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Mega Man Discussion / Mega Man RPG Prototype
« on: January 12, 2014, 06:51:57 AM »
We're back!  Yay!  For now anyway...
EDIT:  Forget it.  The memory on my server is blowing up and the game is crashing and half-loading and just not-working anymore.  I have to take it down until I can get all these issues sorted out but given how much time I've spent trying to fix them already I'm not sure I can.  I'm so sorry.  Feel free to delete this topic.  :(

Rather than spamming the other fan game thread, I think perhaps its better that I finally make my own and post here.

The Mega Man RPG Prototype is an ongoing fangame project with the goal of creating a progress-saving, no-download, no-install, cross-platform, browser-based Mega Man RPG that combines the addictive collection and battle mechanics of the Pokémon series with the beloved robots and special weapons of the classic Mega Man series.  You fight your way through (currently) 33 (there are more, but others are not finished) different Robot Masters in a turn-based battle system reminiscent of both play-by-post forum games and early 8-bit role-playing games.

More information about the game's mechanics can be found on the official Wiki and many more screenshots can be found on the prototype's gallery page.

(click to show/hide)

The game has gone through some pretty major updates over the last several months and now all the robots from MM1, MM2, and MM4 appear in the game as fully unlockable characters.  The internal Pokédex-like "Robot Database" has been more fleshed out, and new collectible items called Field Stars now appear post-game to make your robots stronger.  The game is very, very different than most fangames and it's definitely a niche genre, but overall I think it's very fun and unique.

My goal in posting on this forum is to find new players and gather meaningful, interesting, and critical feedback on the game's fun level, its balance, your opinion on its mechanics aesthetics, ideas you have for new content and features, etc. etc.  My (very small) team and I have worked incredibly hard on this game / prototype hybrid over the last few years and we would love to hear what everyone out there has to say.  I am not exaggerating when I say that it thrives on user feedback and contributions, and we're constantly tweaking the engine and adding new content based on user contributions and feedback from contact forms and bulletin boards like these.  With that said, I hope you will give the game a chance and if you do please let us know what you thought!

Thank you for your time and for anyone who plays the game, and I look forward to any and all comments and criticisms and I can't wait to see you all on the leaderboards!  :D


EDIT : If you have played the game before but have not been back for a very long time, it may be worth it to reset you save file (found in the "save" menu in-game).  You will loose your progress, of course, but you will have a much better experience where things are unlocked in the appropriate order and progress makes more sense.  Thanks for playing!

EDIT2 : Updated all the links with their new URLs after the server move.  I decided to host the game on a dedicated subdomain with the new server and modularize it a bit, so now I'm going around the internet updating any posts I can find with the proper links.  >_>

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