BDM loaded.
9. sv_cheats set to FALSE.

1. Begin at Crash Bomb.
2. Collect every weapon on the map, then return to Crash Bomb. (Not counting buster upgrades, but it doesn't matter.)
3. You cannot press the jump button.
4. You cannot make a landing sound.
5. You must be standing totally still to end the challenge.
6. You cannot use Rush Jet.
7. You cannot use Eddie.
8. You cannot use Astro Crush (but of course, you must still acquire it).
9. Server settings at default. (No stupid gravity settings, air control, unlimited ammo/inventory, etc.)
10. Only vanilla MM8BDM loaded.
11. sv_cheats set to FALSE.

1. Begin at Thunder Claw.
2. Collect every weapon on the map, then return to Thunder Claw. (Not counting buster upgrades, but it doesn't matter.)
3. You cannot press the jump button.
4. You cannot make a landing sound.
5. You must be standing totally still to end the challenge.
6. You cannot use Exit Unit.
7. You cannot use Party Ball.
8. Server settings at default. (No stupid gravity settings, air control, unlimited ammo/inventory, etc.)
9. Only vanilla MM8BDM loaded.
10. sv_cheats set to FALSE.

OK, this challenge is really hard, so there are two versions. All normal rules of ZJSF apply (and you are not allowed to use Super Arm nor Eddie nor Exit, every other weapon/item is fair game).
Version 1 - Hardest version, SR50 only: Start at Noise Crush, end at Noise Crush.
Version 2 - Easier version, SR50 not required: Start at Scorch Wheel, end at Scorch Wheel.

- No jump button means NO JUMP BUTTON AT ALL. No jumping, jump cancelling, getting extra height on gyro pads, etc.
- The last three rules for each challenge are just to cover all the bases. Basically, do this as if you were in a normal public server and had to do it.
- If something isn't prohibited in the rules (and it's not something stupid like cheating), then it's fair game.
- These are all possible, but each very difficult! None requires SR50. (SR50 does make MM8CLO a tad bit easier, but it is 100% possible without.)

Good luck, and let us know here what your struggles/successes/ideas are! Maybe yours ideas or strats are better than ours!

Hello, everyone!

First, I'd like you all to know that I have very high goals for v5. We have a great dev team making a great game for a great community, and I want version 5 to be the absolute best yet, in every aspect! That means we'll need help from all of you, and this thread is part of that.

You may remember this thread from the days of v4 development. Like that one, this thread is here for you to provide your feedback on existing maps in the core and tell us what you'd like to see changed! We in the dev team of course have our own ideas as to what maps need attention (and what degree of attention they need), but we'd like to hear what the community thinks as well. So this is the thread for you to bring your map-related concerns to our attention. (Meaning, such posts should go here as opposed to the v5 thread; that thread is for general questions or comments about the to-be content).

Some guidelines to follow:
-Both popular support and supported reasoning are important if you want the changes you suggest to be implemented. Posts like this or like this are good examples, but even each of those have their shortcomings (ie, I didn't use any screenshots). Also, your posts don't have to be super long to be productive. Specificity is most important.
-Both pointing out existing problems, and suggesting changes and fixes, are important.
-Feel free to comment about CTF maps as well as DM maps!
-I shouldn't have to say this, but complain about maps, not mappers, please!
-Know that I, Korby, and many others on the dev team already have a lot of ideas for fixes and changes; this thread is for popular feedback for us to consider in addition or instead!

Finally, though you are certainly free to comment about any maps, it's only fair of me to let you all know that we have already placed some maps in the queue for repairs or more, particularly maps from Mega Man 7, so do look forward to that. Maybe you'll even see a screenshot about that sometime soon...


And with that, this thread is for you! Please share any concerns, complaints, recommendations, etc., for any existing core maps! If this thread gets too inactive, I'll start asking for comments about specific maps that we want community feedback on.

Michael: Juicy's on that ship.
King Dumb: Now don't get jittery, Michael. There are a lot of command ships. Keep your distance, though, Korby, but don't *look* like you're trying to keep your distance.
[Korby barks a question]
King Dumb: *I* don't know. Fly casual.

--New Duel Item Patch: DuelItemPatch-v4c-8.pk3
Change log:
-Centaur Flash removed from Duel.
-Can no longer pick up duplicate Item 1s, Item 2s, or Wire Adaptors.
-Alien skin is no longer silent.
-Rush Marine removed from Duel.
-Thunder Beam can no longer OHKO.
-Mega Ball can no longer OHKO.

Please let me know if you find any bugs in this version, so they can be fixed with great haste. And big thanks to Lego for inspiration for the Mega Ball fix, and Michael for fixing Mega Ball!


(click to show/hide)

Double-elimination. Best-of-3 matches, 10 frag duels. Winners' Finals, Losers' Finals, and Grand Finals are best-of-5.
No deadlines for now, just remember the Activity Clause.

Challonge link:
(click to show/hide)


Challonge link:
I've never used Challonge pools before. They look nice but the tie breakers are slightly limited so don't necessarily expect the tie breaker columns here to hold exactly. They might though.

Group A: Finished!
1st Place: Michael
2nd Place: Tlp
3rd Place: Rozark Kyouko
4th Place: Cerikeno
5th Place: Mr. Browds
(click to show/hide)

Group B: Finished!
1st Place: SmashTheEchidna
2nd Place: Audrey
3rd Place: Magnet Dood
4th Place: PandarusK
5th Place (Forfeit): Tengu
(click to show/hide)

Group C: Finished!
1st Place: Fyone
2nd Place: Watzup7856
3rd Place: Nostalgia
4th Place: Wengar
5th Place: Lego
(click to show/hide)

Group D: Finished!
1st Place: Sir Juicy
2nd Place: Care Boby
3rd Place: Muzaru
4th Place: Neo (Digimon Next)
5th Place: The Rush
(click to show/hide)

Group E: Finished!
1st Place: King Dumb
2nd Place: EpsilontheSadBuizel
3rd Place: Venus
4th Place: BlackermanZX
5th Place (Forfeit): Thunder
(click to show/hide)

Group F: Finished!
1st Place: Kapus
2nd Place: Korby
3rd Place: DanHabiki
4th Place: Gumballtoid
5th Place: Giantmega
(click to show/hide)

Group G: Finished!
1st Place: Awbawlisk
2nd Place: LlamaHombre
3rd Place: Kraven
4th Place: Skully
5th Place: Kenkoru
(click to show/hide)

Group H: Finished!
1st Place: EazyDI
2nd Place: SmashBroPlusB
3rd Place: DarkWarlock
4th Place: Laggy Blazko
5th Place: Red
(click to show/hide)

Group I: Finished!
1st Place: Mendez
2nd Place: Super Raveman
3rd Place: Smunch
4th Place: Berserker
5th Place: AntonioQuirino
(click to show/hide)

*Credit to Korby for the logo above. Thanks Korby!

(click to show/hide)
May the Fourth be with you, for the time has come once more, and this time we're pulling out all the stops. If the Duel Tournaments of Champions are a trilogy, then this is RETURN OF THE JEDI. This is...

This is a classical duel tournament, where you will face off against opponents in deadly matches that will eventually crown the new Duel Champion.

There will be two phases to this tournament: a pool phase and a bracket phase. In the pool phase, you must fight each opponent in your group round-robin style; against each opponent in your pool, you must have best-of-3-duels match with fraglimit 5. The pool phase will determine your seeding in the bracket phase, which will be one large, double-elimination bracket, in which you will face opponents in best-of-three, 10 fraglimit matches. The exception to this will be the Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals, and Grand Finals, which will feature best-of-5 sets.

The winner of the Grand Finals will be crowned the new Duel Champion, and will receive the Cutstuff Fighter Medal.

The runner-up of the tournament will receive the Cutstuff Fighter Runner-Up Medal.


General Rules
1. All games will be played in version v4c of MM8BDM, Zandronum 2.0. All servers used must use the new Duel Item Patch, to be released before the start of the tournament.

2. All matches must be played according to these guidelines:
a) Each set is best 2 out of 3 games, with the exception of Loser's Finals, Winner's Finals, and Grand Finals, which feature best-of-5 sets.
b) Each duel in the Pools Phase is to 5 frags, each duel in the Bracket Phase is to 10 frags.
c) Each player will pick one map, and the third map, if necessary, will be decided upon by mutual agreement.
d) To decide which player picks the first map, EITHER both players agree that one or the other picks first, OR a third party (that is, not either player, unless agreed upon by both players) will toss a coin. Heads means that the player on the TOP of the Challonge match up will pick first. Tails means the player on the BOTTOM of the Challonge match up will pick first.
e) In best-of-5 sets, the first map is agreed upon mutually. From there, the loser of the previous map selects the next map.

3. Map clause.
The following vanilla maps are currently banned:
(click to show/hide)
The following custom maps may be selected without mutual agreement (this list is comprised of maps that have been in rotation on the Dojo):
(click to show/hide)
The following maps are open only to mutual agreement:
(click to show/hide)
4. Servers used for the competition must use the appropriate settings. Of course, I will have at least one server up myself.
a) Crouch OFF
b) Chasecam OFF
c) Forced Respawn ON
d) Skill 2
e) Unlagged OFF
f) Autoaim OFF
g) Drop weapon on death OFF
h) Suicide OFF
i) Spawnfarthest ON
j) Mapvotes ON

5. Server hosts must be able to provide logs of any and all matches if I request them.

6. Duels played on the server of one of the participants (where they have that low, low ping) will only count upon agreement by both players.

7. Cases of lag will be handled on a case-by-case basis. As general rules, lag related to clients’ local machines (ie, other programs, etc.) will not be
excused; lag based on connection issues with the server will be excused in most cases and the appropriate actions will be taken.

8. Activity clause. If a match goes undone for 2 weeks after the match up has been decided, OR if a player is unresponsive for 5 days since they last communicated (with the exception of advanced notice), I reserve the right disqualify the player that has been less active. Being active means communicating with me AND your opponent to set times for matches, and making those scheduled times. Depending on the circumstances I may allow more time, but keep this in mind. I also reserve the right to change these time limits at any time, provided that I notify you all via this thread. In addition, I reserve the right to disqualify a player at any time if they are the less active player of a match up that is stalling the rest of the competition to a significant degree.

9. As always, report all scores here on this thread, preferably with screenshot confirmation and confirmation from both players.

10. As tournament host, I reserve the right to add, remove, or change rules as I see fit to maintain a smooth, functional, and equally fair tournament.


Sign-Up Form:
In-Game Names:
Ways to Contact (please include all relevant usernames):
Time Zone:
Location (some sense of latitude):
General Times Available (in your timezone):

The deadline to sign up is currently Monday, May 18, 10:00 PM EST (UTC-05:00). I encourage everyone to sign up! Duel tournaments are a great way to improve yourself, and overcoming obstacles is always hype, no matter what your skill level is.

Competitor List:
(click to show/hide)

But wait, there's more!

Duel Tournament of Champions Commentary Team

I'd love to organize a team of commentators that can record and live commentate. This effort entirely depends on interest and volunteers, so if you're interested please let me know! You can be a commentator and also participate in the tournament, and this is encouraged.

Anyone is welcome to sign up, but there are some criteria you should probably try to meet. After the sign ups close I will announce the commentary team. Of course, we will have multiple commentators, recorders, etc., assuming we get enough qualified sign ups.
1) Obviously, if you want to be on the commentary team, you need to either be willing to speak in a Skype call to actually commentate, OR you must be able to record the match and the Skype call. In other words, you need to be able to do something productive for the commentary team effort, and you need Skype.
2) For commentators, I will prefer people whom I know have experience or knowledge of the game, who are clear and intelligent speakers, and who I know can handle a live commentating situation.
3) For recorders, please be sure you understand how your software of choice works. Of course we will talk later when the time comes.

Commentary Team Sign-Up Form:
In-Game Names:
Ways to Contact (please include all relevant usernames):
Time Zone:
Location (some sense of latitude):
General Times Available (in your timezone):
What do you want to do for the team (commentary, recording, editing(?), etc.):
If recording or editing, please list your software:

This is a new thing I'm trying, so I hope the commentary team can become a cool thing. Of course we'll have to figure things out as we go, but I'm excited. The deadline to sign up for the Commentary Team is currently Monday, May 11, 11:59 PM EST (UTC-05:00).


As always, please post with any questions, concerns, comments, sign-ups, etc.

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v5 Public Thread - MM9 Expansion
« on: April 11, 2015, 04:53:06 PM »
Greetings, people of Cutstuff and MM8BDM!

With the release of MM8BDM v4c, the time has come to devote all of our efforts to Version 5, the MM9 Expansion.

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I'm sure you have questions, so as usual I'll get to those right away.

1) Where are Ivory and CutmanMike?
With Ivory's departure as head of the development team, that spot has now been re-filled. Korby and I will be serving as co-leaders of the MM9 Expansion. That means direct your questions and concerns to us. Mike and Ivory will of course still be working on their projects (single player and Light's Lab). Korby and I work very well together and I'm confident in our ability to bring you a fantastic Version 5 with the rest of the dev team!

2) Gee wilickers I love MM9!
Me too! MM9 is my favorite Mega Man game so I'm excited for this opportunity. Development has, as usual, already begun for v5. Obviously this far out there is no release date announced, but we will be hard at work!

3) Can I help?
Mega Man 9 is a different beast from MM8 and MM&B because we're back classic-y resources. We've already got a lot of work underway, so chances are that what you want to do is already being accomplished. If there is ever anything we need from the public, Korby and I will make that clear. If you really want to try and submit something you've done, talk to Korby or me privately. Quality is our top concern!

4) Who's making my favorite skin/map/weapon?
I will not be revealing the identity of anyone else on the team. Those are individuals are free to do so at their discretion.

5) So, what can I expect with the MM9 Expansion?
-New maps from Mega Man 9!
-New weapons from Mega Man 9!
-New skins from Mega Man 9!
-Shiny new single player campaign!
-Improvements to existing content!
-And much more!  :)

I'm very excited to make a fantastic version 5 for all of you alongside Korby and the rest of the development team!

As usual please understand that all content and screenshots are subject to change.

Revealed information:
-MM7 Campaign slated to be reexamined
-3 MM9 Wily Castle maps, representing Wily Castle Stages 1, 2, and 3+4.

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And with that, please use this thread for all of your questions, concerns, suggestions, speculations, etc., and always stay tuned for more information!

Closed / [Suggestion] Remove Thunder Beam OHKOs
« on: December 19, 2014, 06:36:55 PM »
Thunder Beam can OHKO at point blank range, because the side beams will deal damage multiple times as well as the frontal beam. This will deal either 105 or 120 damage depending on how square with the victim's bounding box you are. This is a problem because it is not difficult at all to pull off and immediately turns the tide in an engagement, and it trespasses on the territory of actual melee weapons.

There are a few potential fixes, some of which are better than others.
-You could nerf the damage of Thunder Beam to prevent this. To cover both possible damage value you'd have to nerf it to 12 damage, but of course this would significantly nerf the weapon overall.
-You could increase the speed of the weapon by 4 units. This would change the damage values above to both being 90. Still extremely powerful (maybe too powerful, and still potentially OHKOing if your enemy moves backward at the right time).
-You can spawn the left and right thunder beams in different positions. The easiest thing to do would be to spawn them further to the sides of the player than the center beam spawns (that is, spawning the right beam at the players right edge and the left beam at the player's left edge.) This would prevent these beams from dealing damage to a frontal target on a point blank hit (this is because of technicalities that I won't get into unless necessary), so a square hit would do just 45 and an offset hit would do 75 at most. This is a pretty good fix but maybe looks a little weird in-game?
-With some more changes to the code you could instead spawn the left and right beams farther back into the player (i.e., not as far forward as the front beam). If you spawned these beams 12 units back from where they are currently spawned, they will not a point blank target in front of you, so you'd do only 45 on a point blank hit. This may the best option as it is not quite as weird looking in-game as the option immediately above, and doesn't hurt functionality at all otherwise.

Closed / ["Bug"/Suggestion] Alterations to Mega Ball
« on: December 15, 2014, 05:27:33 PM »
(@Mess, Copy, and Dev Team: As a note, these are only going to get more numerous and less clear-cut as the days go on, so if there's a better medium to do this please let me know. Personally I don't like discussing things like balance publicly except when it's very necessary. This case is slightly different because I don't consider this a balance issue as much as I consider it something broken that needs to be fixed.)

So if you play MM8BDM, you've probably (hopefully) noticed Mega Ball OHKOing people. Contrary to what some believe, this is actually not random. Michael and I did some testing in a server and lot of digging through source code, and we concluded that it has to do with hitting players in such a way that the collision is detected in a certain way (and then bouncing comes into play). Not only that, but after lots of testing we knew pretty much exactly where to hit players to cause this to happen. Note that, at the moment, I am purposely being vague, because I don't want to join servers today and just to see everyone OHKOing with Mega Ball. If you want more details on this I'd be happy to provide via PM.

I've heard arguments that since this OHKO potential adds depth and "fun" to Mega Ball, it shouldn't be removed. My response is that while this may add depth to Mega Ball, it can only remove depth from gameplay overall because once I master Mega Ball I don't have to use anything else. Also, there are plenty of ways to make the game "fun" for everyone, whereas this is "fun" for the Mega Ball user and "not fun" for any victims of this OHKO.

As for suggested fixes, I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of preserving functionality. I only briefly spoke to Lego about this a few months ago(?) and he had some doubts about trying to replicate the bouncing off of players without actually using the bouncing property (which would solve the problem, I think). That's part of why I'm posting this publicly, because I want to see what other people suggest. Of course, I think getting rid of the OHKO is worth removing the bounce off of players entirely, but I know there are many who do not share that view. Options would be to kill the projectile once it hits a player, or to make it a ripper*. The point is that unless you can replicate the bouncing (on players) without using the bounce property, this issue is engine-based.

In addition to all of this, I was talking with Zhade and he suggested a mechanic where holding fire would cause you to automatically kick the ball after it's placed, instead of having to (awkwardly sometimes, I might add) run into it. I think this would be a good addition to this weapon (but it would also make OHKOing even easier).

*pls no

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention, through similar peculiarities in the collision code, sometimes Mega Ball will connect and do no damage whatsoever!

Pending / [Suggestion] Fix Spawns on top of Weapon Tokens
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:02:39 PM »
This is the first in a long line the first in a long line of fixes and suggestions I will be proposing. Originally I had planned to dump them all into one enormous topic but that would be very inconvenient for everyone except for me, so I'm splitting it into small pieces.

This first one hopefully shouldn't be an enormous discussion. This is about spawns that place you on top of weapon tokens, in such a way that if you move on the ground in any direction after you spawn, you will grab the weapon token. The only way to avoid this is to jump (straight up) out of spawn and then direct yourself after you've left the ground. Of course, this is unnatural and tedious, and on the other hand being forced to pick up a weapon you don't really want (in a game where maintaining a manageable inventory of weapons is an ever-present concern) is definitely something that is worth the fix. Luckily, I don't see fixing these cases being too difficult, just a matter of adjusting the location of spawns (either to nudge them off of the token or just relocate them to someplace very nearby).

Now, the hard part of this suggestion is finding all such spawns. Off the top of my head, I can think of two maps with this problem: MM4PHA (all of the outside pillars with Flame Blast/Wild Coil) and MM4TOA (Bubble Lead and Gemini Laser). Rather than take the time before this post to find every such spawn, I decided to post first on the off chance that someone else already has a list! Otherwise I will attempt in the next few days to hunt down more of these cases.

Events / The Real Super Power of Teamwork - FINISHED!!
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:03:58 AM »
**News** - Download the shared lives wad here! livespool-v1a.wad
Please give Lego a big thanks for making this for the tournament!
Clarification on the life pool system. Ignore the Zandronum, engine life counter; it doesn't display correct information with pooled lives. Instead, Lego has a added a new counter that is accurate. Just remember, each team gets 5 respawns, after which every death will be permanent.
**News** - The tournament has begun!

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And, I have a server up!
:: [BE] Montreal :: 3v3 TLMS Tourney Server, IP


Our last tournament saw contestants develop their individual skills, both technical and strategic, and we saw a lot of intense matches and impressive moments.

This time, though, your ability to work as a team will be put to the test. This tournament differs a good deal from the last team tournament we saw, as I think now we have the interest and drive for something bigger... This is...

The Real Super Power of Teamwork - 3v3 TLMS Tournament!!

That's right, I've decided to take a shot at 3v3 tournament. The mode of play will be TLMS, the most popular team-based game mode.

The gameplay will be vanilla stock TLMS, with one key difference. During each game, a team of three will share a pool of 5 lives. This means that teamwork will be of the utmost importance. If you can't work as a team, the enemy will pick you off at their leisure!

I really believe that we have the interest and quality of dedicated members to make this 3v3 tourney work, but I do have back up plans should we struggle to come up with enough teams. But I doubt that! I think everyone, casual or competitive, frequent player or less frequent, should have a lot of fun participating in this tourney. And I encourage everyone to come up with good team names, there will be a test.

General Rules
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And, I forgot to mention, this tournament will be double elimination!

Download the shared lives wad here! livespool-v1a.wad

TLMS is a very popular and well-liked game mode, that even casual players enjoy and can really get into. If you've stayed away from tournaments in the past, this a great opportunity to grab a couple friends and get in on some action! The shared stock and team-based nature of the tournament mean that any one can go far! But conversely, if you're a competitive player looking for a new challenge, this tournament will put your abilities to the test as you try to combine your skills with others to reach the top.

How To Sign Up

Because of the nature of the tournament, all contestants must sign up with two teammates (and every teammate must submit a form). If you want to participate but are missing one or two partners, feel free to post your info here and seek out teammate(s), but only full teams of three will be admitted into the tournament.

Here is the sign up form:

In-Game Names:
Team Mates:
Team Name:
Please specify which team member is Sonic, which is Knuckles, and which is Tails:
Ways to Contact (please include all relevant usernames):
Time Zone:
Location (some sense of latitude):
General Times Available:

List of Teams:
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As always, please post with any questions or concerns or comments! And please don't be afraid to sign up if you're in the Smash Bros tournament, there's no reason you can't do both!

EDIT: Clarification: 5 lives means 5 respawns.

Forum Games Archive / [MAFIA] The Legend of Mafia - RIP 1
« on: August 10, 2014, 06:33:52 AM »
Welcome, all, to the newest Mafia-style game to hit Cutstuff. I've had this theme prepared for multiple years now, so I'm excited finally to bring you

The Legend of Mafia


The Mafia of Zelda

Whichever name you prefer!

In case you want a thin plot:
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How to Play Mafia:
Quote from: "Galactan, rather succinctly,"
If you're asking this question I assume your new. Basically, there's a bunch of players, most of them are good people while some of them are a group of bad guys that want to eliminate everyone else. During the day phase, everyone has to vote who they think should be lynched. The aim here is to get rid of the mafia by working as a team and not killing friendly people. During the night phase however, the mafia will kill someone, as their aim is to get rid of all the good people. Each player is randomly given a character, role, and some abilities. Everyone has to use their abilities correctly to survive and help their team win. Hopefully these instructions are clear, most of you won't need them anyway.

In case you don't know the rules:
1. I will try my best to keep a tight schedule of 24 phases (two phases, one Day and one Night, make up a cycle). However, it is likely that this Tuesday and Wednesday I may not be consistent on update times. For now, however, I will say that updates will be occurring at 12:00 AM EST.
2. All votes must be done publicly in this thread, unless an ability states otherwise.
3. All abilities must be activated by Cutstuff PM. This is especially important because I will have access to PM but not Skype on Tuesday and Wednesday.
4. I reserve the right to kick people for inactivity or excessive rudeness.

Please post in this thread if you wish to sign up. I won't set a deadline yet, because I want to see how many people sign up. But, I will put a cap at 25 participants.

Sign-up List:
1. Knux Kotake, Killed by an unknown power
2. <*Hilman170499*>
3. Awbawlisk
4. Shade Guy
5. Super Raveman
6. Ivory Waker of Winds - Link, Revealed at the start of a duel with Doppelganger - Dark Link
7. SmashBroPlusB
8. Thunder Electros Hero Chosen by the Gods - Link, Killed during Day 6
9. *Alice
10. Beed28 Sage of Water - Ruto, Lynched during the day, Resurrected
11. Accel Hero of the Four Sword - Link, Revealed on Day 5
12. coolcat7022 Sage of Fire - Darunia, Lynched during the day
13. Rozark Kyouko
14. Gumballtoid The Goddess's Chosen Hero - Link, Killed by an unknown power at night
15. LlamaHombre Hero of Time - Link, Killed by an unknown power during Day 6
16. Ceridran Hero of the Essences of Time and Nature - Link, Lynched during the day
17. Lego
18. Rui+
20. <({[KS1]})> Hero of Hyrule and Lorule - Link, Revealed on Day 5
21. Tengu
22. Korby
23. Magnet Dood
24. Isaac940
25. A big teddy bear


Heroes: 12
Villains: 7

Events / [STREAM] Unnecessary Streams
« on: July 28, 2014, 02:58:36 AM »
Do you like OJ? Do you like Bikdark? Do you like ME?

No? Understandable. But then, would you like to see ALL THREE OF US get whooped playing video games we rushed into for e-fame?


Brought to you by Unnecessary Firepower...

In association with three lovable peuses...

I present to you...

Unnecessary Streams

Where we stream chaotic, multiplayer, wholesome, family-fun gameplay!

Our kickoff stream will be a Veteran-difficulty, fresh world multiplayer venture into Torchlight II. As a bonus, it will be my personal first time in game! So, drop by (maybe I'll even give the channel a picture!) on Thursday, July 31 at 10:45 PM EST (UTC-05:00).

Events / The 2nd Cutstuff Duel Tournament of Champions
« on: July 28, 2014, 02:44:40 AM »
Thought we were done with summer-hype events? Think again! The last vanilla duel tournament MM8BDM saw was in 2012. As mapping events tone down and nothing else MM8BDM stands to occupy you, the time has come... the time to find the next Duel Champion.

No classes. No teams. Nothing to distract from the meaning of the competition. Just raw dueling; one-on-one, head-to-head action. Your will to win and be the best will drive you through this competition. This is the reboot, the redux, the sequel...

The 2nd Cutstuff Duel Tournament of Champions!

(click to show/hide)

General Rules
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Instead of a group phase and a double bracket phase, this tournament will be a simple, double-elimination, bracket-style competition. That means that if you lose once, you will enter the loser's part of the bracket, and will still have a chance to win the whole thing!

As mentioned above, I will be updating the Duel Item Patch before the matches for this tourney begin.

This tournament, like all others, depends upon the commitment of its competitors. Not only skill, but determination and willpower as well will be your allies. Remember, this tournament is about more than winning; it's about conquering your personal obstacles and proving how good you can be. I'm going to make sure this tournament runs smoothly and briskly, so start training now! You'll need it; this has the potential to be one of the most competitive tournaments we'll see. So sign up, commit, and carry yourself to the top!

Sign-up Form:

In-Game Names:
Ways to Contact (please include all relevant usernames):
Time Zone:
Location (some sense of latitude):
General Times Available:

Current deadline to sign up is Wednesday, July 30 11:59 PM EST (UTC-05:00). If you feel the instinct to sign up, do so! Who knows what could happen?

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As always, please comment with all concerns and questions!

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